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Apart from the notice about my little dinner for my anniversary, I haven’t been doing much computering, or blogging, or anything truly technical, as I have been laying a new wooden floor in my expanded living room.

Aided and abetted by my elder brother, who trained as a ‘chippy’ many years ago, we have got some 55% of the work done, as I am installing underfloor heating at the same time. 

 saw%202.jpgSpecifically for the job, I purchased a ‘mitre bench saw’ from my local DIY shoppe, but had to exchange it three times! Reason being that it was supposed to be set up to cut at 90 degrees, but when my bro’ tested the cut, it was one degree off centre cutting. It’s all my fault of course, because the label hidden underneath the box stated "Made in China"! Still cuts off true, but we set the swivel to compensate.

It is at times like these, when I ease my aching knees for the thirtieth time, when the words echo forth:-


If you can’t take a joke, you shouldn’t have joined!! 


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10 thoughts on “the pain, and the sorrow!

  1. My better half would commiserate with you and your poor knees. He laid all of our wood floors downstairs himself. The bedroom is next!

  2. Mike: David told me you agreed to work for free on all ATW posters homes. I have a kitchen in need of some renovation.

  3. Kudos, Mike, you have my admiration and envy.

    I got two Poles to do mine; they worked so well that in the end I got them to lay floors in the entire house. True, they were very slow, and we had to put them up for several weeks, but they brought a lot of fun, and an awful lot of vodka, into the place.

  4. Now that’s a funny thing.
    I have noticed quite a few things around my house lately that have the ‘Made in China’ label. They never seem to work quite right, certainly never seem to last very long. Have determined to look at the ‘Made in’ label next time I buy anything at all in the future, the problem is, will I have a choice in the future.

  5. You will Mr. Gough, but you’l have to pay twice as much. It will be worth every penny you spend though.

    Noel, are Poles over there like Mexicans over here?

  6. Ernest – LOL – you’re so are bad!!! Honestly though it’s true for the Mexican labor, they go on the side of the house….even when you’ve hired a port-a-pot or invite them in.

    Our last house remodel ($20,000.00) project this Spring, we insisted on American legal labor only and the quotes were on average a 1/4 to 1/3 higher. We paid it and weren’t sorry. The job was done well and quicker than our past experience. Plus, if you have a principle you ought to live by it.

    *No pee stains on the house either this time.

  7. The Poles who worked on my house were awesome. They even hauled my garbage out, and pretended not to look at any of my stuff. They must have thought I looked feeble…or scary. (Not sure which). I bought them vodka but they refused to partake. Much better educated than the Mexicans, and better workmanship overall. (cleaner – didn’t leave piles of rubbish after lunch, etc.)

    My better-half hid himself in another room and cleverly did not emerge until the job was done. Claims he does enough just paying for it.

  8. Oohhhhhh. Heated floors… My cold feet are just dreaming of that. I hand it to you for doing the job yourself. Troll is not handy (in the sense of house repair!).

    I have been trying to stay away from Made in China myself recently. It is definitely worth the extra bucks.

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