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It is a mistrial, a true mistrial of Justice.

Now don’t get me wrong Maxwell deserves worse than she’ll receive no matter the sentence. She was a pimp, an abuser, a molester, and several other variations of a real monster. The appropriate sentence would be death, but we don’t really do that anymore. It was however the fate of her Boss, she may end up the same way… who knows, we’ll wait and see.

The Mistrial is the TRUE lack of Justice in this case. Epstein & Maxwell were Pimps, and most probably blackmailers and spies. It is however their Clients…. Their Johns and Janes that used their services.

From real Princes, and Presidents to princes of Power & Industry, the rich Hollywood Elite. Their services were not cheap and they had no lack of Clients. Perverted Men & Women of wealth and influence whose names we are not even allowed to know, let alone ever see any brought to punishment for their crimes and depravity.

So lock her away, or execute her either way no justice has been rendered here. To believe otherwise is a denial of reality…. the sickos that used their services still roam free among us.

Insult to injury…..

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4 thoughts on “The Mistrial of Ghislaine Maxwell

  1. I’m surprised, I thought you wouldn’t care what Trump did you’d want him free to run in 3 years time.

  2. Amazing the man’s been out of office for 2yrs and you still have Trump Derangement Syndrome….

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