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As I have frequently stated, the UK really is IMMIGRANT central. That’s just the unvarnished truth and here comes more news on the issue… 

“Figures released by the European Commission showed that 566,000 migrants arrived in Britain in 2011 alone, the latest available statistic. It is the highest number in Europe and represents almost 20 per cent of migration from outside and inside the European Union.

Got that? One in five come here, and it’s not for the climate! Then comes the comedy piece…

Ministers have measures in place to radically cut non-European migration. But  EU rules ban Britain from shutting out those from elsewhere in Europe.

So, we either accept the fact that we are the magnet for EU migration OR we leave the EU. And NO major political party wants to leave the blessed EU.


Nearly 120,000 Romanians and Bulgarians have already moved to Britain despite not yet being allowed to work freely in this country, official figures showed yesterday. The data from the 2011 census showed that migration to Britain – at a rate equivalent to 30,000 a year – began as soon as the two countries joined the EU. The disclosure is fresh evidence that a major movement of Romanian and Bulgarian citizens is likely when restrictions are lifted at the end of the year.

This is the most radical demographic transformation of our country EVER.  It is without precedent. So, enjoy your future as an eastern European magnet with lots of third world Islam thrown in.

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