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As a speedy follow-on to Pat’s post about Google, a further Fox video which goes a little deeper.



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11 thoughts on “The Plot Thickens

  1. Yay, more Fox News propaganda videos. Are people unable to think for themselves and construct an argument anymore?

  2. If I was able to do all the production issues, I might push my own channel, but since Fox is both truthful and professional, in my own opinion: I prefer to leave the legwork to the people at fox.

  3. Unable to think for yourself, and have to let someone else do the legwork (or brain work in this case)?

  4. There is no ‘plot thickening’. There’s not even a story for the plot to thicken. The ‘story’ can be described in one sentence:

    Trump didn’t like the idea that social media platform private business concerns had standards and regulations meaning people couldn’t say anything they considered offensive and now every time someone reports content that they consider is breaking house rules Fox News is trying to create a ‘freedom of speech’ non-story out of it.

    That’s all the ‘story’ is.

    Here’s a non sensational, concise report of the story:

    Google kicked ZeroHedge off its ad platform, put The Federalist on notice for racist protest content

  5. There is nothing as funny as watching someone double down on another person’s error.

  6. How are they stopped from broadcasting their opinions? not at all, they are just stopped from using some one elses platform

    Imagine if the democrats showed up to the republicans convention and demanded the right to speak on the dais

  7. facebook are giving customers/users 1) the option to “not see” political ads
    and 2) actively promoting voting . that’s fair and balanced
    seems like alot of folks are whining because the Putinbots on twitter and google are finding out there is an opposition . too bad you had your way in 2016, now you got some push-back
    cue: wailing and gnashing of teeth
    oh bye the way that is the new normal for right-wing and will be the MO from now till polling day’ : we woz robbed, its so unfair . weeping and gnashing of teeth.. but no-one outside your bubble believes these crocodile tears . you damned well didn’t give a monkeys when russia and wiki-leaks came out to bat for Trump ..

  8. mahons is all this blather a ploy to downplay the news about Bolton
    hope you can do a post next few days !

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