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There’s a by-election in the Batley and Spen constituency. The Labour candidate is Kim Leadbeater, sister of the previous MP, the murdered Jo Cox. Nothing cynical there. Leadbeater has been reaching out to Labour’s core vote, campaigning on Palestine, Kashmir and so-called “Islamophobia”.

I can’t imegine why the working class doesn’t care for the Labour Party any longer.

The locals have shown their gratitude by telling the Yorkshire faithful not to vote for her because she’s a lesbian. You’d need a heart of stone not to laugh. Apparently lesbianism “could potentially harm the Imaan (whatever that is – PM) of our children” and might “cost the corruption of our future generations”.

They actually chose a Remain lesbian for a Leave seat with a load of muslims in it.

You have to wonder just what muslims have to do before the left realises that it’s not all progressive chanting and lentil sandwiches in the mosques. This is the corner they’ve backed themselves into. No-one is further from the progressive left than your average Abdul, but Labour only wants their votes now to the exclusion of all others.

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  1. Praise be to Allah for George Galloway.

    He alone will ensure the Monster Raving Looney Labour Party are demolished once again.

    Fingers crossed.

    The law of averages must tell us, at some point the Monster Raving Looney Labour Party are going to sit back, and think, hold on, something is not quite right here? And no, shuffling around the idiots they currently have on the front bench with other idiots, and believing that employing people like the white Dianne Abbot, Anneliese Dodds, is somehow a good political move, is beyond all reasonable comprehension.

  2. “ They actually chose a Remain lesbian for a Leave seat with a load of muslims in it.”

  3. The Tories are nailed on to win this and my bet is that their majority will exceed Galloway’s vote, so Labour won’t be able to blame it on Gorgeous George syphoning off Muslim votes.

    If Labour lose badly it’s odds-on that Starmer will be replaced as leader within a few months. Angela Rayner will be certain to replace him. She may have her limitations but at least there is no doubt of her visceral hatred for the Tories. She recently called them “scum” in the House of Commons. Go for it girl!

  4. No, Rayner is shrewd as hell. Labour have already lost the next general election, as we will see next week when they lose the Batley by-election. But Rayner could be for Labour the equivalent of Michael Howard for the Tories in 2005 – she might be able to at least stop the total implosion of the party’s working-class support. And she would be the first working class Labour leader since the 1930s:

    “My twenty quid will be going on deputy leader Angela Rayner, who at the time of writing can still be backed at 7-1. That the very mention of the abrasive Rayner, who provoked outrage by appearing to call a Tory MP ‘scum’ in the Commons chamber last year, causes shuddering in polite company is far from disabling for her. Because Labour is in dire need of a polarising figure who can at least give it a basic identity and a sense of mission rather than the bland non-presence with which it is currently saddled. And the persona of bovver boot-wearing Aggro Angie could be just the ticket.

    Whatever you think of her, the woman knows how to identify a political bruise and then keep punching it. A look at her social media output also reveals her innate talent for expressing comprehensible opinions in direct language, a trait she shares with the likes of Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage. Far more than Starmer’s, her politics is also rooted in workplace struggle, with basic priorities of winning better pay and conditions for shop floor staff cropping up again and again as befits her own life story as an early school-leaver and former care sector worker…

    This ‘Tory scum’ narrative is hardly likely to broaden Labour support sufficiently to enable it to win a general election, but it will resonate among a good third of the public, including in Red Wall seats if and when Rishi Sunak starts reining-in public spending. In other words, it could put the Labour core vote back together rather as Michael Howard reassembled the Tory core vote after the dog days of Iain Duncan Smith.

    Rayner also possesses a killer political instinct – one that enabled her to face down Starmer when he attempted to make her the scapegoat for his own lousy spring elections campaign. There has been no stopping her since then…”


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