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President Biden just addressed the collapse of Afghanistan. It was the best speech he has given since taking office.

The situation is not pretty and he didn’t try to paint it as such. It was a good blunt speech about what the reality is. He addressed no issues so one can not pick holes, or believe me I would.

Afghanistan is only Afghanistan to outsiders. The people who occupy and have occupied that region for all time are tribal. No matter the temptations of the modern world, wealth, political power, none of it tempts them to change who they are and who they intend to forever be.

They have been conquered by every super power back to Genghis Kahn and dozens others since. Each time they fight and bleed the outsiders for decades if necessary, but in the end the Invaders leave and the region returns to it’s cave dwelling tribesman.

The Cycle has not changed in 1000s of years, it is not going to now.

The President of The United States.

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8 thoughts on “The President Just Spoke

  1. What was the point of the US invading Afghanistan? It cost Trillions of dollars and more lives lost than the 911 terrorist attack. Young Americans rather than banker types.

    Afghanistan will help Al-Q rebuild and they will target the US domestically. Targeting the US will give them a lot more bang for their buck PR wise. The mistake you are making Patrick is that these terrorists will now leave the US alone. They will redouble their efforts to attack ‘the great Satan’.

    This can all be traced back to the first US invasion of Iraq for Oil reasons. The mistake they made was not realising all Islamic countries are connected in certain minds.

    Will the US give another knee Jerk reaction costing even more young American lives and Trillions of dollars when terrorists next attack domestically or will it learn to swallow its pride. Thems the two choices.

  2. the US never invaded Iraq for “Oil Reasons” that’s a faery tale long dismissed. We invaded Afghanistan because that is where Bin Laden launched his attack from, but we should have left after 2 years.

    ANY country that hosts Terrorists are the enemy that contrary to your bigoted view is not all Islamic Countries…. or just Islamic countries.

    1. What! Why do you think that. It was from within Saudi Arabia that the terrorists were funded. Remember when the US invaded Saudi Arabia… no, me neither.

  3. Why do I think that…. lets see we got no Iraqi Oil that’s the first thing…. The War on Terror which is still an active resolution in the US was on all states that HOST terrorist organizations and 3 as you know I advocated for the bombing of the Saudis… I still do.

  4. When did the US first attack Iraq? What terrorists was senior chasing? Snr invaded Iraq because Kuwait, a tiny oil rich nation was invaded by Iraq.

    Are you honestly naive enough to think that wasn’t to do with oil?

  5. They invaded Kuwait… or did you forget… and please smcgiff layout the trail of the US seizing, controlling, or benefitting from Iraqi oil. I’ll wait… the devil will be buying ice skate’s before you can cause it just never happened, but please lay out anything you consider proves your assortation.
    The Saudis have always been a problem. As of 2 years ago they were no longer needed by the US. Since his first day in office Biden reversed that.
    I can only speak for myself, and have said for two decades that Saudi should be bombed and Mecca should be the bullseye.

  6. But let’s move into this decade and this President.
    In my view Biden has a level of dementia, and wasn’t bright before hand, he has been on the wrong side of every issue his entire 50yr career. I believe the vote was rigged and that there is no way in hell that Joe got more votes than anyone in history even more black votes than Barack Obama. Sorry that’s bull, but he is the President and I acknowledge and accept him as the Legitimate President. I also believe criminal corruption charges could and should be brought against him and his entire family and the fact that they have not been is the real disgrace of Biden…. That being said.
    Everyone has pounded on the President for this speech, I think it is the only genuine speech he has given in decades and his hardest. I think he did a good job. What was said was not pleasing to anyone, but it is a factual speech on how the current situation is, and he gets a gold star from me for it.

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