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What a fine job the Cultural Marxists have done in sickening society.

I see that two women are suing the Pentagon because the U.S. military’s restrictions on women in combat exclude them from assignments “solely because they are women”. No, it’s not about patriotism and Old Glory. They claim: “This limitation on plaintiffs’ careers restricts their current and future earnings, their potential for promotion and advancement, and their future retirement benefits.” So it’s about the money.

Ladies, give it up. Do what comes naturally instead. Take off your uniform, stay home, marry a man and have a family.

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  1. I am not a fan of women in combat but I wouldn’t be so dismissive of them. Even the article cited notes 144 killed in Afghan and Iraq wars. The women who have served are admirable, and essential to the effort (almost 15% of the total force).

  2. What is rarely reported is the fact that a large number of female soldiers or sailors get knocked up and have to be sent back home. That doesn’t exactly help with combat readiness.

    The only reason there can be female cops and firemen, is to lower the physical training standards downward for them. They are essentially graded on a curve. The same thing happens in the military.

    Unfortunately, reality, and the the weight of rifles and packs, is the same for them, no matter how the tests are rigged.

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