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For goodness sake, keep your elderly relatives away from The Envy of the World.

Lydia SpilnerLydia Spilner went into Leicester Royal Infimary with a chest infection. She was denied water because her water jug was broken and “there were no others available”. It took 10 days to put her on a drip. Because she was denied water she developed an infection. She was occasionally fed, but her daughter’s requests for more food were denied. She was also left lying in her own urine.

Her daughter visited her and found Lydia on the floor. She’d fallen out of bed. No-one had helped her. A month after being admitted, she died of kidney failure arising from dehydraton. The Leicester Royal Slaughterhouse has apologised. Something called the “nurse leadership” on the ward has been changed. Bless.

This happens day after day, all over the country in the NHS. It’s crystal clear that you must not, under any circumstances, allow these communist dumps to treat the weak and the sick. If you have no alternative then never, ever be fobbed off. Spend as much time supervising them as you can, always trust your instincts and get them out if you think anything is wrong.

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  1. The NHS is not all bad.
    I was once treated for atomic piles, and came out with a new clear arse.

  2. It has improved though. Once an hundred years ago you used to be able to go to Mental Hospitals pay a penny and get a pointy stick with which to poke the loonies. now the NHS is rolling this moneymaking scheme out to all the University Hospital Trusts Plc

    Pop quiz peeps.

    Is it cheaper to have a TV service for a week in a Prison or a Hospital?

    Answer is A the Prison where it’s £1 a week. £42 in Hospital. Mind how you go don’t break the law.

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