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I caught this story earlier about three men having been arrested in Germany on suspicion of planning terrorist attacks. Federal prosecutors said the three were suspected members of "an Islamist terrorist organisation", but gave no further details. Media reports said the men were planning attacks against a US military base in Ramstein and Frankfurt airport. Defence minister Franz Josef Jung confirmed the arrests and said the men had posed "an imminent threat". "The security services have done a very good job and I can’t say anything more at this point," Mr Jung told German television. ‘Major targets’ Reports said that two of the suspects were German while the third was Pakistani.  German and Pakistani, eh? Bet they aren’t called Hans. Bet they are Muslims. The missing M in so many news reports about terrorism.

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16 thoughts on “THE MISSING M

  1. >>The missing M in so many news reports about terrorism.<<

    It’s standard procedure for the authorities not to divulge their lines of investigations when these have just started.

  2. Oh Noel! – I don’t believe you really are that naive…:-)

    Surely the investigations have been going for at least six months – so they say! – hardly a case of ‘just started’, unless, you are using the Portugese definition!

  3. >>unless, you are using the Portugese definition!<<

    Oh, well, it’s just been announced that the three belonged to a group called "Islamic Jihad Union". Both the leader and another one of the three was apparently German converts to Islam. So the authorities and the media aren’t so hesitant after all.

  4. David

    It does say Islamist in all reports.

    Just an fyi though – it is being reported the 2 Germans were converts. So maybe they were called Hans after all

  5. If they converted they would have had to change their names to something islamic, like Janser the jihadist or something.

    All three men had attended a training camp in Pakistan, police sources said.

    Surely not!

  6. Hans on terrorists..!

    Its amazing how many of these people have been arrested before and then freed.

  7. I think singer Wayne Newton expresses the feelings of us Yanks with his song Danke Schoen. Credit the German police for an effective arrest and investigation.

    I am not sure what the missing "M" means since they have been identified as part of a radical Islamic group on the reports I’ve seen. Perhaps you refer to Peter Lorre’s starring in the classic German film "M"?

  8. Actually their names as reported tonight are Daniel and Fritz. I would have thought Europe being so totally overun with brown jihadis could have at least been considerate enough to have trumped up 2 of their own for the first attack.

  9. I think that Daniel, Fritz and another had converted to the Religion of Peace which would make them ..em..Muslims. Look, my only take here is that I wish the media would ackowledge that this fact.

  10. Doesn’t the very article you cite indicate that they are part of an Islamic Group? Let us not miss the forest for the trees.

  11. David: Islamic Muslims? Isn’t that like saying a white caucasion? A black negro? An opinionated Ulsterman?

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