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HalalInnMEN_468x284.jpgLook out! Beer is being replaced by fruit juice and prayers in the country’s first booze-free Islamic pub. The Halal Inn has a juice bar, snooker tables and darts – along with a prayer room and a steam room. The proprietor says: "It’s a gathering place for people who abide by strict Islamic rulings and don’t like going to places where they serve alcohol. As a non-alcoholic venue it will appeal to Muslims more, but it is essentially for people from all backgrounds."

Fancy going there for a pint – of orange juice?I have  no problem with any venue that wants to offer customers service, but in this age of "equality legislation" surely the concept of an Islamic only pub is worth challenging?I mean, can gays work there, or is that unIslamic? How about fundamental Christians? What about….gasp…Jews? Would that be unIslamic? I think it would be discriminatory under British law to stop ANY of these people either accessing or indeed seeking employment in the Halal Inn but do YOU think the law would enforce this against the world’s most persecuted people?

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10 thoughts on “THE HALAL INN

  1. It’s clear from the report that anyone can go in. I have to say I think it is a great idea and good luck to them. I’d go to somewhere like that myself as a non-drinker.

    But it is another sign of a cultural change that is vast in its scale. Europe is going to become far more Islamic because of demographic change.

    The dominant idelogy right now is secularism. So when Islam and secularism clash who will win?

  2. ‘I’d go to somewhere like that myself as a non-drinker.’

    So would I but would I get in? Is there a gender bar or not. Plus the pub is a British symbol, they love it, I don’t think its a good idea to islamicize it somehow.

  3. Not sure I’d like to be a bouncer at that Halal pub though…"sorry lads, no trainers or suicide belts here"

  4. Cait

    A gender bar would be illegal I assume. It would in Ireland. Mind you I think freedom of association is a basic right so I don’t think it should be illegal.

  5. Sometimes You Want to Go Where Everybody Knows Your Camel.

    Why not I suppose. Not my cup of tea, but folks should be free to open their idea of a pub, even a (shudder) non-alcoholic one.

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  7. Mark Steyn has picked up on this story and reminded us of his prediction for Europe In his book America Alone

    In France, the Catholic churches will become mosques; in England, the village pubs will cease serving alcohol; in the Netherlands, the gay nightclubs will close up shop and relocate to San Francisco.

    Political pundits like racing tipsters stand or fall by the accuracy of their predictions. Steyn has been called alarmist. Maybe it’s time to be alarmed.

  8. >>Political pundits like racing tipsters stand or fall by the accuracy of their predictions.<<

    Henry, If you think that’s good, I once predicted that all the peoples of Europe would one day be speaking Irish. And look – there are already a few speakers in Holland, Denmark and Germany!

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