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inbredIn the past month thousands of illegal immigrant children have poured over the Border. They are being enticed by stories running on Mexican, and Guatemalan news shows that encourage them to seek a life of prosperity in the U.S.

It is causing a crises of epic proportions. It is being encouraged by the Obama administration who have ordered the US Border and Immigration Services to not deport them but transport them and spread them out throughout several States. Eric Holder has ordered 100s of Lawyers to represent the children to keep them in the U.S.

This is a puposeful flooding of our system with Illegal Children to  collapse the system, and push an Amnesty Bill through before the fall election. This would be the perfect opportunity for the GOP to destroy what is left of any credibility the Obama Regime has, but is that what they’ll do? HELL NO.

Paul Ryan, John Bohner, and Eric Cantor have gone on a major offensive against their own party and the wishes of the American People.  It is not racist to demand that immigration be done LEGALLY.  Yet that is what is being charged against anyone that demands an end to the flood of children, and NO to Amnesty for those that have broken into our house.

With all the screw ups in the last year the GOP are on path to win control of the Senate as well as the House. The only thing that could stop that from occurring is Amnesty.

The base is motivated to vote. Conservative voters out number Liberal voters 4-1.  However that margin means nothing if they don’t vote. Ask Romney or McCain when the base stays home Republicans loose. No other issue has the ability to push Republicans to NOT vote than a Republican Leadership making an Amnesty deal.

So that of course is exactly what these inside the Beltway Inbreds are exactly trying to do.

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17 thoughts on “The GOP never fails to screw up

  1. The lady doth protest too much.

    Troll — By any chance is this post your way of saying ‘Hey guys, look, I criticise the GOP too!’

  2. Petr if you paid attention once in awhile you’d know a I’m not a member of the GOP, and b I criticize idiocy on all sides

  3. I suppose citing corroboration for any of these terabaggers in tinfoil “facts” is just a bridge too far?

    Why let proof get in the way of a good fanatasy

  4. Not a member of the Republican Party because you think that they’re not Republican enough.

    Yea, that’s an independent thinker.

  5. what party are you Phantom?

    EP what corroboration do you want? If you look at the headlines on such a radical site as the Drudge Report you might have more of a grasp, but I know doing such a thing might require you to think.

  6. I am independent.

    I am ” right ” on matters like law and order, and crushing illegal immigration, ” libertarian ” on legalizing many drugs, ” left ” on matters like wanting universal health care for all citizens, and best in world safety nets, proper gun controls, great mass transit, ” common sense ” on wanting the cleanest air and water on earth, tough penalties on pollution, and a lean and mean military that is only used when necessary.

    The parties as they stand now cannot be part of any overall solution. The leadership consists of criminals swimming in cash, and the party bases are blind.

  7. which is why others that you verbally attack daily aren’t following parties. What do you say about them… you curse them.

    but unlike you others that you curse ACT to change those in power. Your like all things in the middle of a road we see them on the highway. Squished.

  8. The big majority of the US population is centrist. You guys are isolated regionally, mostly in the South and are no threat to the Dems.

    The biggest beneficiary of tea party bla bla is Obama.

  9. what you consider centrist is the old left wing.

    The biggest beneficiary of tea party is the people.

  10. yeah the centrists in NY elect representatives like Jerrold Nadler who said today that the Taliban are no different than Washington and his men in the Revolutionary war.

  11. Phantom, tom, bill, george, ringo whatever it is you want to call yourself be serious for just a few minutes if you can.

    Look at the list of things that you support, there is only one issue on your list where you and I differ and that’s universal health care for all citizens. It’s totally the wrong approach and will kill people. Deregulation, and tort reform was what was needed nothing more.

    Other than that there is not a single thing on your list that I or anyone I know disagrees with you on yet look at how much bile is thrown out between us.

    I ask you WHY? What makes you believe that I’m against any of the rest of your list?

  12. You supported on these pages not only legalization of illegals and also allowing them to bring their many relatives in. ( recall my photo of the woman and mother at the Mexico fence )

    And we very much disagree on gun control. I support the NYC / NYS approach and you oppose that in favor of the lax laws in most states.

  13. I support Legal Immigration I always have and always will we are a nation of immigrants.

    You don’t support Gun Control you support Gun banning and Gun Confiscation there is a big difference. 99% of gun violence is committed by the criminal and the insane. You can’t stop crazy and no matter what laws you pass regarding guns they don’t effect the criminal. They only effect the law abiding.

    Mandatory sentencing for crimes committed with a gun is the only solution that effects the criminal element.

  14. You supported normalization of illegals and that they should bring in their relatives. You said it on this site, very clearly.

    You misstate my position on guns, and don’t understand it.

    Do you understand any of the issues?

  15. no I don’t misstate your position on guns, you do. You don’t even understand the laws you state on this thread that you support which are the laws of NY. They ban and confiscate guns from legal honest citizens and do nothing to deter criminals. Your ignorance on this topic is endless.

    Yes I do support both those things on immigration, but not until there are troops on our border.

  16. there was nothing to get out of me Phantom. I am not the person that you try to sell me as and you know it.

    You have no principals, nothing that you are willing to stand for. It bothers you that I do. Our views are very similar on all but a few points. Even on the things we disagree we only disagree on method not substance.

    The difference is I have integrity, and conviction you don’t

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