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One of the many problems which affect the elderly is a faulty memory. We struggle to recall a word, a phrase, a statement, even a name; sometimes we confuse adverbs with adjectives, but, sometimes, specifically, I cannot recall a species. Allow me to explain:-

Jim Naughtie of BBC Today fame, was interviewing a few years ago, some lady: Scots I seem to recall, on the subject of the priority removal of pests, small rodents or small animals, from her garden property. As I stated before, I just cannot remember the species which was being discussed, but I definitely recall the Scots lady’s statement, which was “Och, I just kill them all!” This statement, which to me was perfectly reasonable and logical, because after all they were discussing garden pests, whether moles, or rats, or rabbits, or whatever. But  I vividly remember the BBC interviewer’s response, which was to blurt out, in tones which reeked of Hibernian ‘Wee Free’ censorious condemnation, “But that’s Murrrrrderrrrr!” (for interpretation, explanation and further information, readers are advised to watch or listen to the voice of the female detective who is featured in old videos or DVDs of ‘Taggart’.

So whilst the lady was describing the efficient removal and ridding her garden of pests, which were destroying her plants, or flowers, or whatever; the BBC man was comparing her actions to that of a serial killer!

Now transfer, if you would, your thoughts to the members of a British Anti-Terrorist Police Group, where sensitive intelligence has lead them to believe that a foreign-born but naturalised British citizen is making plans to go to another country; and whilst in that country he will be collecting a device, or equipment, which may, repeat may, be imported back to Great Britain, and will be used in, to use the correct legal term, the furtherance of an Act of Terrorism. The intelligence strongly suggests the return of the plotter back to Great Britain. There are no phone tap or intercepts recorded, no e-mails which can be used as evidence with which to arrest him whilst on British soil; all they have is verbal warnings that this man is about to wreak death and destruction upon his return from his visit abroad.

The philosophical question I now put to readers is this:- As the country, which for our purposes shall be known as S.A., which the suspect will visit, is a firm believer in, and a very efficient user of, Capital Punishment; should the Anti-Terror Group advise the S.A. police force that the suspect will be travelling equipped with a deadly terror device, in which case the suspect, holder of a valid British passport will more than likely be arrested, charged, found guilty on terror charges, and executed by decapitation, a fate which he would have thoroughly deserved: or, knowing that the British government, but not, strangely enough, the majority of the British people, has strong and deeply held reservations about Capital Punishment and the Death Penalty, should the Anti-Terror police remain silent, and hope against hope that they can intercept the suspected ‘jihadi’ on his return to British soil before he makes his final moves towards his martyrdom?

Just like the question the Australians had to think about!

Whilst on the subject of Australians, I loved the crucifix! Just the right touch of innocence and religious devotion!

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3 thoughts on “The Fog….or the Mind of an Left-leaning Liberal

  1. ““But that’s Murrrrrderrrrr!” (for interpretation, explanation and further information, readers are advised to watch or listen to the voice of the female detective who is featured in old videos or DVDs of ‘Taggart’”

    Where I went to school, there used to be a section of my classmates got a ferry over from the Ards Peninsula – where the natives speak with a strange Scottishy twang. One of our teachers used to get one of them to do impressions of Taggart’s “there’s been a murrrderrr” – for the entertainment of the class. How we laughed.

  2. The problem comes I believe, for the officials. Its all about human rights ! The suspected terrorist has a right to life irrespective of the fact that he does not hold that for his intended victim(s). Strange but true. Remember the hoo-har over the intelligence services being involved in torture ?

    We have created a real muddle.

  3. Mark , Yes one does have a right to life but it is a qualified right , if you knowingly put oneself in a position that threatens your life ,you bear the consequences . This Aussie must have known that the penalty for drug smuggling in Bali is death so he is the author of his own misfortune .

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