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Here is a story that sums up why I am so contemptuous of most local Councillors;

A fiery debate over one of Northern Ireland’s newest tourist attractions became so heated it resulted in unionist and nationalist politicians ‘stepping outside’ during a council meeting. Other councillors in Moyle looked on open-mouthed as Independent republican Padraig McShane and the DUP’s David McAllister exited a debate on the Giant’s Causeway together before jostling in the corridor outside council chambers. Pushing and shoving ensued between the pair before they returned to the meeting.

Two words; Grow up.  Is it any wonder people shy away from politics with this kind of nonsense taking place? Civilised people do not behave like this.

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  1. Local politics always is a pit of vipers. Even without the aftermath of ‘the troubles’.

  2. “Civilised people do not behave like this.”

    Quite: To nail once and for all that David Vance is a bigoted Muslim hater and not, as he pretends, an opponent of Islamic extremism:

    “It’s impossible to civilise Islamic law…C’mon – let’s be serious here. We are at war with Islam”

    “Yes, no Muslims in the audience…one upside”

    A simple Google search reveals this “man”to be a liar, hypocrite and bigoted racist.

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