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A Tourette’s Syndrome sufferer has had her symptoms ‘switched off’ in a revolutionary new procedure, where implants are inserted into her skull, and current passed through for a limited time.


A prior procedure which also removed the  jerks from which the patient suffered was also considered, but the decision to stop her working adjacent to the House of Commons was considered to be only a temporary measure!

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3 thoughts on “The ‘new’ NHS

  1. They tried that procedure on The Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, but Attorney General Holder proclaimed she be the “Jerkee”, not the “Jerker” therefore the procedure was Fast and Furious.

    Oh, that’s what the internal Justice Department memos concerned?

  2. Seriously though, what a welcome development for this lady. Tourette’s Syndrome is a nasty, nasty condition and now this lady will be able to enjoy this Christmas. It gives one a warm feeling.

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