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No. not ATW’s much valued stalwart but the IT consultant taken prisoner by Iraqis and now released. Turns out that Iran was behind the kidnapping and that Moore and his colleagues were moved to Iran within a day or two of being taken prisoner. It seems that the UK government has been involved in behind the scenes efforts to swap prisoners to get Mr Moore released.  Just one more murky tale and proof, if proof be needed, that IRAN is the nexus of the axis of evil in this region. Why does our inept Government seek to deny this obvious fact?

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  1. Well done to The Guardian for this story, which comes after a one year investigation. Among the facts uncovered:

    "• Moore was targeted because he was installing a system that would show how a vast amount of international aid was diverted to Iran’s militia groups in Iraq.

    • The bodyguards’ bodies were eventually traded for the release of Iraqi prisoners.

    • They had probably been dead for at least 18 months before three of their bodies were handed over this year."

    I so hope that if and when Israel bombs the Iranian nuclear weapons facilities, it saves some of its high explosive for Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. It couldn’t happen to more deserving people.

  2. Will Gordon Brown and David Miliband now act against the Islamic Republic of Iran, which has proved itself to be the enemy of the British people?

    Has the Labour government any conception of what Israel is up against, in the form of the hostility from the Iranian regime? Whose side is the UK government on?

    And as a litmus test of Labour’s dhimmitude towards Ahmadinejad, Brown still allows the Islamic Republic to broadcast its propaganda against the British people from the London HQ of ‘Press TV’, the regime’s 24/7 TV satellite channel (on Sky satellite). CLOSE IT DOWN TODAY.

  3. Will Gordon Brown and David Miliband now act against the Islamic Republic of Iran

    They can’t afford to, and nothing will work anyhow due to Russia.

    Why does our inept Government seek to deny this obvious fact?

    And if they admit the fact what can they do? Did anyone see the O’Reilly factor last night interviewing Palin on what she would do about Iran. OMG how inept. She nearly knows whats going on around the world.

  4. What can they (Milliband et al) do? Quite simple. They can work behind the scenes to give the Israelis everything that they would need to ensure successful missions against Iran’s nuclear facilities. Perhaps the penny hasn’t yet dropped for Miliband and the Brown regime, but the Iranian theocracy is evil. But then again, Miliband is evil an dIran may be viewed as a potential ally.

  5. So this release comes about because the leader of these terrorists is released … because they want to stand in the next elections.

    That was all worth it, eh?

    As for the Iranians, Blair and Bush are very much culpable for nothing being done to deter them. From 2003 we knew that Iran was supplying arms and IEDs that were killing our troops and Iraqis. Nothing was done.

    Even when Iran acted with impunity, ignored the border, meddled in Iraq’s civil and political life, killed more and more and kidnapped Royal Navy patrols, not a thing was done.

    Now we have the Iranian-backed murderers of four Britons going free because they need to be out campaigning in elections.

    Maybe Marty can show’em how it’s done.

  6. As it happens I worked in the Insurance Industry the 90’s for an organisation that wrote (amongst other things) KR policies. I recall a security consultant an ex US Marines Captain telling us that in the case of a victim being released apparently without any ransom being paid. Well he said that in his years of experience that NEVER happens. Always, always but always someone somewhere got a payoff of some kind or other.

    So I looked for ‘the weenie’ and found it on the Times website last night. Some bloke probably called Muhammed or Mohammed or Bert Smith (nah!) , a prisoner got sprung by the US. Put 2 and 2 together. So no surprises here.

    Move along this is not the Millibrain bull plop story that your looking for.

  7. G.

    I’m not as pessimistic as you about a UK government’s unwillingness to act against the Iranian regime.

    You dismiss the possibilities in a single line:

    "They can’t afford to, and nothing will work anyhow due to Russia."

    I’m assuming that the UK is still allied to the USA, and that we will not be inevitably dictated to by the Iranian regime, possibly backed by Russia.

    It has to do with political choices and political will.

  8. I’d be very interested to hear what the atw commentariat thinks the US and UK can realistically do about Iran.

    I don’t think military action is feasible considering the two wars we’re currently tackling in the region and Russia has given us the middle finger on backing sanctions and embargoes that would have some teeth.

    Political will is all fine and good, but if we don’t have resources in men or money to fight and Russia is still willing to sell them petroleum, what can we do?

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