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When the dreaded name ‘Jimmy Saville’ appears in print, usually nowadays in huge headlines, alongside such terms as ‘victims’, or ‘abuse’, or even more explicitly ‘sexual activity with a minor’; we are alerted, almost by Pavlovian behaviour modification; to expect ever more unsavoury details regarding this dead ******** pervert.  But there seems to me to be almost a bandwagon effect, with the added problem that, because the man is dead, absolutely none of these allegations can be tested in a Court. But hey; there’s the legal get-out, because it has long been established that you cannot defame or libel the dead. So, the band-wagon rolls on with Savile accused of everything from necrophilia to advising Prince Charles on his marriage prospects. We have all seen the headlines, hells gates, I myself have even written on ATW regarding this particular man, and of the crimes he has been accused of; and of my own distaste for the very thought of this high-profile personality being allowed to literally get away with crimes worse than murder.

The evidence, the accusations, tested by CPS solicitors on evidence collected by the police, seem incontrovertible; the accusers line up, with their claims and hopes for, er, Compensation!!!!

There is, however, yet another side to this long, turgid and complex story, and that is the side retailed by a blogger named Susanne Cameron-Blackie who writes under the title Anna Racoon. Scan her voluminous postings, as she writes with a certain veracity based on her sojourns at the Duncroft Approved School.

As to the truth of the many and varied allegations against this disc jockey; I am fairly certain that discussions, stories, rages will continue for years; but, in researching this small post, I have formed the conclusion that it is a little far-fetched to automatically state that there can be no doubt of his guilt. After all, it would have to be an enormous conspiracy involving hundreds of BBC staff, not particularly known for being reticent, thousands more of NHS, Broadmoor and Stoke Mandeville staff, all of whom would need to be totally complicit in a massive cover-up.



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