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No suprise that many Aemerican politicians are rushing towards the cameras to demand that the Lockerbie mastermind be recaptured and brought to justice.  He won’t be.

The most disgusting thing to come out of Scotland since haggis was the early release on medical grounds of the Libyan mastermind of the Lockerbie tragedy, a tragedy in which over 200 people were killed.   He is under indictment in the US, since 1991 actually, but he’ll never be brought here and those politicians callign for that know that he won’t be brought here.   

There is no judicial mechanism to bring him here.  There is no extradiction treaty with Libya, and there certainly isn’t one with the rebels.  They are unlikely to form a formal government that could even enter into such a treaty for a number of years.  And I am not sure they would be inclined to extradict him in any event.  Some of the rebels likely see him as a hero, he was cheered like one when he arrived in Libya.  And I am not sure the rebel government will have any interest in being seen as aiding the United States (though they’ll take any money and weaponry we provide).   In fact there may be NO REBEL government, Libya could split into civil war.    

Lockerbie will be one of those instances in which the criminals escape justice.  The first politician who acknowledges that will be telling the truth.   


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6 thoughts on “The Lockerbie Legacy

  1. The State Department will have to get past East Renfrewshire Council first. A bloke in a brown suit is put out that Megrahi has broken his terms by not keeping in touch with the council.

    He won’t be going back to Scotland in any case. Some plastic cuffs and a seat on a plane is all the extradition treaty the US needs. It’s been done a few hundred times in the last decade. Slip a few quid to the right person and he’s yours.

  2. Megrahi was a Libyan operative, he did not act independently but on orders from Gadaffi. His imprisonment was essentially as a proxy for Gadaffi.

    If Gadaffi is there for the taking who cares about Megrahi?

  3. There is also a major legal question as to whether he can be tried in a US Court considering that his crime, if he is guilty of it, wasn’t committed in the United States. There is also a question as to whether a person can be found guilty twice (even in two jurisdictions) for the same crime.

  4. The Scottish government, to their eternal shame, freed this bastard, and that’s that.

    But perhaps some unfortunate incident will happen to the individual concerned.

  5. “But perhaps some unfortunate incident will happen to the individual concerned.”

    Hope you’re correct Phantom……….A very painful unfortunate incident would be welcomed by the friends and relatives of the passengers of Pan Am flt-103 and those Scot citizen victims on the ground.

    I suggest a red-hot, 60 cm rebar up his ass. That’d fix the bastard’s prostate, alright!

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