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President Biden is picking up where President Obama left off, he is jumping through every hoop he can to guarantee that Iran has the Ability to produce Nuclear Weapons and deliver them anywhere in the World.

He has had THE RUSSIANS negotiating with Iran on His behalf, because even with lifting sanctions and buying their oil the Iranians refused to talk directly to him. The Russian involvement besides being stupid creates a multilevel problem.

Part of the Deal is Russia will build a new Nuclear Power Plant for the Iranians and the Russians will hold the Uranium from this reactor, and what the Iranians refine into Weapons Grade Uranium. With no outside inspection, and the Clause “That if any FUTURE American Presidents or Congress make any Sanctions on the Deal or on Iran. Russia is to TURN OVER ALL URANIUM TO IRAN”.

Biden’s “Team” (the russians) put this clause in there to safeguard against any future American Efforts to prevent Iran from having Nuclear Weapons. A Catch 22 in an Illegal Treaty.

The following are two clips from the Mark Levin Show that ALL should see in regard to this Illegal Treaty

  1. Mark Levin.

2. Mark Levin & Bibi Netanyahu

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