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David Cameron is such a natural patrician, detached from reality;

David Cameron is planning to stem the tide of child yobbery blighting Britain – by giving families £100 vouchers for parenting classesMothers and fathers will be able to collect the free vouchers at some branches of Boots from tomorrow, entitling them to up to ten two-hour sessions on how to bring up their children. The Prime Minister hopes the scheme will combat the breakdown in family discipline blamed for last year’s riots – and that using a High Street store to distribute the vouchers will end the stigma attached to parenting lessons.

£100 vouchers for parenting classes? I wonder how my parents and indeed my wife and myself managed to bring up children without ANY help from the State? The idea that THE STATE will instruct people how to be parents is revolting. The problem we have is that as the institutions of marriage and religion

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  1. The truth – as ever, is that crime, and indolence really do pay!

    Our politicians are so used to it that they fail to recognise bribery when they see it, – of course, the gelt is usually passing ‘to them’, rather than vice versa.

    Meanwhile, savers, who are usually pensioners, are being totally ripped off of any savings they may have left. I have neighbours, who after all the juggling of the recent budget, are as much as ten pounds a week worse off than previously. For couples on a low pension this is a significant cut.

    As I have said before, todays pensioners earned and saved in shillings, – now they have to spend in pounds, – not just in single pounds, but in the tens and hundreds of pounds. Problem is, when their – by todays standards,- meagre savings are gone they have no means of replacing them, resulting in a further burden on the State.

    And still this patheticly delusional excuse for an excutive continues to spin the inexactitudes, – I suspect more in the hope of convincing himself than the electorate.

    How appropriate that when the public does have a free vote, they vote for a dog! – and yes! – a dog that seems appreciably more intelligent and hardworking than those in Westminster…

  2. First thing that will happen with these vouchers. Feckless but opportunistic parents will take them and try and sell them on. If the government wants to give parents classes then why not just invite parents to attend, why this nonsense about financial vouchers handed over in shops ?

  3. David,

    ” I wonder how my parents and indeed my wife and myself managed to bring up children without ANY help from the State”

    Glad you could. But dare I say that those were different times? I wouldn’t like to be a parent today. If one isn’t careful, one’s kids can turn into lard-buckets who are sexually active at 10 and spend their day watching online porn.

    And that’s just the girls 🙂

    Only today my service provider tells me that I can obtain a blanket opt out of all porn sites. This is due in part to a government initiative:

    Claire Perry, the Tory MP for Devizes, who led an independent parliamentary inquiry into online child protection, has warned that the failure to clean up the internet at source means that young children making innocent searches are being confronted with explicit pornography. According to ChildWise, the specialist researcher, 41% of children aged 7 to 10 have internet access in their bedrooms, up from 9% in 2004.

    Perry is demanding that providers block all porn at source, unless the subscriber formally requests it. Don’t know if this will happen….

    In the meantime the Boots vouchers scheme strikes me as being not without merit. Perhaps you have a better alternative?

  4. ‘dare I say that those were different times’

    Of course you may, but do please complete the sentence- “dare I say that those were different – and far better, – times”

    The likes of Noel and Colm are forever bleating about us seniors telling them that times were much better ‘in the good old days!’, – usually accompanied with some derogatory remark re memory loss. They both remind me of the young stud who has his first sexual encounter, and then thinks he invented it and knows all about it, and just can’t stop talking about it…

  5. p.s. Yes I did say ‘better’, – which is not quite the same as ‘easier’…

  6. Ernest,

    As is always the case, those were different times. In some ways better, in others not.

    For instance, kids are savvier these days. They don’t slavishly take what their parents tell them as gospel. I approve of that.

  7. Richard,

    ‘Savvier’? – they certainly have more information available, whether they are capable of using it for their best advantage is another matter.

    Open eyes are one thing, an open mind is another, and the former does not ensure the latter. How else are they to learn, if not from their parents and elders?

    As we see here on ATW, a ‘questioning’ mind soons becomes a querulous one, a trick most juveniles will quickly learn to dodge real effort.

    Perhaps the rebellious element you seem to think is so wonderful, is one reason for the feral behaviour we see so much of. I would question whether a child is even capable of sensibly questioning what they are told, and then making what may well be a lifechanging decision. I gather your approval is principally of their rejection of anything remotely religious or spiritual, something many parents seem to have given up on decades ago.

    That they disobey their parents is hardly a matter for your approval, how else are they to learn social behaviour, as averse to the ‘anti social’ kind, do you really see a fragmented, virtually uncontrollable society as an ideal?

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