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I was thinking of calling the post ‘those bloody catholics’ but better not eh 😉 Terror, head-chopping, armies of hell and the original intended version of the EU. Its all there. Good to see we’ve moved on in 500 years! Still – I cant wait to see this film. I loved the first one. Cate Blanchett is brilliant in the role of Elizabeth, as is Geoffrey Rush in the role of Walsingham.


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14 thoughts on “the golden age

  1. Looks great. Helen Mirren’s recent take on Elizabeth I which was quite good as well. Give me a good historical drama any day over Die Hard 12 or Rocky 42.

  2. Me too. Though re pure entertainment I watched Lucky Number Sleven recently and that was very good. My all time favs (id love for people to pitch in with theirs as its great for tips):

    Elizabeth, Black Hawk Down, Lord of War, Blood Diamond, Crash, The Man Who Would be King and all time most gutting scene in a movie is the opener to Saving Private Ryan.

  3. This is gonna be good – and you’re going to love the adaptation of Ian McEwan’s Atonement.
    I normally love Helen Mirren but didn’t care for her interpretation of Elizabeth, flailing around and clutching everything and everybody in sight. Im sure this queen had a grip already. Or was regal dignity invented by Victoria?

  4. "Dont Live Free Then and Die Really Hard with a Vengeance you bastard Euroweenies" was great. Also check out ‘Civic Duty’ jonz.

  5. lol Sara – i wasnt that impressed with the channel 4 version either – it was good in parts but it did veer into her flailing around like a drama queen chasing boys the whole time which was just wrong wrong WRONG. Also screw Clive Owen as Raleigh in this one come to think of it. It should have been a moody Richard Armitage (thinking North and South here).

  6. Richard Armitage – oh my – that last scene on the station platform!!

    Fav films – GWTW, Unbearable Lightness of Being and because no one captured the epic beauty of Ireland like David Lean, Ryan’s Daughter

  7. Alison: Ok some favs of mine tied into yours:

    If you liked…

    Elizabeth I – then A Man For All Seasons (flawless cast, brillant writing and we Papists don’t come out as bad in this royal intrigue).

    Black Hawk Down – then Zulu a great war picture which has a young Michael Caine and presents some of the best war scenes ever, including a dignified look at a noble enemy.

    Lord of War – then The Verdict -Paul Newman as a disillusioned lawyer (a more odious profession than the mere arms dealer played by Cage in Lord of War).

    Blood Diamond – then Lawrence of Arabia – Peter O’Toole was the DiCaprio of his day, and this was the epic that all epic films bow down to. The great Alec Guinness and Claude Raines are wonderful.

    Crash – then To Kill a Mockingbird – another flawless cast and great story of race and America.

    The Man Who Would Be King – then Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid for two other witty rogues who charm us yet come to sad ends. Newman and Redford at their prime.

    Saving Private Ryan – then The Searchers – the John Ford classic that deals with a quest for missing girls that is really the quest for the protagonist’s soul. Spielberg has noted the influence of this film on much of his work.

  8. To quote Steven Spielberg: Before I go off and direct a movie I always look at 4 films. They tend to be: The Seven Samurai, Lawrence of Arabia, It’s A Wonderful Life, and The Searchers.

  9. Alan: Four gems. I also have a fondness for the Magnificent Seven the Western based on the Seven Samurai.

  10. Looking forward to Cate Blanchett in the role again, also Geoffrey Rush. Walsingham was the unsung hero of Elizabeth’s reign.

    Favourite western is The Searchers. Peerless John Wayne, director John Ford and soundtrack.

    Favourite historical film: Braveheart mainly for Patrick McGoohan as Edward the First.

    Favourite drama: The Godfather

    Favourite war film: Saving Private Ryan

  11. Peter – Enjoyed them all. I have another great war film (more anti-war) and it is Paths of Glory. Deals with World War One, a French Court Martial of three troopers selected to be shot as an example when their unit refuses to charge further during a suicide mission, and one of the most emotional endings to any film.
    I may have to find the DVD soemwhere in the hosue tonight and watch it again.

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