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I HAVE no doubt that if government could foresee the effect of the interweb, it would have been strangled at birth. The Observer, Sunday mouthpiece of the liberal Establishment, is going broke. George Pitcher marks the happy occasion by making a prat of himself:

I worked for The Observer for five years and agree with my former editor, Donald Trelford, on Newsnight last night that our oldest Sunday newspaper should be saved for the nation.

But I’m struck with its similarities with Northern Rock. A fine old institution brought to its knees by mounting debts and a crashing market for its services. The banks, of course, have been bailed out because of the threat their collapse would present to our economy. But, as Donald observes from his perspective in the Balearic Islands (how fortunate for him – PM), the loss of The Observer would threaten our political economy, leaving Sunday newspaper commentary largely to the right-wing.

The answer seems obvious: Nationalise The Observer.

What a bizarre piece this is. “You’re not buying a Left Wing newspaper so the state should confiscate your wealth and save it – for the nation.”

Good grief, The Observer is suffering “a crashing market” for its services because so few people want to buy it. To be honest, I didn’t know anyone ever bought it. How is this supposed to threaten the political economy? Is this man in charge of economic policy at the treasury?

This news just in pal – the floodgates have opened and the Fifth Column Estate is no longer the custodian of the news. It’s not just the Observer that’s on its uppers, you’re all going to be extinct.

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12 thoughts on “The Observer is Dying? Good!

  1. The Observer is dying – Not good. It should not of course recieve a taxpayer bail out but it would be a sad day for the breadth of British journalism and written opinion if it folded. The success of all well written newspapers of left or right is a healthy thing.

  2. I like that paper, and have found some good articles in it.

    I’m almost never going to cheer when a newspaper dies.

    We’ll miss them when they’re gone… to be replaced by more insipid TV and a bunch of yapping and recycling on the internet.

  3. It’s always given me the impression of being the grauniad’s Sunday edition ever since they bought it out. I’m not entirely clear that turning it formally into the Sunday edition of its sister paper would represent any great change.

  4. Would agree with the other two here.
    Nationalisation is clearly ridiculous, but British journalism, and therefore the British Public will be worse off without the Observer.

    These are tough times for newspapers, not helped by the way the Observer was funded by the Scott trust – essentially a big sugar daddy meaning it never had to take tough commercial decisions.

  5. The Observer is filled with the same old schlep that fills the other government mouthpieces.

    That a former Observer journalist seriously suggests the state should run it on our shilling to shore up the Establishment view, and that this would benefit the political economy, is the Observer/Guardian mindset completely.

    The proles should eat only what they are given!

  6. State owned journalism is a very, very, very bad idea.

    Better that it die than for that to even be considered. Bad for journalism, in addition to being bad for the tax payer.

  7. Pete

    No-one here has suggested that it should,be state supported but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing for it to die.

  8. The Observer is filled with the same old schlep that fills the other government mouthpieces.

    Obviously you never read it Pete. But don’t let that stop you mouthing off posting on the subject. Ignorant views are just as worthy as informed ones, so long as they are Rightworld views.

    Where is DSD?

  9. It’s not only happening over here. A ‘Washington Post’ columnist was on the radio yesterday and put forward the idea that ALL newspapers that have online editions should charge a fee to readers for "specialist" news items.
    How on earth he thinks ‘subscribers’ could be policed to prevent them cutting & pasting that ‘specialist news’ round the web was not made clear.
    It’s a jungle out there, and some endangered species are going extinct.

  10. Gee, we’re still smarting about the reality that a fictional TV series is still fiction even if written by an approved expert, aren’t we Peter?

    Tell you what, when Mr ‘you nasty Rightworlders are too PERSONAL, boohoohoo’ can manage a single post without tarring everyone to the Left of Stalin with the ‘Rightworld’ tag, we’ll discuss who is and who isn’t ignorant.

    "State owned journalism is a very, very, very bad idea"

    Forgive me if I’m wrong Phantom, but I seem to remember you defending the BBC quite fiercely once upon a time? Might be confusing you with someone else though, just a vague recollection.

  11. I think that the BBC is the preeminent news organization in the world.

    Especially in these days when everyone else is cutting already lean operations, they don’t have any competition for the things that they do ( cover the news worldwide on broad radio, tv and internet plaforms )

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