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The Messiah Obama is quick to tell us that Afghanistan is the focus of his putative plans  to defeat terrorism. So I wonder what his position is on the news that that a new arc of terror is taking shape in Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania – the five countries of the so-called Arab Maghreb in North Africa.

Having been whipped by US/UK/Iraqi forces, the Jihadi that infested Iraq have now legged it to the more congenial shores of North Africa – nicely poised on the other side of the Mediterranean.  So what do we do? Just sit back and wait for them to strike? Militant Islam is like a a hydra, cut off one head and another appears. It is NOT country specific and Obama’s delusion that Afghanistan/Pakistan is terror central is misguided in the extreme. Those who bombed London lived in England.  Hamburg provided a base for key 9/11 plotters.

This is a global war. By denying this we only fool ourselves. The Jihadi do not care where they reside, they only care about how they can find ways to kill us. 

We need to hunt them down and wipe them out wherever they locate.                                                                       

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  1. Are you suggesting we invade the Maghreb? Presumably not.

    You mention Obama – but has Mccain said anything on this phenomena?

    Its probably no coincidence that Jihadi mopvements tend to spring up in ares of despotic government where even peaceful opposition to the government is brutally suppressed (thats just an observation, not a justification btw, and i realise there are exceptions)

  2. Andy

    If AQ are trying to re-group in North Africa it is because they have been rounted in Iraq and as an early advocate of the surge McCain should be given credit for his judgement. His opponent was against the surge. If his advice had been followed where would Iraq stand today?

  3. Militant activity in these countries is nothing new. Algeria actually has a sordid history with such groups. With many flase flag operations carried out in order to ensure public support for servere ‘crackdowns’. The book by Phil Rees ‘Dining With Terrorists’ has a chapter on the matter. It makes for interesting reading, highly recomended. I feel we must take this ‘new’ development with a pinch of salt. The USA and many MSM likes to use the AQ as a brand name for alot of miliant groups in the Islamic world, but this isn’t always the case.

  4. Henry
    Not sure if I agree with your first sentence.
    Wahabbi sorts have been active in Algeria since the early 90s, with things particularly kicking off in the mid 90s.
    I know the article talks about a few gulf jihadis relocating but that doesnt seem a major trend.

    Essentially I disagree with the main tenet of the piece, that the setbacks (and hopefully eventual total defeat) of Jihadis in Iraq have caused more AQ acticity in the Maghreb. I say as Maghreb jihadi activity predates Iraq, and was only temporarily suppressed , it would have re-appeared regardless of events in Iraq.

  5. I agree with much of what Andy says, it appears to be a rebranding of existing terrorists as Al Qaeda.

    Besides which Al Qaeda have shown themselves to be losers in Iraq and if the North African terrorists want to emulate them by launching indiscriminate mass suicide bombings then they are ensuring their own eventual defeat.

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