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Another siren that misses the POINT.

David Cameron is “running out of time” to rid the Conservatives of their “posh, male and white” image, Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston warns.

Oh yes?

Writing for Telegraph.co.uk, she continued: “If David Cameron wants to occupy the ‘common ground’ he needs to look at how his inner circle of ministers and advisers look from the outside. “Do they look like modern Britain or still look too white, male and privileged?

Isn’t that a bit.. erm..racist? What’s wrong with being WHITE, exactly? 82% of the UK population is white so it strikes me that having a largely white cabinet is far enough. Around half the population is MALE, and political life attracts many more men than women, a reflection on how sensible women are! As for the “privileged” angle, check out the background of MOST of the comrades in Labour if you want to look for silver spoons in mouth!

No, this is a total irrelevance. Yes, Cameron IS running out of time, but that is because he is not governing as a Conservative. THAT is the point. This toxic coalition with the Lib-Dems has seen off any chance of proper Conservative policies being implemented and all we get, at best, is muted promises of jam tomorrow but never jam today. Cameron is heading for a massive defeat in 2015 and that may be a good thing. We need rid of faux Conservatives.

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  1. For a second I thought that you were referring to a very famous local bird, a red tailed hawk, named Pale Male, who has his own website and everything.

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