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The headlines screamed out: 31 dead, women and children floating, drowned in the Channel. The BBC Today programme spokesmen spoke in saddened terms and voices: How could the UK Government let this happen? Again and again they push on the themes of ‘They want to come here; why not just let them?’

A Good 80 percent of all those crossing the Channel are single men of fighting age. And all, all are Muslim.

As  we saw at the Fishmongers hall, it only takes one Muslim with murder in his heart to cause death to innocents, before meeting the death he presumably wished under the guns of our policemen, and so far this year we have taken in over 30,000; all unvetted, all passed through, given cash, clothes and hotel accommodation, as well as the 25,000 from the sewage pit formerly known as Afghanistan

We have the power to turn those rubber dinghies around, and force them back across the Channel, but with the limp wrists in charge of the Border force and the Home Office, as long as we hold to the bloody Human /Rights garbage imported from Brussels, the lawyers and the judges will refuse to give way, and prevent the British people’s wish to send them back whence they come.

The French won’t move, despite the British cash paid to help stop this flood of fifth-columnists.

The Australians had the right idea, sending their pestilence to a remote island shithole, until they ask to be sent back home: why don’t we do the same?

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