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The check is in the mail.  That dress makes you look skinny.  I won’t. . .well you know.

Apparently in NI “The Lie from Hell” was directed at the DUP’s Peter Robinson by UU Chief Tom Elliot.  What devilish deception earned this unionist umbrage?   What fiendish fabricated falsehood was so awful it had to have originated in Lucifer’s living room?  What cock and bull story caused such apoplexy and was so evil it could only have come roaring out of the gates of Hell?

Why none other than the statement, by Mr. Elliot, that Mr. Robinson had said that Caitriona Ruane was “great.”  Robinson, who seems to have reacted less cuckoo to becoming a cuckold has suggested he would refer the matter to his lawyers.    Good work if you can get it lads.

Now I am not of the opinion that Ms. Ruane is the Frosted Flakes of Education Ministers (do you get Tony the Tiger over there?).  In fact, I suspect there are blessed few people who would suggest that she was “great’.  But isn’t it a tad childish to fight over whether one adult may have called another great, or to see someone deny it with such venom?  I mean, aren’t there enough real things to attend to?  However, I must thank both men for engaging in this schoolyard hostility.  It makes politics on this side of the Atlantic seem almost serious by comparison.  Not for long mind you, but at least for a few minutes.

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12 thoughts on “The Lie From Hell

  1. Waddya mean do we get Tony the Tiger over here? You mean he’s not British?! Gah.

    Anyway, yes, from NI politicians to football managers to celebs to twatter to blog threads we see that too many people have lost the fine art of judging when it’s time to stfu and let something pass.

  2. Robinson has form on this. He threatened to sue the BBC over the documentary which exposed his wife’s shenanigans a couple of years back. It seems that he has still to get round to issuing that writ.

  3. A Tad hypocritical considering the Party he leads lied to the entire population!
    Vote For Us! No terrorists in Government! We Promise!

  4. Mahons,

    This emerged from the “leaders” debate before the NI Assembly election. Thank God I didn’t see it as apparently they all showed how useless they are.

    I heard that Margaret Ritchie (sometime SDLP leader and full-time unionist suck-up) didn’t even know her own party policy on integrated education.

  5. Mahons this debate where the quote came from was a bit of a wash out, and there is controversy over the BBC who are to air a debate by the leaders of the 4 main partys, at 10.35 this tuesday. Apparently this election is failing to ignite and the little exchange of words was the most highlight of the whole election. It’s been very civilised and very dull, with both sides trying to reach across the divide. Peter Robinson in todays Irish news, and a few others reaching out for votes. Brian Feeney is predicting a low turn out which is being predicted as a disaster, even in west Belfast SF are pushing for votes fora fifth seat which they say unionist ‘stole’ in a previous election.

    This election, and little tiff have been the dullest of the dull, of all elections ever held. Its simply same old, same old.

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