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‘Only a tiny, tiny, insignificant proportion of UK Muslims support the aims and/or methods of Al Queda’, is the common refrain.  Big yawns everyone!  It may not be a majority of the 2 million or so who live in Britain (or is that just in Bradford?); it is certainly way above a ‘tiny minority’.  Every survey and opinion poll conducted in this country since 9/11 has shown substantial support for Islamic terror and the creation of a Muslim society in Britain.  They won’t succeed, of course they won’t.  However, the intention of these bedsheet-wearing, terrorist-idolising animals remains steadfast.

Take this interesting interview with ‘extreme’ (is there any other type?) Muslims outside the Regents Park mosque in central London.  American radio presenter Dusty Humphries was in town to record some of the vilest pronouncements and prognostications from the usual Allah shower.  We had Anjem Choudary confidently proclaiming ‘Islam will govern Britain’ (so he thinks he’ll succeed where Hitler failed – LOL!); we had Abu Saif calling for the death of Tony Blair and the damnation of our Monarch.  They’re all still walking around in total freedom whilst our jail space decreases due to the incarceration of people who didn’t pay their TV Licence.  You couldn’t make it up!!

I know it would be completely off-limits for the BBC to get hold of this confrontation, lest it expose the utter codswallop that Islamic supremacy is the ideological preserve of a few fringe lunatics.  We have seen plenty of marches and hate-filled invective over cartoons of Big Mo in Danish journals and protests over the knighting of Sir Salman Rushdie (good old Sir Salman).  Where are the mass assemblies calling for Muslim integration into UK society?  Or the total renouncement of Islamic doctrinal superiority?  Or the demands for loyalty to be shown to British customs and society. It is all very well for Muzzas to swarm on the news and tell the rest of us how proud they are to be British – whilst sporting white billowing pyjama bottoms, with niqab-wearing wives in-tow.  The message to Islam as a whole should be totally uncompromising: ‘You live here; you follow British values, customs and traditions.  You don’t create ethnic ghettos and you don’t dissuade your kids from forming relationships with other people outside your religion.  If that is a problem for you…..**** off somewhere else!’

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