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It starts with Senator Schmuck Schumer going full in on removing the Filibuster. Removing the Filibuster is crucial for the Democrats this year, and if they succeed at it we the American People are totally screwed.

The way our Government was designed to work was to be very DIFFICULT for it to work. Yes you may have never heard that, yet it is true this is what James Madison had to say about it’s design.

James Madison said that if men were angels, no government would be necessary. And if angels governed men, no controls on government would be necessary. The fact is, government can easily become corrupt, oppressive. The more powerful a government gets, the less freedom we have. So our system of government has limits and controls on government power. People have heard the phrase checks and balances. The president doesn’t get to do everything that he wants his own way. Congress doesn’t get to do everything that it wants. There’s balances and limits.

The make up of our Congress at the moment is the closest in History it has ever been to being totally balanced between R’s and D’s. The Democrats only hold a 5 seat Majority in the House and the Senate is TIED.

Neither side has a mandate to change anything.

Yet the Totalitarians of the Democrat Party are going to try and very likely succeed in changing as much about the country over the next 6 months that they can by hook or crook. If they can eliminate the Filibuster doing so will be a breeze and we will be the Soviet States of America by Summer.

The First thing they are determined to do is seize control of the Nations Voting System. The “Voting Rights Bill” they are installing removes the Control of the Vote from the People and puts it completely into the hands of those that are the Subject of the Vote, the Politician’s. Because they say THEY are the ONLY ones that can be trusted to count the Votes for or against them…. They are the ONLY ones that can be trusted to decide who is a “Legitimate” Voter. The Bill makes it ILLEGAL, a Felony Crime to ask ANYONE for an ID or Proof of Citizenship to vote.

Think about that as they have flooded the nation with over 10 Million uneducated ILLEGALS and are transporting them from the border into States and Districts where they do not hold the Majority. This “Voters Rights Bill” is the destruction of the American Citizens Right to Vote.

You will still go Vote, but you’ll have to trust the person you may be trying to vote out of office to count those votes and tell you honestly whether or not they get to keep their Job…. That sounds Logical and Honest doesn’t it? State’s like NY and Ca have already granted Illegals the right to Vote in their State Elections, and since this Bill makes it Illegal to ask for ID and Proof a Citizenship how do you propose to prevent non-americans from voting for Congress or President?

Very simply you can’t.

The Democrat’s used Covid to destroy the integrity of the last Presidential Election. 5 States Violated the Constitution in the way they changed the Voting Laws so they could flood and overwhelm the system with illegal Mail-in Ballots. Biden got the most votes, we just don’t know who they came from, and we never will. That is about to become the Norm instead of the exception.

Seizing your Right to Vote is only one thing this group of Totalitarians has on their agenda. Banning your gas car and truck is another, but we will get into that in later articles and videos.

Here speaking for himself is the Schmuck being interviewed by the nations leading Racist Propagandist Joy Reid….. Explaining WHY it is good for the “People” that they just seize control.

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