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I was doing the Paper Reviews on the BBC last night. Hosted by Stephen Nolan, It’s quite a fun experience but it does mean a late night. It was on BBC 5 live. This is what happens.

I arrive and am ushered into an empty studio. I am then given the Sunday newspaper headlines and have an hour to study them. Then, at 11pm, I go live and spent about an hour on the line going through stories and putting my angle on them. I was on with a chap called David Banks (former editor of the Daily Mirror). David is a leftist, I am not, so we had some lively but well intentioned debate. We disagreed on the NHS, on Islam, on the House of Commons, on the EU, on UKIP and on Labour!

It finished at midnight and I had a peaceful drive home.

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2 thoughts on “THE PAPER REVIEWS…

  1. //It finished at midnight and I had a peaceful drive home.//

    So I hope the two Davids at least agreed that the peace process has worked very well.

    I often hear people discuss the morning papers on radio. I always enjoy it; I am sure all of us here envy you getting the opportunity to do this.

  2. I caught a bit of the row. Well it was a row when I put the wireless onto 5Live, and most entertaining too.

    David Banks seems a decent sort personally, but he’s a real old Leftist nevertheless.

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