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Instead of just bashing why not listen, and then argue with what he has to say instead of what you THINK he has to say.

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86 thoughts on “The Master at work

  1. From 13:38, a very interesting parallel with the inner-clique of Cameroons distancing themselves from core Conservative policies and voters, and with equally dire consequences. “We are the metropolitan elite, we know what is best. You are not wanted, Turnip Taliban and backwoodsmen.”

  2. thanks for actually watching Martin, it was a good interview in many aspects.

  3. you didn’t listen to the interview Pete, You also with that question show you have no clue at all what his show is like.

    He endorsed no one.

  4. “low information voters”

    lol Now we know where Patty got that phrase. Show remarkable contempt for the general public.

  5. Troll –

    I know what Limbaugh’s like.

    The video’s 38 minutes long. Don’t get huffy when people don’t have all the time in the world to watch a 38 minute video on the off chance it’s not full of crap.

    What’s he talking about – a trek across the Gobi desert, or is he having a dig at Obama? I really don’t have 38 minutes to spare if he’s just having a dig at Obama. No-one needs to convince me that Obama’s a bad man and a bad politician.

    Come on, put some shoulder into it and introduce us to the video. Tell us what’s in store, tantalise us, lure us in.

  6. Troll –

    If you’re going to post a 38 minute video at least have the simple grace to introduce it.

  7. ” Master at work ”

    You mean ” Masters ”

    Read it and weep .. just don’t ‘think’, that is illegal now in the Land of the free.

    So I have some great news folks! The Republicans and the Democrats in Congress and the White House FINALLY came together and agreed on something. This is HUGE. These guys disagree on EVERYTHING! Getting them to see eye-to-eye is like getting the Jews and the Palestinians to do a trust fall together. Or getting Eskimos and polar bears to play Jenga.

    I’m referring to the bill H.R. 347 that was signed by President Obama the other day, passed unanimously in the Senate, and 388-3 in the House. That’s nearly EVERY SINGLE lawmaker.

    What did this magical universally-loved bill say? Well some are calling it the anti-Occupy law and it allows the government to bring charges against Americans involved in many kinds of political protest at any location the secret service, quote, “is or will be temporarily visiting.” So basically if the government wants to shut down a protest, they just send a secret service officer down there to scratch his balls, and then they can start putting people in jail for a year or more.

    Of course, as Lee Camp points out, this legislation is contrary to the US Constitution—but the bastards passed it anyway.

    But the bill doesn’t stop there. I mean, when you have the entirety of Congress with the exception of Ron Paul agreeing on something, why not swing for the fences? The bill also says it could be a federal crime to protest near an event of, quote, “national significance.” Well, that’s not vague at all.

    So, it seems that our delightful Coalition—the one that promised to restore our rights, shrink the nanny state, and give more responsibility to the people—is in good company with the idiots in the good ol’ US of A. I have to say that my response to all of this accords remarkably well with Lee Camp’s own reaction.

    Well, Congress gets to stomp on the Bill of Rights, I want to do it too. I want to bring back cruel and unusual punishment, and then we could demand that every man or woman who voted for the Anti-Protest Law or signed it from the Oval Office be tied up in the town square naked for a week while everyone gets to throw fire ants and bumble bees at their naughty parts. Deal??

    And after that, of course, we should hang them all.

    I would suggest that we actually protest against these disgustingly fascists measures but I’m too pretty for prison…


    Sleep safe and sound now, and remember ” If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear ” … Do you?

    It’s all for your own good you know.

    And your ‘security’

    Sooner or later, that penny will drop.

  8. “than don’t comment on something you know nothing about ”

    That’s never stopped you before Troll 😉

  9. The tape is way too long to summarize but here is one highlight:

    Obama recently came out and made the stupid claim that recent scandals were “phony scandals.” These scandals are:

    1. IRS harassment of the Tea Party/Conservative group

    2. government data mining and spying on everyone in the country
    3. cover-up of Benghazi lie that Libyan events were called by a youtube video

    At :44, Rush explains how Obama’s main strategy for winning elections works. In a nutshell, Obama’s main strategy is to always appear to be an outsider, never part of Washington, never part of governing.

    In other words, Magician/Con Obama makes it appear to the low information voter that bad happen to Obama – Obama never initiates or makes any bad things happen. It’s always someone else’s fault. Obama is the quintessential “outsider.”

  10. In my opinion, Rush is normally much funnier than in this interview. This interview is a lot of serious talking without much levity; on his radio show, Rush is more entertaining.

  11. Troll, your brief intro to this video is absurd. How can I possibly be sure that what the narrator “is” saying, isn’t merely what I “think” he is saying? Indeed, my understanding of whatever anyone says to me is, by definition, what I “think” they have said. How can it be otherwise? Debate isn’t possible on such terms. No, you first need to tell me what YOU think he said, and then, if I interpret it differently, I say what I think he said.

  12. I think it possible that Troll didn’t watch the whole interview.

    it’s a presentation of some pretty specific ideas – the understanding of which depends on an indepth knowledge of Washington DC politics.

    in a nutshell – Washington elite Republicans are waging war with their base, the Conservatives by making nice to the Dems.

    Bewitched and bamboozled! People! we are being played!

  13. Patty posted

    Rush explains how Obama’s main strategy for winning elections works. In a nutshell, Obama’s main strategy is to always appear to be an outsider, never part of Washington, never part of governing.

    This is how Reagan ran, and also Dubya to a lesser extent.

  14. “This is how Reagan ran, and also Dubya to a lesser extent.”

    BEFORE they were elected, Peter! This is Obama’s SECOND term as President! over 4 years in the Office of Presidency!

  15. Troll

    I watched the video. A few comments:

    1. It was not by any stretch an interview, more a Limbaugh broadcast facilitated by softball questions from a Fox apparatchik.

    2. Rush is highly intelligent, and has some very sharp insights as always, but

    3. He is 100% partisan and totally four legs good, two legs bad (hence Limbaa) in his views of the (conservative wing of) the GOP and (all of) the Dems. For example, he implies several times that all of the “low information voters” are Democrats hooked on welfare. Maybe he has never travelled in the southern states or been to a Tea Party rally?

  16. Colm: I think politicians have always played/conned the common folk. If they can’t con, they buy votes. And if this doesn’t work, politicians lie and use trickery.

    But the Age of Obama stands out in one distinct way from other more “normal,” more acceptable times – since the election of Obama, the MSM has provided cover and propaganda for Washington DC.

    We are being played by politicians AND the press – the once free press has become a propaganda arm of the State, waging political war on the citizens.

  17. This is Obama’s SECOND term as President

    Yes, and Reagan and Bush still pretended to be outsiders in their second terms. Only they weren’t.

  18. Patty

    In what way is the press less free. Obama is in his final term. Why would the media want to protect him ?

  19. “For example, he implies several times that all of the “low information voters” are Democrats hooked on welfare. Maybe he has never travelled in the southern states or been to a Tea Party rally?”

    obviously you have a very superficial understanding of what is meant by “low information voter.”

    furthermore, I have been to the South and a Tea Party rally, or two, and your implication that:

    South and Tea Party = low information is simply ignorant

  20. Ptty

    Do you think there is an equilibrium in Republican/Democrat voting intentions amongst ‘Low information voters’ ?

  21. Patty

    1. Please indicate where your hero implied that some “low information voters” might possibly vote GOP.

    2. Many Tea Party supporters are enthusiastic supporters of Medicare (for obvious reasons) but they seem to want others to pay the taxes for it. I would say that comes close to “low information” if not totally incoherent.

  22. “Yes, and Reagan and Bush still pretended to be outsiders in their second terms” no. actually, they did not. both Reagan and Bush took responsibility for policies they enacted.

    Colm: the press is as free as it ever was but the press overwhelmingly support Obama and his policies –

    furthermore, there is an elite in DC – Ivy league politicians, Columbia journalists, New York publishing houses – on both sides of the aisle – the consultants and lobbyists, the elected and the writers – all socializing and marrying each other – have you seen the list of Obama Administration folk who now work in media – print or cable???

    Money and power flows in Washington DC – but not for someone without the contacts, not for someone who doesn’t attend the dinner parties, the lunches – money and power is not flowing to the old fashion investigative journalist who in the old days was a toughened no nonsense guy who smoked and spit and got the job done.

    now, it’s all about Pinot Grigio and who is at the open house in the Hamptons next week – and the country could be burning for all they care – as long as they get their job security and access to power and its perks.

    On both sides of the aisle. although this is less relevant to the field of journalism than it is to other fields because over 90% of journalists give to the Democrat party anyway.

  23. Colm and Peter: neither of you seem to grasp what is meant by “low information voter.”

    Hint: While not directly partisan, the “low information” label answers the very puzzling question that many of us have as to why – with the hated ObamaCare Bill looming over us, our high, entrenched unemployment and continuing economic slow growth, the Administrations attack on coal and stalling over the Canadian oil pipeline, the Benghazi lie about the youtube video, and the overt race hustling, the failed foreign policy and failed Egyptian “Spring” – why, with all this…why did Obama win the 2012 election? why would anyone vote AGAIN for Obama and his failed policies?

    answer: because they know far more about Justin Bieber’s random piss in a bucket, or Snooki’s latest fight with her boyfriend, Myle Cyrus’ new bondage look, what Kate wore home after giving birth to her baby boy, or any other widely disseminated stupid nonsense then they do about Obama and his policies.

    All the low information voter really knows about Obama is that he is “cool” and that a vote for Obama is a vote for “cool.”

  24. Patty

    I agree with you about the self-protecting privileged bubble that, through connections, friends and familial/social networks sails through the troubles that affect everyone else, but I don’t agree that it is a new Obama era phenomena. It is the way things are and always have been, and frankly no matter what political structures are in place it will never be any different. It is a by-product of power, whoever holds it.

  25. “Yes, and Reagan and Bush still pretended to be outsiders in their second terms” no. actually, they did not. both Reagan and Bush took responsibility for policies they enacted.

    “President Reagan appeared before the Tower Commission on December 2, 1986, to answer questions regarding his involvement in the affair. When asked about his role in authorizing the arms deals, he first stated that he had; later, he appeared to contradict himself by stating that he had no recollection of doing so.[55] In his 1990 autobiography, An American Life, Reagan acknowledges authorizing the shipments to Israel.[56]”

    Reagan left office in 1989, so he failed to accept responsibility while in office.

  26. with the hated ObamaCare Bill looming over us…

    Presumably not hated by the 30% of adults with no health insurance. Obamacare was not a commie scheme that emerged from a vacuum.

  27. Colm: I don’t agree.

    I think it is unprecedented because for most of the media, Obama is their man.

    Channeling the MSM’s level of thought and class, Obama is their wet dream.

    I have never seen this level of sycophantic press devotion in my lifetime, even with beloved Clinton.

  28. Peter: in every poll I’ve looked at, a sizable majority of the country opposes ObamaCare.

    ObamaCare was signed at midnight on Christmas eve because a majority of Americans – Dems. included – did not want this bill. Perhaps you don’t remember the scandalous pork packing of the bill or the last minute election of Scott Brown to veto the bill which broke the Democrat ability to easily push it through and is the reason the current bill is so, so bad – because it was shoved down our throats on a Christmas eve and was not revised or streamlined as planned because the Democrats would never have passed the damned thing. You don’t remember the demonstrations? the townhalls? the 2010 election in which the Democrats were “shellacked” as rarely before, a direct response to ObamaCare?

  29. in every poll I’ve looked at, a sizable majority of the country opposes ObamaCare.

    But in the actual poll that mattered in November 2012 its author was re-elected to the White House. Was Obama supposed to repeal the Act because of opinion polls? Has any president ever done that?

  30. so, Peter, we have come full circle.

    most oppose ObamaCare. but Obama is reelected nonetheless.

    to explain this contradiction we have the “low information voter,” more concerned with Justin Bieber, and the emotional satisfaction of the Obama “cool factor” than any policy or understanding of Washington DC.

    and of course we also have the Obama Administration’s voter suppression efforts of the IRS harassment of conservative republican groups, combined with the Republican party’s own version of voter suppression a la Romney’s weak tepid campaign…but that is another tale for another time.

  31. Why do low information voters call those who differ with them ” low information voters “?

    Does not compute.

    But the talk show flim flam men coin the term, so it must be regurgitated.

    Talking points must be honored at all times.

    Hi from PA.

  32. Anyone who uses the term ‘Low information voter’ is really demonstrating both a sneering and patronising sense of self superiority and a sour grapes attitude to people who choose to vote differently from them. It is extremely arrogant to imply that “I vote the way I do because I am clever enough to see through media and political cons but you vote differently because you are stupid and not as informed or aware as me”

  33. I find the comments on this thread quite amusing, first off Colm I was waiting for someone to respond with your comment after I told Pete he shouldn’t comment on something he doesn’t know about 🙂

    As for my brief introduction. The introduction speaks for itself. I did not want to say what he said, I wanted you to listen and use your own mind to form your own views.

    38 minutes oh me oh my I forget that the majority of you have AADD (adult attention deficit disorder) to actually think that you might engage in debate over something that everyone could watch and refer back to, what was I thinking.

    Somehow I think the majority of you spend more time in the bathroom than it would have taken to listen to his commentary.

    A Low information voter is just what it means. Hello (plunk you in head) the majority of people are Low information voters, those of us that eat, sleep, drink, and blog politics are an exception. Evidence of the fact that Obama’s supporters are low information voters can be found in Howard Sterns street interviews where he would send people out on the streets of NY and ask people what they thought about Obama picking Palin as a running mate and his stand against abortion and they would say that they were both good decisions.

    Here it’s less than 3 minutes maybe your minds can stay focused that long, but I doubt it.

    Friday night there will be a second interview with Greta who is a Democrat and a Liberal but then again I guess that’s more information than you can absorb. I will post that interview when it hits youtube over the weekend.

  34. Troll: actually the majority of us have full time jobs and other responsibilities that limit our time and it only took 60 seconds to understand this interview and its jaundiced views

    I have heard enough Limbaa lies to know how he manipulates the statistics. While its true most of the jobs were shed after Obama’s election, but the tobogan ride began with bush and Obama’s only failure was to stop the slide

    But honestly that slope was so precipitous that even your fabled sky jew couldn’t have stopped it

  35. Troll

    Every time you post one of these videos or links to a long piece of text you always preface the post with a very patronising dig at us ‘low information readers’. It has precisely the opposite effect of your intentions and most readers won’t bother listening to or reading the whole piece even if they originally intended to purely to defy you.

  36. to vote for Obama for a second term means that you’re either “low information” or masochist –
    there really is no other reason

  37. So Patty, you are saying that almost half the voting population of the USA are either idiots or perverts !

  38. The use of the ” low information voter ” is another way of saying that Rush ( and the sheeple who listen to him) won’t even consider the views of others.

  39. I’m saying that

    1. empirical reality doesn’t matter to Obama voters because they don’t know enough to realize what’s going on


    2. Obama voters enjoy seeing America “taken down a notch or two” so they don’t mind the sinking economy, the political war on coal and fracking, Obama’s foreign policy incoherence, and our growing racial divide promoted by Administration approved race hustlers.

  40. Patty

    Sorry that won’t wash. Saying that people only voted for Obama through ignorance or for nefarious reasons is like saying all those who voted for Mitt Romney were bigots and racists.

  41. We’re talking about Obama’s SECOND term, Colm.

    After 4 years as President. Obama was re-elected after 4 years as President.

    After 4 years as President, We know who he is. We know what he does. We know the results he gets.

    And people still voted for him….mind boggling.

    Why? why vote for a failure?

    because…they don’t have the information to judge the past 4 years. they are low on information. they follow the Kardasians – not politics.

  42. I don’t blame low information voters – although I think they should do a little research as their civic duty instead of following the pack and voting for the “cool.”

    Obama succesfully positions himself – after 4 years – as an outsider – apparently, he still hasn’t had a chance to do anything!!! Look at Emerald Pimpernal’s comment above – the job slide was not Obama’s fault, he says. After 4 years we have a tepid almost non-existent recovery but it still is not Obama’s doing. Nothing is Obama’s fault!

    A high information voter knows that ObamaCare and its regulations has frozen job hiring and pushed full timers into part timers – that the country is waiting – still – with baited breath to see the economic damage that ObamaCare will cause — that’s why there is no recovery – and it’s Obama’s fault.

  43. because…they don’t have the information to judge the past 4 years. they are low on information. they follow the Kardasians – not politics.

    This is such nonsense. If they were so low on info. their ignorance would just as easily lead them to vote for Romney.

  44. Patty

    I think that very many here would judge you as one of the ” low information voters ” in this hangout.

    You are in no position to look down your nose at others.

  45. It really is despicable snobbery to say that because people don’t vote the way you’d like them to, it’s because they don’t know enough! The author of this line always views themselves as the diamond in the rough who can see the wood from the trees.

    It’s an extraordinary piece of warped logic though. As I said, if they’re low on info., they’re just as likely – in their ignorance – to vote for Romney.

  46. Petr: So, it was a 50/50 chance that the low info. voter picked Romney over Obama?

    Not really – considering the apologetic, lack luster Republican campaign and the State-run media thumb tipping the scale.

    also, Romney had not served 4 years as President – he was a stranger. Obama had been President for 4 years – plenty of evidence about his abilities if that mattered – but what really matters for the low info voter is the “cool” factor – that and recognizing his name.

  47. I think the Republicans should run their next President campaign as Jack-in-the-Box runs their hamburger campaigns – brand identity, a few clever slogans, some prominent spokesman with a broad and pleasing smile – marketing. It’s all about marketing. emotional marketing.

    that’s how Obama won..

    .well,that and voter suppression through IRS harassment of Tea Party groups and Conservative groups….

  48. Poor you.

    Life is so hard.

    Take a valium , lie down, replay the Limbaugh broadcast.

  49. Petr: aside from NPR and maybe a couple other minors, the “State-Run” media don’t get public funding –

    BUT, most of the media do work closely with Obama’s White House – and they do collude with the White House on the message. and they do hire directly from the White House and attend the same dinner parties and award shows…etc. Hence, the label: state-run.

    don’t be low information, Petr. look up how many ex-White House people there are now on national TV “shaping” opinion.

    Here’s a starter: TV talking head, Mika Brezinski – look her up on WIKI

  50. These guys will always pretend that they are the righteous outsiders from the heartland.

    Rush plays that role so well.

    The audience is being played by the big deceiver.

  51. Sorry – misspelled her name. her name is: Mika Brzezinski

    she’s on MSNBC and is the daughter of Carter’s former National Security Advisor. Her brother is the current US Ambassador to Sweden. Her father taught at Columbia. Mika attended Georgetown in DC

    no need to worry about the “military-industrial complex” anymore – worry about the
    “East Coast Ivy League meets Journalism and White House complex”

    they are running the show and they don’t know what they’re doing – well, aside from accumulating power and money for themselves….

  52. Mika is one of many, many “journalists” with contacts and allegiance to the liberal democrats now in power.

    and this is why we are being fed junk food for news – and why voters for Obama – after his 4 failed years in office – are “low information” voters.

  53. That show has low ratings, and co host Joe Scarborough does 90% of the talking on it anyway

  54. Colm
    My preface is played out as true by the comments that follow. Most on here have closed minds, and aren’t interested in being convinced of any view except the preconceptions that they already hold.

    I post my honest opinion, I could always be proven wrong, but very rarely am I.

  55. White Castle sells a lot of burgers, and The Mirror a lot of papers, but neither one is gourmet.

  56. Limbough does manipulate stats and you repeat the manipulated stats

    ie on the price of gas – complete nonsense

  57. All you must mistake me for someone who cares about your personal gripes. I admit at times they mat get to me, but all in all I’m indifferent to your blind prejudices and addiction to each of your personal dogmas.

    I put up information that support my views and my dogma, you can debate it, you can revile it, you can rant about it, you can even learn from it. The choice you choose to take is yours.

    The majority of you, like me are 6cents short a nickle so I know what to expect.

    Just as Patty knows what she will get. None of you understand nor wish to understand the conservative American point of view, but that won’t stop either of us from giving it to you.

    It is that feature of our American character that makes us who we are. We won’t back down, we won’t surrender, we will fight… till your last breath.

  58. Ha ha

    And until you get a good set of arguments and goals, you’re gonna lose a lot more elections

    Your party and the Talk Radio that runs it is a pack of gangsters.

    Think outside the box

  59. bullshit Phantom. You are the one that cherry picks your stats, and your not effected by the price of gas as much as the average American. You drive how many days a month?

    The majority of Americans drive to and from work everyday. You don’t. And I know my stats on our oil and gas reserves and production are more accurate than yours.

    I’ve studied it in depth, production is up, but consumption has grown at a faster rate. It wouldn’t be if the Oil rich areas that the Government has barred from development were in production.

    There is an artificial lack of supply imposed on the nation to force usage of energy production that has not reached a level of development to meet the nation needs.

    They believe if they make gasoline painful enough financially the world will switch to another supply of energy. Except no other supply exists.

    Oil is the blood of the that keeps the human race alive, nothing that exists today can replace it no matter how expensive they make it. Instead they are destroying our nation via starvation.

  60. Troll –

    Why would anyone devote 38 minutes of their life to a video that you agree with when you don’t care for anyone else’s opinion? This is bad salesmanship. If the business of America is business, you’d soon be out of business.

    And you’re no American conservative. You have nothing in common with the American conservative tradition. You deride and mock it. You simply repeat neocon talking points.

    A real American conservative – say a Russell Kirk, Albert Jay Nock, Garet Garrett or a Ron Paul – would consider you deranged.

  61. Phantom you keep laughing, the policies of the “winning side” are exemplified in Detroit. That is the future result of the course that the progressives have put us on for the past 100yrs.

    There is no better example of following that path. So you laugh I’ll fight.

  62. Pete your an anarchist. If someone wants to observe other points of view they listen and read things written by people that espouse views that they don’t hold.

    Not only have I read Locke, Montesquieu, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, I have read Mao, Marx, Alinski, Lenin, even Hitler. If your not willing to hear the other side than all your doing is masturbating.

    The people you think American Conservative are kooks.

  63. Here’s a scary post. Meltdown looms.

    “There is one vitally important number that everyone needs to be watching right now, and it doesn’t have anything to do with unemployment, inflation or housing. If this number gets too high, it will collapse the entire U.S. financial system. The number that I am talking about is the yield on 10 year U.S. Treasuries. When that number goes up, long-term interest rates all across the financial system start increasing. When long-term interest rates rise, it becomes more expensive for the federal government to borrow money, it becomes more expensive for state and local governments to borrow money, existing bonds lose value and bond investors lose a lot of money, mortgage rates go up and monthly payments on new mortgages rise, and interest rates throughout the entire economy go up and this causes economic activity to slow down.

    Link here

  64. Troll

    You have studied nothing. You are horrible at math.

    The highest gas price was undet Bush in Aug 2008

    The lowest price was Dec 2008- Jan 2009′ as the two terms met. The huge price dive was actually a bad thing, a sign that demand ( and the economy ) were collapsing

    The average price of fuel is roughly the same for Bush’s last term and Obama’s time in office

  65. Peter, stop talking sense. Very few people in these parts care about serious economic issues. They’d much rather talk about loudmouth radio personalities, gay people, abortion, sharia law or the ongoing fucked up nature of Northern Ireland.

    **Phantom – Troll’s gas talking point is HUGE amongst the teavangelicals.

  66. It’s “you’re” – learn how spell for crying out loud. It’s not that difficult.

    You seem justifiably proud to have attended any Ivy league college. Show a little respect for your expensive education, try writing like it was worth the cost.

  67. but you can’t stay away can you Daphne? What’s that say about you?

    Phantom, you can disagree with me, you can oppose every point of view I have, even though over the years it’s been proven we share a few.

    What you can’t do is call me a liar.

    I have no need, or want to alter anything about myself. I’ve proven that time and time again. You can nay say all you want, you can choose to live in your fantasy delusions.

    I know who I am, What I am, What I have accomplished, and What I have lost.

    I expose all my good and all my flaws for the world to see on this blog, and I feel no shame.

    What of you little boy? You cower in fear, someone might find out. Your a joke, a pathetic one, but still a sad man with no balls.

    I pity you.

    yet I’ll still pray for you.

  68. D

    I know. He didnt think this uo or anything wlse up

    I hear the same innumerate bikge on Rush, Levin, and Hannity, who are the Moe, Larry and Curley of the new century.


  69. yet I’ll still pray for you.

    I doubt Jesus is turning ecstatic spiritual somersaults.

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