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It’s not just the National Health Service which has profound issues. Just consider this remarkable story! In the Irish Republic, more than 1,000 Health Service Executive staff call in sick every day in the HSE West region, costing taxpayers €5m a month, or €60m a year.

The figures were confirmed by the HSE’s assistant national director for finance, Liam Minihan, who said that 1,100 staff — or one in every 20 employees — call in sick each day in a swathe of the country that stretches from Donegal to Limerick.

The revelation prompted HSE West chairman Padraig Conneely (FG) to remark: “I thought the sick people were in the hospitals, in the beds, but obviously, they are not. It is the people outside the hospitals, the workers, who are very sick.

” I think these people would get the door very quickly in the private sector.”

Indeed, but when you work for the State you can always rely on it’s generosity. Take a day off when there is nothing wrong with you – no problem. Now either there are unparalleled levels of a mystery illness that uniquely affects public health employees OR these parasites are blatantly leeching of the Irish taxpayer. You decide.

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One thought on “THE HEALTHY SICK!

  1. I haven’t called in sick in twenty years. And I bet that some of these useless HSE employees are just as healthy as i am.

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