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Paul20Quinn.jpgWriting over on the Sunday Tribune, (via Nuzhound) ithe always excellent Suzanne Breen spells out how the IRA operates during "cease-fire"…

"In 1998, Andrew Kearney rowed with the IRA’s North Belfast OC who had mistreated a woman in a bar. In a fist fight, Kearney knocked out the Provo. A fortnight later, eight IRA men burst into his flat as his baby daughter slept on his chest. They smashed the telephone, dragged him to the lift outside, and shot him. He bled to death in his boxer shorts. They jammed the lift with a pole to make getting help difficult. Clutching her baby, his girlfriend had to run down 16 flights of stairs to ring an ambulance. The North Belfast OC wasn’t expelled.."

Bringing it up to date in reference to the murder of Paul Quinn….

It was a brutally methodical beating. From his toes to his groin, they used iron bars. For his upper body, they brought nail-studded cudgels. He had no chance. It was eight against one. His friends could hear the sound of the iron bars cracking against his bones and of Paul Quinn begging for mercy.

At first, his voice was loud and strong. As the beating went on, it grew weaker. Eventually, it faded away. Those who saw him in the coffin said his head was badly swollen, and there were huge gashes on his face. He was just 21-years-old.

An account of Quinn’s killing has been given to the Sunday Tribune by friends and neighbours. Despite Sinn Féin denials, locals insist the Provisional IRA as an organisation – not ex-members nor criminals – was responsible. They say the orders came from the South Armagh OC (officer commanding) and were approved by a long-time local Provisional who sits on the Army Council.. 


It’s all so sordid, so tatty. The DUP may choose to look the other way and the PSNI and others will seek to minimise the impact of this brutal murder but truth will out.

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28 thoughts on “THE IRA IS ALWAYS TO BLAME..

  1. What is most depressing about this story is that we all KNOW that what should happen (every individual who took part in this cowardly murder being jailed for the rest of their lives) will not happen.

  2. The start of this sorry trail goes back to Tony Blair’s hand-written promise not to allow Sinn Fein into government until the IRA disarms. To see the DUP, of all parties, letting this go just for the appearance of ‘power’ is as much a stain on unionism as the murder was on republicanism.

  3. Have there been no arrests or are they waiting until all forensic evidence is destroyed as in the Northern Bank and McCartney cases.

  4. Nigel

    There will be no arrests, no charges and no convictions. The police investigations will be quietly wound down in the interests of business as usual. In a month at most, the story will have died.

  5. The story will have died..

    Yes, and so will another piece of justice on the altar of political expedience.

  6. There were still more people committing murder and getting away with it before 1998, David.

  7. Peter

    I may be wrong but I think Noel may be referring to the degree of British security services infiltration into the higher ranks of the IRA and the allegations that very senior IRA leaders were double agents.

  8. Sorry, Peter. I was perhaps being slightly flippant.

    I meant that pre-1998 there was – apart from some positive collusion in murders – also no shortage of blind eyes being turned on murders committed by police and army agents. My point is that in a problem zone like N.I. state forces will for pragmatic reasons inevitably ignore – while not condoning – certain murders, provided they do not affect its own personnel and do not disturb the peace too much. Pre-1998 the main intention was to defeat the IRA, afterwards it was to bring an end to sectarian violence and promote reconciliation between the communities. Opinions will differ on which of these aims was most noble. But in both cases it was more or less the same pragmatist attitude that shut more or less the same eyes. Those who disagree with the the overall aim of the state – then or now – will complain about the resulting lack of justice and be silent about it in the other period.

  9. What a terrible, brutal murder. It appals me that it is already widely accepted that the perpetrators will not be brought to justice nor punished. Which means that NI is effectively governed and controlled by terrorists, and Westminster has knowingly put them in that position.

  10. I wonder if the murderers intentionally conducted the murder across the border in an effort to complicate things.

    If the local tradition of omerta survives this, and if a case like this one cannot be successfully prosecuted, then all may truly be lost.

  11. I’ve never hid my support for the BA and I took many attacks mostly verbal form DUP supporters for SF being in Government. I am amazed how silent the same people are today. While I don’t particularly want to see the Governemtn of NI collapse, I would at least want to see some honesty – especially from the fish wearing Christian brigade. If murder is murder and the IRA hasn’t gone away – how can any DUP member or supporter allow that party to remain wedded to Sinn Fein? At least Trimble was consistant.

  12. R.I.P Paul – justice will be had, you will never be forgotten. your only crime was to stand up for yourself – you were always true to yourself and thats all that matters.Now united with his friends coosey & kieran – R.I.P Lads xo
    below is a poem paul posted on his bebo days before his murder – this is the real paul quinn:

    READ 15 days ago

    Leave no regrets
    and live no lies.
    In this life
    we are here to survive.
    Breathe no pain
    and don’t hurt pleasure.
    Remember your scars
    they’ll be there forever.
    Think of your future
    its all in tour mind.
    Remember your past
    or it’ll leave you behind.
    Plan ahead
    and please don’t worry.
    Or your life will leave you in a hurry.
    Hold on to your love
    and don’t let it go.
    If you love someone
    let everyone know.
    In this life
    if you want to survive
    you’ll play by the rules.
    There’s no time to hide.
    If you want to be seen
    you’ll have to stand strong.
    Because all these people will tell you your wrong.
    Live your own life
    they don’t have control.
    Stand up for yourself
    or criticism will take its toll.
    Don’t lose your power
    hold on to it tight.
    You’ll need it someday
    to make things right.
    Say your prayers
    and kiss your mom goodnight.
    You’ll need her one day
    so keep her tight.
    The only thing left to say
    is play your own game.
    And when your life ends
    you’ll be left with no shame

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