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I was reading that Israel’s leaders are reportedly unhappy that President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are citing concern over Israel being hit by Syrian chemical weapons as a means to galvanize Congressional support for a strike against President Bashar Assad’s regime. I can understand their anxiety about the Obama’s regime sudden concern for Israel

Israel is “discomfited that both Obama and Kerry mentioned Israel as a potential victim of Assad’s chemical weapons,” Israel’s Channel 2 news reported Monday night. Israel, it quoted unnamed senior Israeli officials saying, “is not a victim. We don’t need America to take care of threats to Israel.” Israel’s army, the sources said, was perfectly capable of protecting Israel from any dangers posed by Assad.

I am sure that is the case. But the concerns run deeper than that…

Privately, Israeli leaders are said to be worried that Iran will read the delay in a US-led strike on Assad as an indication of American hesitancy and weakness, with potential implications for the Islamic Republic’s drive to a nuclear weapons capability.

This is the substantive point. Obama’s dithering and failure to lead over something like Syria – hardly a world power –  must cause glee in Tehran. The Mullahs see an amateur in charge in the White House which must embolden them enormously. Israel is right to feel concern,

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40 thoughts on “THE IRANIAN RED LINE…..

  1. He ” dithers ” and you complain.

    He does nothing, you complain.

    If he acts, you’ll complain.

    This is indeed a form of consistency.

  2. I’m sure David didn’t delete your comments Noel, I’ve lost several also. The system is being very quirky.

    As for the post. Obama has caused the whole world to be concerned over his idiocy. When it was just incompetence regarding Iraq and Afghanistan everyone thought it was funny, but now that his incompetency could cause a fire that spreads quickly. Except for the few on this site that truly have no clue (Allan and Pete) and those of a similar mindset, Obama’s whole handling of the ME has put the entire world at threat.

  3. Sorry, what did they say?

    We don’t need America to take care of threats to Israel.” Israel’s army, the sources said, was perfectly capable of protecting Israel from any dangers posed by Assad.

    Which echoes what Netanyahu told Congress last year. In fact he said that Israel can take care of itself, regardless of the threat. Maybe Americans should take heed, but an awful lot of cash rides on the US taxpayer being forced to stump up for Israel. It’s a very lucrative business for a very few people.

  4. Oh dear – it looks as though even Israeli sources are querying the absurdity of the ‘chemical attack’ being blamed on Assad:


    Former Bush administration official: Israel may be behind use of chemical arms in Syria

    Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, says Israel may have conducted ‘false flag’ operation. Describes its government as inept and Netanyahu as ‘clueless.’

  5. Obama executed the GWB strategy in Iraq to the letter, and he sent many more troops into Afghanistan than Bush did.

  6. Noel i was in the middle of a reply to you this morning but your post vanished after a refresh. Im glad i wasnt going completely mad.

  7. Troll –

    I’m afraid Obama did follow the Bush Iraq strategy to the letter. He got out according to the Bush agreement with Baghdad.

    He did greatly increase troop numbers in Afghanistan. He also greatly spread and intensified the drone war.

    If you had an ounce of intellectual honesty you’d hail Obama as a great war leader.

  8. One of our problems is a continuing cranky relationship with Russia. One that has lasted for a long time, at least through Clinton, GW Bush, and Obama.

    Russia thinks of itself as a great power, but Russians think that the US treats it as some type of defeated power. That’s not good.

    Last night, Steven A Cohen, an American scholar on Russia, spoke of this. He said that Putin regards Obama as very much the same type of leader as Bush was, only that he is not as good a leader.

    Our troubles in the world would be much more manageable if the relationship with Russia were better. Including in Syria, where Russia has better intelligence than the US does. This could only happen if Obama reached out to Russia more, which he has not done. Major error.

    Russia is still important. Act like it.

  9. //One of our problems is a continuing cranky relationship with Russia. //

    Yes, but even if the US were to act unilaterally, Russia would not take any serious action, as is predicted here and elsewhere. If it were in such a mood, the warnings would have been much stronger and pointed than we’ve heard so far.
    Perhaps Russia would even like the US to act, after which it would make suitable noises to save face.

    Just yesterday, a spokesman for the R govt said that it would support intervention simply if te UN found Assad to be guilty of the gas attack. That certainly doesn’t sound like the Ruskies are ready to protect him as an essential ally.

  10. But lack of a muscular response by Russia, the absence of a catastrophe, is not what what I am getting at.

    The Russians help the US out a lot right now. They’ve been helpful in Afghanistan since 2001, when they gave intelligence and logistics cooperation, even before the action formally started.

    With a bit more cooperation on our side, they could help us even more. And more Russian cooperation in areas like Iran and Syria would be very helpful. Maybe to the point where there would not have to be any missile strikes.

    Russia has been dismissive of the quality of our intel in Syria re the gas attacks. I would listen to them. We’ve gotten these types of things wrong before. Again, they have very good intel on the ground there.

  11. Perhaps Russia would even like the US to act…

    That wont happen. Tartus is the reason Russia is getting uppity. They know a western centric Syria will very likely boot the Russians out of the Med.

  12. Obama is to arrogant to deal with Putin, and Putin is a dangerous kgb trained mind that has been rebuilding the russian military at a steady pace.

    Obama is out of his league with Putin, and everyone knows it except Obama.

  13. The Clintons are no better either, Bill kept trying to sell the bull that none of the russian missiles were pointing at us anymore.

    A lot of you bought that.

  14. Obama has no power at all: he is a puppet. If this weren’t so then he would have a resume, a track history backed by cumulative and increasing accomplishment. He has nothing and all of his past is effectively sequestrated. All he does is read whatever is put on his teleprompter by his bosses – but I concede that he reads the teleprompter persuasively to those who watch TV.

    Putin, by contrast, has real power in Russia though we can’t be sure how much, but there’s no doubt that he has it.

  15. Putin is vastly overrated- a fairly transparent gangster who has benefited from the last two US presidents initially adopting a ridiculously sycophantic approach to him before belatedly realising their mistake.

  16. Allan if it were only true…. Obama wasn’t by the buildaburgers, the secret ruling elite, my fellow Templar’s.

    He was talking proof that any ass can still grow up to be President. The people picked him and we’re stuck with him.

    He is living proof as it was once said and is very true. “If you nail two pieces of wood together that have never been nailed together before, some schmuck will buy it”

  17. but I concede that he reads the teleprompter persuasively to those who watch TV.

    When he is reading the right one that is, or the teleprompter has not gone on the blink .. still when he is reading someone else’s words well, it gives the sycophantic seals something to clap about 😉

    Reading a telepromter well, does not make Barry Oblimey a ‘Leader’

  18. In fact, Barry Oblimey reads so many teleprompters, sometimes a couple at once .. I am surpised he don’t get whiplash 😉

  19. Not that I think well of Putin, but I think that he’s got a lot more on the ball than Obama or GW Bush ever did.

    Just as i think that that Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Minister, is a vastly superior intellect than the likes of Hillary Clinton or John Kerry.

    Are Putin and Lavrov thugs? Of course they are. The question answers itself.

    But both know a lot more about the world and its peoples than Bush, Obama, Kerry or Hillary Clinton ever will.

    Lavrov speaks English well enough to do a one hour talk on Charlie Rose without an interpreter, and knows Sinhalese, the language of Sri Lanka, and French. Putin has given speeches in near perfect German in front of the Bundestag.

    Russia does many things wrong, but some of their top leaders have recently been of a much higher caliber than those in the US.

  20. I’m not going to doubt Putin here.

    If forced to choose between the Al Queda rebels, and Putin’s Russia, I’ll choose Russia every time.

    Russia has very good intel on the ground in a place like Syria.

    And they take issues like terrorism very seriously.

  21. Putin in German: his English is not bad either. Indeed, his judgement of John Kerry is spot-on so Putin goes up in my estimation although I’ve always considered him to be the superior of the puppet theatre which passes for the US/UK political class.

  22. Phantom – it’s not a question of whether Russia has better ‘intel’ on the ground in Syria. Putin probably knows what Kerry knows and Putin has called Kerry a liar. We are also aware thet Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia (he has huge land in Idaho) told Putin that Saudi Arabia controls Chechen terrorism and that if Russia accepts a deal (i.e. a betrayal) over Syria, then Saudi Arabia shall ensure that there are no terrorist events during the forthcoming Winter Olympics.

  23. I would have dismissed it except that it’s written by one of the few ‘mainstream’ journalists who has some integrity. Ambrose Evans-Ptichard was a reporter for the daily telegraph in the US when Bill Clinton became President and he revealed a lot of murky goings-on in Arkansas which involved Bill and Hillary. Naturally, he had to be pulled back to the UK before he went too far and got himself a Michael Hastings.

    Anyway, Prine Bandar is still alive, though if he meets with an accident then one can conclude that the report was true and that Russia took it badly.

  24. Don’t believe everything you read in the newspapers.

    Not necessarily because of any scary conspiracy, but because reporters are lied to by sources and they can make mistakes.

    This story sounds completely ridiculous.

    Russia could never be intimidated in that way, and no one who knows them would think for one second that they could.

  25. Here’s one of America’s best:

    Sen. John McCain (R-Az.) told CNN he lost “thousands of dollars” while playing poker on his iPhone after getting “bored” at a senate hearing on military action in Syria.

    Users of Twitter didn’t see the humour.

    “Absolutely a disgrace playing games while discussing sending our children to war in Syria,” flores8047 responded.

    “I can’t believe this is the man who wore the same uniform & wings as I… Disgrace,” CJPrichard1 wrote, who is a Navy pilot and veteran of Iraq.

  26. Putin has given speeches in near perfect German in front of the Bundestag.

    Putin lived in Russia for a while when he was a KGB bureacrat, it’s hardly surprising that he can speak the language. It isn’t necessarily a sign of intelligence- I remember seeing an article in which sports reporters were amazed that the notably stupid footballer Paul Gascoigne could order food in fluent Italian, because he had lived their for several years.

    Before Russia’s commodity boom he was seen as a bungler- see the Russian theatre siege or the Kursk disaster- and he hasn’t changed he’s just got lucky with the price of gas.

  27. //Putin lived in Russia for a while when he was a KGB bureacrat//

    You mean in Germany. You’re right, Putin was assigned to East Germany for five years, as a high-ranking KGB man there.
    After the collapse of the communist regime in the GDR, he attempted to develop a spy ring from former Stasi officers, but this got nowhere when most of the higher ranks offered their services to the West German Verfassungsschutz intelligence agency, with an eye on the cash and an amnesty.

    Before his stint in East Germany, Putin had been active in Leningrad, where he distinguished himself by his energy in suppressing the many dissident groups there.

    As for language, while Putin is no doubt very intelligent, speaking German is no big deal for a Russian. The Slavs in fact are really excellent language learners, and they seem to have an affinity with German for some reason. Most people with half an educaton speak several languages and think nothing of it. My Slovene wife speaks four languages with perfect fluency, and can also converse easily in Italian and Russian. She would never consider herself, or be considered, a linguist.

  28. You don’t know that an twitter user is a navy pilot, or if he is one of the Village People.

    Was it McCain playing poker during Senate Committee deliberations on attacking Syria or not?

  29. Phantom, on September 5th, 2013 at 2:45 AM Said:
    You don’t know that an twitter user is a navy pilot, or if he is one of the Village People.

    Correct, but we know just who John Mc Cain is and what he was doing, and what he was suppossed to be there for.

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