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I read that up and coming young actor Jim Sturgess — who stars in the new informer movie 50 Dead Men Walking — has spoken about the “human side” of the IRA and how some of its members were “the nicest people” he’d ever met.

Here’s some of their work. Nice people.

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  1. This is out of the same school of thought as Adolf’s "Nobody Ever Thanks Me for the Volkswagon."

  2. This stupid two-bit B grade actor met the terrorists when they acted as ‘bodyguards’ during the filming in Belfast. One wonders how these film companies know the IRA men in order to give them employment…as to this Sturgess creep…he is a disgusting tosser who deserves some of the treatment that was meted out to others by his new found ‘nicest people’ he ever met.

  3. Imagine the outcry in mass media and by the republican community had some actor praised UDA members in the same manner. Once again the blood of those that the republican mongrels have shed is cheapened by some outsider who wasn’t even born at the height of the troubles. He would have no semblance of an idea of the atrocities committed by the organisation he humanises and only by the good grace of God was he born on the other side of the sea and not affected by the deeds of the republican animals who were continually supported and given sanctuary by the despotic irish government and people.

  4. I read McGartland’s autobiography and, assuming it were a reasonable depiction of the events, he is an extremely brave man who saved many people who would otherwise have been murdered.
    Check out the picture of Sturgess in the link: he really is a simpleton.

  5. Allan:

    I read the book and saw the film recently. Very well adapted I thought. Sometimes a movie adaptation can wonderful, despite what Salman Rushdie says. (Mind you I agree 100% on Lord of the Rings.) Anyhow, 50 Dead Men Walking prelims in Canada with McGartland being shot several times at point-blank range. You’d hardly believe he could survive that, but he did. He’s still alive—somewhere.

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