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Well then, I see that the Chinese have executed “cor blimey” Brit Akmal Shaikh. He was convicted of smuggling 4kg of heroin in North-West China. The liberal media have taken up his cause (An innocent Muslim boy) making all kinds of excuses for him. When one considers the misery that Heroin brings, I think that the sentence is right, Here, in the UK, in this civilised land, we admire junkies like Kate Moss and Amy Winehouse. So who are we to criticise the Chinese?

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73 thoughts on “THE PRICE OF DRUG DEALING…

  1. I thought you guys were only in favour of the death penalty for murder.

    Now drug dealers are to get the chop as well, are there any other crimes that you consider should lead to execution?

  2. Its a risk he took. It’s a deterrent to anyone else that if they come to China with drugs this is their fate. I certainly don’t agree with them doing it, I’m not sure if his mental illness was of the sort that would prevent him from knowing right from wrong, but if you break a law in another country then you are subject to their punishments, they can’t have one law for outsiders and one for their own citizens which would be much more harsh.

  3. Peter,

    Padeophilles and serial rapists should also be executed – (single rapes should mean natural life in prison).

    Unfortunately we have governments in the UK who are spinless profiteering scum.

    William Blacker

  4. When you enter countries like that, you know the risk you take if you choose to traffic in drugs. They make it quite clear.

    I’m not sure that I’d call this guy a Brit,and I’m not sure I’d call him a victim either.

    The Chinese take such things even more seriously than westerners do. They fought wars with the UK over drugs in the 19th Century – which Britain won, and after which they forced the Chinese to allow a trade in opium. This is the very recent past to the Chinese, and they’re just not going to cut any slack to a western adventurer who decides to traffic in drugs in China.

  5. I would think the parents and families of young people dying of drug addiction are fully in favour of ridding the world of at least one drug dealer. Personally I can’t understand the outpouring of sympathy in this case.

  6. Oh right, yet another "Briton", just like Binyan "my old man’s a dustman" Mohammed from Ethiopia.

    Sheikh Akhmal was not British, the Chinese did not execute a Briton. He’s Pakistani, born in Pakistan and raised in Pakistan. He spent most of his life outside of Britain.

    It’s only when he’s up it without one that we’re supposed to believe he loves nothing better than a jolly old knees up around the Joanna, pint in hand while his aunt Enid tinkles the ivories. Do me a favour.

    Oh, we’re also supposed to believe this is the first execution of an "EU national" in fifty years.

    A what?!

    What on God’s earth is an "EU national"? Don’t anyone go telling me I’m an "EU national". Maybe the useless MSM, when it’s not repeating the language of its political masters, might like to tell us how there came to be "EU nationals" fifty years ago.

  7. Oh right, yet another "Briton", just like Binyan "my old man’s a dustman" Mohammed from Ethiopia.

    Pete, I get the impression now that being British means being black. Lots of evidence in the media to back that up, was this part of Gordons Britishness campaign?

  8. Shame on Gordon Brown for complaining about this. The Chinese did the right thing.

    This guy was dealing in death and things did not work out for him. Tough.

  9. If he was a lawful British citizen and a permanent resident here then he is British . It is disgraceful that the Chinese executed him. He should have been released and returned home to Britain to his family.

  10. Could I add to the list the Death penalty for Treason, Hijacking an commercial vessel, Causing serious Actual Bodily Harm (eg victim unlikey to revover under 18 months) for example during a Robbery. And perhaps use of a defined weapon during commission of a felony – That would be a knife, boxcutter, firearm etc.

    Eg Munir Hussains knife weilding house burglars …I’d have em dangling quicksmart!
    I’d even volunteer to perform it.

  11. I support the death penalty only for murder and only where there is absolutely no doubt of the guilt of the accused. The fact that the Chinese executed sombody for drug-trafficking is between the Chinese and the accused although I doubt that the Chinese judiciary would have gone to the bother of determining the absolute guilt of the accused or indeed whether there were any real factors in mitigation. Why doesn’t Clive Stafford-Smith get himself over there and annoy the Chinese?
    As for the accused being a ‘Briton’, don’t make me chunder. The guy and his family are pakistani and always will be. They can be no more British than I can be Pakistani.

  12. There does’nt seem to be too much of a leap between this and Sharia barring that the methods used here are slightly less babaric.

  13. It’s only when he’s up it without one that we’re supposed to believe he loves nothing better than a jolly old knees up around the Joanna, pint in hand while his aunt Enid tinkles the ivories.

    Is that your test of Britishness? So if you are not a stereotypical Cockney, then you aren’t British? What about people who do Morris dancing – perhaps you might like to include them?
    Your comparison with Binyamin Mohammed is spurious – as you well know – as there was some doubt about his immigration status. There was no doubt about the status of Akmal Shaikh.
    You seem to lack an understanding of what constitutes being British. He may have been born in Pakistan but he changed his nationality and was, therefore, British at the time of his execution. It may come as a great shock to you but outside of middle England, a lot of people change their nationality. Indeed quite a few have gone on to represent this country at a range of sporting and other activities. And rather than other people doing you a favour, you could do yourself one and try reading some newspapers every now and again – you might find it helps you make sense of the real world.

    As for your other comment, since the Treaty of Rome was signed in 1957, therefore there has been 50 years of the European Union – as it is the direct descendant of the body that came into being with that treaty. Not really all that hard to work out now is it?

    It comes as no surprise that those posters from the US should support the death penalty. The US finds itself in the company of (in order) China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and North Korea for states that kill the highest numbers of their own citizens. In fact you could show those Pakistanis, Iraqis and Afghans a thing or two in how to do it – laggards that they are they are pretty far behind the US.
    So that is good list to be on – nice company to be in.

  14. No sympathy from me but that’s what a real war on drugs means. We can go that road or legalize. But we now have the worst of all worlds. We have all the downside of a black-market and sanctions that do not deter in any way. That’s why parts of our cities are being abandoned to the gangs. Either a serious crackdown or complete decriminalization would be an improvement.

  15. When you are in Rome, you do as the Romans do.

    This is how Chinese ( and Vietnamese, Malaysians and Singaporeans, etc) deal with drug dealers

  16. So if that principle is applied to say Yemen or Somalia Phantom it’s okay to murder a woman because she’s unfaithful?

  17. Dealing in the drugs of death is a vastly greater " offense "

    Heroin is death.

    No possible comparison

  18. I was referring to the doctrine

    "When you are in Rome, you do as the Romans do"

    Which, judging by your response, is not a one size fits all universal concept?

  19. It is pretty much a universal concept – to respect the culture of the country you are a guest in.Or at a minimum to be aware of it for your own protection.

    It doesn’t mean at all that you approve of those customs . You just have to be aware of where you are.

  20. "that being British means being black. Lots of evidence in the media"

    G, funny you should mention that. I saw a commercial not long ago where reps of different countries were shown, and when Britian came up, you guessed it, black, dred locks and all! Now i’m sure this guy was British, but not quite representitive?

  21. stoned –

    Sorry old son, you’re wrong.

    A Pakistani, born in Pakistan of Pakistani stock cannot ever be British no matter how free and easy the State is with the chits.

    It doesn’t matter how long he lived here or how many passports he was given – he was of Pakistan, not of Britain.

  22. "I don’t respect the Sharia concept of murdering those whose dating habits you disapprove of, but still – when you are the backward corners of the earth, you may not want to sleep around"

    Neither do I but I notice that your comment has a qualification which demonstrates perfectly the subjectiveness of morality.

    You and I both find the concept of a woman being stoned to death by her peers because she was gang raped as being unbeliveably unjust not to mention unfathomably cruel. Someone from Saudi Arabia may see the west as being immorally corrupt and debauched while we see it as enlitened.

    What I’m saying, in abstract terms, is that while you may respect the laws in the country you are in the concept "do as the Romans do" isn’t always appropriate.

    Heroin use can result in death, I still don’t think that it deserves the death sentence. What next? International arms dealers?

  23. Heroin use can result in death, I still don’t think that it deserves the death sentence

    Does it deserve a good ol’ knee-capping, in your opinion Paul?

  24. Paul

    I edited that comment out – because here, I now think that when looking on the " when in Rome " comment you only need to look at it as respects self protection.

    This guy completely disregarded all the moral norms of his host country. He did something that is wrong by any moral standard. He basically executed himself.

    If you don’t merit the death sentence for trading in heroin, I don’t know what crime would merit it. To me, what he did was a lot worse than say killing just one person. Heroin kills many. A heroin dealer is a kind of mass murderer.

  25. Sorry old son, you’re wrong.

    Well maybe in your world where you get to make the rules, I am wrong. Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth I think you will find that I am right. The state has accepted that this man was a member of that state and that is what matters.
    Add the nationality acts to your ever-growing reading list. It is amazing what you can find out when you hunt those elusive – what are they called? Oh yes – facts.

  26. Phantom

    A Heroin dealer is not a mass murderer, any more than the shopkeeper who sells alcohol is. That both products can and do kill is undeniable, but it is the customer who has made the choice. I am not of course defending heroin dealing just the concept of self responsibility.

  27. To me, what he did was a lot worse than say killing just one person. Heroin kills many. A heroin dealer is a kind of mass murderer.

    Your thinking would appear to be: heroin can kill people. This person possessed heroin. Therefore this person is a killer.
    So the owner of gunshop who sells a gun that is used to kill someone in a robbery – or let’s say kill several people in a robbery – is he as guilty of the crime as the person who pulled the trigger? Surely by this logic he should be as culpable and therefore suffer the same punishment – which in North Korea, China, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran and … the United States … could very well be the death penalty.
    I think there is a flaw in your argument.

  28. G,

    "Its a risk he took"


    "I’m not sure if his mental illness was of the sort that would prevent him from knowing right from wrong"

    Neither were the Chinese and they didn’t bother to find out.

    "but if you break a law in another country then you are subject to their punishments."

    Being mentally ill would be a defence even in China.

    Also as I understand it his crime was being in possession of the stuff, it’s not clear that he knew it. Of course, carrying a suitcase for someone else as he claimed would still have been stupid, but being stupid should not be a capital crime. If it were then some of the commenters above might find themselves strapped to a gurney while the authorities tried to find a vein.

  29. I don’t think that any crime merits the death sentence, natural life in prison in extremely harsh conditions certainly but not death.

    "A heroin dealer is a kind of mass murderer"

    I’d wager that arms dealers kill even more.

    I’m always amazed at those who profess to be God fearing Christians, [this isn’t directed at you Phantom], always seem to be the most blood thirsty. The comments of Troll, William Blacker etc above could easilly be those of a paramilitary punishment squad commander.

  30. Colm

    Alcohol as used properly, is a healthful product, very much part of a good and balanced life.


    Some of the arms sold can be used in movements of genuine national liberation or for genuine defense.

    Zero of the heroin that goes into the veins of a junkie will be beneficial to him.

  31. Phantom

    Yes of course I know that, but it is still a poison. That is how it affects the body. Even the slightest bit of ‘giddy merriment’ caused after a couple of glasses of wine is because of the traumatic effect it is having on the nervous system . That it’s a poison (and a pleasure) is a fact and it kills a lot more people every year than heroin. Heroin is a lot more potent of course and the selfish immorality of heroin sellers is self evident but they are not murderers. Individuals choose to booze and take drugs. Where there is a demand there will always be a supply.

  32. ‘Some’ being the operative word Phantom, I’d still bet that arms dealers kill more people than heroin dealers.

  33. All the bleeding hart liberals can moan and bleat as much has they like. But this man took the risk and lost.

  34. If the Chinese had relented and commuted his sentence to life in an oriental chokey, he’d be banging on his cell door after six months and asking for the death penalty!
    As it is, he got the softer option.

  35. I don’t think drug smuggling should carry the death penalty, but if you choose to smuggle drugs into a country where they execute dealers then it is hardly a great outrage when they implement their laws.

  36. All this making of excuses makes me sick. The man was a drug trafficker. He found his way to China (wasn’t too ill to be able to do that). He must have at some time looked in his case since it was so heavy! He was Pakistani no matter how ‘Stoned’ tries to argue. Drug trafficking in China is punishable by death. As for the argument re the gunshop owner, shall we also apply it to the car salesman? After all, cars kill people too.

    The fact that this case has made the top of the news shows how brainwashed the MSM is. The death of another of our soldiers in Afghanistan should have been the headline, together with the (yet another) sad procession through Compton Bassett. Let’s get our priorities right.

  37. He was Pakistani no matter how ‘Stoned’ tries to argue.
    What is this bizarre, detached world in which you and Pete Moore live? He was a British citizen. He had a British passport. Which part of that logic do you find difficult to grasp?
    Are you saying that people who are not born in this country cannot be citizens? If so then there are a raft of nationality acts (and many thousands of people) that say otherwise. People change their nationality all the time – it really is not that difficult a concept to get your head round. Try it.
    As for your news agenda, I guess you don’t work in the media.

    As for the argument re the gunshop owner, shall we also apply it to the car salesman? After all, cars kill people too.
    Now you’ve got it. Ridiculous heh?

  38. Thanks Colm…call it the mid-winter blues. That, and the feeling of ‘impotency’ the internet tends to engender after a while.

  39. Those who argue that people born in other countries – particularly if they are not white – can never be British are usually exactly the same people who accuse immigrants of not assmimilating and becoming British. Heads they lose Tails they lose.


    Keep it up mate. Don’t let the Internet turn you ‘floppy’.

  40. Bernard,

    Good to see you back. I know the feeling you mentioned, I think we all suffer from it at some time or another. The answer is to see your writing more as a personal therapy, than as an attempt to inform or persaude those who might read your comments. I doubt if there ever was a reader of a comment who had his or her pov altered by anything written on a blog. However, sometimes it is nice to know that we are not alone and that not everyone is a rampant socialist! 🙂 Happy New Year to you!

  41. stoned –

    Are you saying that people who are not born in this country cannot be citizens?

    You do the reading, I’ll do the saying, and that is, this man was born in Pakistan of Pakistani stock and therefore was always Pakistani.

    Foreigners can become British – if they are of British stock. You see, old son, God chooses who wins the lottery in life, not a bureaucrat. That’s the way it is.

  42. You see, old son, God chooses who wins the lottery
    Oh I see now. You have a tangential relationship with reality.

    I sometimes wonder, when I meet other people like you, if you really believe it, or just feel you have to say it because, I don’t know, you think it makes you sound clever. It is a bit like those people who write comments on the Daily Mail website.
    Do you drink a lot of real ale by any chance?

  43. Pete

    You do talk some utter crap sometimes . Either that, or you have your tongue permanently lodged in your cheek.

  44. Frank ha more or less said it for me.

    I don’t support the death penalty anyway but this stinks more than most. It reminds me of Clinton having that mentally subnormal prisoner executed so that he would look tough on law and order. (notwithstanding the difference between mentally subnormal and mentally ill).

    I do not consider the world a better place for this action.

  45. Thanks for the salutations Ernesto/David; I’m not ill… just waiting for the Brits grow a decent pair of you know what, and to prove they’ve had enough of being bullied, humiliated, made a laughing stock and cheated blind.
    2010 could never be as bad as it’s been.

  46. "2010 could never be as bad as it’s been."

    Umm, you might want to edit that sentence Bernard. It make no sense man !

  47. stoned Colm –

    Oh excuse me, I don’t read the Guardian.

    No, it is not possible to arrive from Upper Bongo Land and become British because a bureaucrat says you are British. One is British only by the grace of God and genes.

    Feel free to debate otherwise, but feel free therefore to argue then that naturalised foreigners be required to discard their foreign trappings when they become British. No more mela, no more Notting Hill carnival, no more islam, not more anything foreign. Fair’s fair, yes?

  48. Yes but the residents of upper Bongoland have the full benefit of Upper Bongolese culture, which can never be taken from them

  49. No Pete.

    Being British does not mean abandoning the traditions of your parents homeland. It does mean feeling a sense of belonging and real affinity with the new country you are living in and wish to spend your life in, but this is not incompatible with following a non-Christian faith , or none at all, nor enjoying foreign food, traditions and languages. People don’t have to be one dimensional to be able to be a citizen and have a sense of real belonging to a place and to be considered a full part of it. You really do have a cartoon knees up Mother Brown attitude to Britishness don’t you. The binge drinking welfare addict with 5 kids passes your British ‘grace of God’ test just coz she speaks proper cockney , yet the decent law abiding hard working couple who were born in Turkey who made their home here 40 years ago and have lived good productive lives admiring and wanting to be British will always fail because they don’t eat jellied eels and weren’t born within the sound of Bow Bells .

  50. Colm,

    Oh yes it does!…

    ‘2010 could never be as bad as it’s been’ — in 2009

    You gotta go with the flow of the chat!….

  51. Colm –

    yet the decent law abiding hard working couple who were born in Turkey who made their home here 40 years ago and have lived good productive lives … blah blah

    Yeah, fine, they pobably remember what life is like in that khazi. Their children don’t and have been brought up by the state to revere their Turk heritage – because they are culturally "Turkish" according the the State.

    And so Turkish gangs control Stoke Newington after dark even though most of them were born here. How very British, and it all began because some people thought anyone could become British. No, they cannot.

  52. Pete

    Yes they can – unless you can prove that EVERY Turkish born person is genetically incapable of living a life different from those gang members you refer to, which you cannot do. I do not refute the foolishnes of ‘multi-culturalism’ which you refer too and I do have eyes in my head and can see for myself the huge numbers of people many of them born here who are not ‘British’ in any sense that i would want them to be, but i strongly oppose your attitude that forbids the possibility of anyone from certain ethnic backgrounds form ever being able to become proudly genuinely and heartily British. Treat people as individuals , don’t label them unchangeably for life.

  53. Aye Colm, anyone can become British, as successive governments have demonstrated.

    Hence the collapsed, degraded state of British society.

    All the platitudes you can muster are no substitute for cherishing and valuing your heritage and identity, but that implies hard decisions and you cannot cherish something when you multiply it and hand it out freely.

  54. Colm,

    I know how much being regarded as British means to you, and believe me, we wish it were so, but no can do. you see nationality has quite a lot to do with ancestry.

    It goes beyond one generation, or even several generations, it takes time to become instilled with that unique blend of irrascible iirritability, the incessant talk of the weather and the mental state of those who govern us. The pleasure taken in seeing your neighbours plight is not a skill learned overnight, it all takes time, you cannot learn it, it is instilled.

    It also doesn’t take too long to recognise "The binge drinking welfare addict with 5 kids " as likely as not being from foreign parts i.e Scotland or Wales, or even Ireland, they like to think they are British as well but they just couldn’t quite make the grade, they somehow didn’t quite have the resolve, the stiff upper lip, or what ever you might call it, to sit idly by and watch as their country of choice is sold ‘down the river’ by the biggest gang of crooks not to be mafiosi. They become troublemakers, and good grief they want devolution, and that just isn’t British in any way, shape or form.

    So tell me – do you still want to be British in thought word and deed? – oh yes! I forgot, you also have to learn and understand cricket, that is probably only for advanced wannabes, but quite essential if you are to be regarded as British without question.

    FYI, I failed miserably, I just couldn’t face a plate of jellied eels! – no matter that I was born within the sound of Bow Bells, the eels did for me!!!.. 🙂

  55. Pete.

    Look at the lives lived by many white Britons before you choose to blame foreigners for the ‘collapsed degraded’ state of British society. You are the one guilty of sweeping and simple minded platitudes. I talk of individuals .

  56. Ernest

    I was almost born within the sound of Bow Bells – Middlesex Hospital WC1 to be precise. I know nothing about Cricket, I hate Jellied Eels, and neither of my parents were born in Britain, but I am British 100%. That is how I feel, I have no other inclination to another national affinity. I don’t need another person’s permission to be British. It is my only living experience . I know British humour , idioms and lifestyles. I know what I am, yet I would fail Pete’s genetic and I imagine your generational test of Britishness. Perhaps Pete could get both of us to love those Jellied eels !

  57. Colm,

    Pete deals with platitudes, and you deal with generalities, all very amusing, particularly as neither of you really know what life was like before the great influx of the ‘fifties’.

    Believe me life was neither degraded nor collapsed, it was bombed, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. We had a great sense of community, which today you can only dream of. It was more honest, across all walks of life, it was less perverted, and it was certainly more pragmatic, but no way was it as mean as you like to imagine….

    Who am I to deny what you are by your own definition….!! all that matters is how others regard you.

  58. Ernest

    That’s all a different argument, but if Pete deals with platitudes and I deal in generalities , then you deal in rose tinted history lessons. I do not claim the past was an unutterably terrible place, but I am not so gullible as to think it was a wholesome land of ‘Mrs Minivers’ and Dixon of Dock Greens either. You only fool yourself by believing it to be so. Your painting of such a pre-war paradise is as wrongheaded as the idea that modern Britain is a hellish cesspit. Each generation has it’s own problems and progresses. The past and the present are not as simplistically Black and White as you and Pete claim them to be.

  59. If Colm is right, then his argument should be good for a simple test case. I’m going to go to Nigeria, take out citizenship and then tell the locals that I’m just as much Nigerian as they are. Will the locals agree? I doubt it because, as a European by race, I cannot ever be a Nigerian because to be Nigerian is to be African. And so I do not accept that a Pakistani can ever be British.

  60. Colm, Take it from me Ernest is not fooling himself when he talks about the difference between the pre-fifties and the present day. It is a statement of unarguable truth. I know because I lived through it.

  61. This is, without a doubt, the most extraordinary site I think I have ever seen. It is like finding a house that has laid undisturbed for decades and the modern world has just passed it by.
    Is that contributor Pete Moore for real? I can’t tell if he believes the stuff he writes or if this is just a massive wind up – or perhaps, as someone suggested, he has been on the sauce (maybe that is what he does). Clearly there is a group of regulars on here so you must know him – but he seems, well, odd shall we say.
    And then someone going on about how life in the 1950s was so much better before the "darkies" came. It is like watching an episode of Till Death do us Part – and taking it seriously.
    Do these people – Pete Moore, allan@aberdeen, Ernest Young (aren’t they a firm of accountants) and the rest really and truly believe this stuff? Are they even real? Surely not? Surely this is like the letters page in Viz – a brilliant pastiche.
    This David Vance is some kind of artist or stand up comic and this whole site is an artifice isn’t it?
    It has to be, doesn’t it?

  62. stoned,

    What a narrow minded, patronising person you are! – the world is not just about you and your likes and dislikes. It isn’t made up of soap operas. tv serials, or Xfactor, or any other rubbish which seems to fill what’s left of your brain, and continually seems to be your single point of reference, or experience.

    There is life after twenty, as I am sure you will find out some day, – the realisation might come as a shock to you, but it might broaden your perspective, – I say might, because there has to be some doubts about someone who chooses a name such as ‘stoned’, and all it implies, as though it were something to be proud of.

    Meanwhile, why not add something to the debate and tell us something of your contribution and experience of this big wide world that we all live in. I am sure that if you feel unable to do that, we will quite understand the difficulty you might have, given your obviously very limited experience of life and the people that have the misfortune to share it with you.

  63. Allan

    Of course you cannot be ethnically Nigerian, that is not what I am referring to, but even if other countries do have an attitude of refusing to accept foreign residents who wish to settle and become naturalised , do we have to copy them ?. I know that Britain is a land with an indigenous white natural population and that ethnic description of Britishness remains – but I am talking about the presence of individuals who should be accepted as citizens due to their genuine posiitve and loyal attitude to this country. They can be and should be regarded as Britons too. I accept that there are a huge number of immigrants here who have not demonstrated a genuine affinity to Britain, but that does not mean we should consider that none of them can.

  64. I am amazed that someone would be so presumptuous to glean so much of my life from so little – and entertained that they should get it so wrong. You are irredeemably wrong on every count (which seems a default position for you) – from my age, to my viewing habits, to my experiences of life, which I might immodestly suggest are perhaps richer than some of my contemporaries – possibly even than yours, but since I know nothing about you, how can I say?
    I am in that difficult age of being simultaneously both too old and too young to think I know everything.
    As for my moniker it came not from my consumption of drugs contrary to the Misuse of Drugs Act (1981) – something I haven’t done in about three decades – but because the first post to which I contributed on this truly bizarre, though useful, website concerned stoning as a form of capital punishment. I kept it because it was the first one I used, and because of the obvious way in which people, such as yourself, misinterpreted it. It was a useful indicator – and proved accurate.
    As for my contribution – I attempt to deal in facts, for example, on the so-called golden age of 1950s Britain.
    Life in the 1950s may have had a stronger sense of community (although in rural areas that exists today) but it was also a lot shorter, a lot harder, and far less equal. If you were middle class, straight and male then it probably seemed quite good, but not if you were poor, gay or a woman.
    The best advice for the 1950s – don’t be poor. Your chances of social mobility were far less than today, your chances of attending a university very slim indeed. You were also much more likely to die young (58% of deaths in 1951 were premature).
    Food rationing and ID cards were still in force at the start of the decade. 2 out 3 families did not own a car.
    in 1951 male life expectancy was 60 (2001 = 78), infant mortality 35 per 1000 (now 5.8 per 1000). Education – pupil teacher rations in 1946 = 23:1, now 14.8:1. In 1954 only 28% of first degrees were taken by women, it is now 45%. In 1951 only some 30% of houses were owned by the occupier, now 68%.
    Homosexuality was illegal, abortion was illegal, censorship was still widely enforced.
    Slums were a major issue in most major cities – with the associated health and welfare issues. Interior sanitation was still not common – hence the existence of communal bathing houses. Rural areas lacked electricity.
    Both are fictions, but perhaps there is more truth in Cathy Come Home, than Dixon of Dock Green (and yes, Mr Ernest Young, I remember them both).

  65. I accept that there are a huge number of immigrants here who have not demonstrated a genuine affinity to Britain, but that does not mean we should consider that none of them can.

    Wednesday, December 30, 2009 at 10:41AM | Colm

    I consider that so few of the invaders from the 3rd-world make a positive contribution that they should not be allowed entry to the UK. The record of Somalis, Pakistanis, Afghans, sub-Saharan Africans inter alia is so poor as to make them worthy of mass repatriation. But then, a look at their countries gives the discerning mind all that it needs. Why are these people in this country or indeed, any other western country?

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