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Honestly, this sort of nonsense, this sort of gutless indulgence of scum, makes me nauseous;

Senior PSNI officers are meeting with politicians and community representatives for two days of talks. Police insist the talks are not about trying to resolve parades disputes. They said the aim is to reduce tensions in areas where there have been complaints about how the police have responded to such events. Those attending include representatives from all the main political parties. Loyalist community representatives taking part include UDA leader Jackie McDonald and Winston Irvine of the Progressive Unionist Party, the political representatives of the UVF.

So, for the next few days, it’s an all expenses talk-in to Cardiff for a group of ne’er do wells and clowns organised by a Police Service which itself has become such a pale shadow of what it once was that such transparent appeasement seems just natural.

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  1. It is a bit rich. I see some “facilitators” from Stanford University in California are being specially flow in.

    IRA man Spike Murray, who will also be attending, is a bit of a headcase. However, it must be said that men like Murray do play a key part in keeping tempers down at the parades, and keeping trouble-makers in their own communities from making things worse.

  2. There’s a bit more info at this BBC piece, including that the cost is estimated at £26,000

    Let me guess why Cardiff: nowhere neutral could be found in NI, Loyalists refused to go to the RoI, so they eventually settled on the nearest acceptable gaff with a few nice hotels. One with little orange decor or green grass.

  3. Pete,

    There are plenty of places they could have gone to in the north. This is just another “crisis” junket.

  4. And failure is odds-on. Final press release: “No agreement could be reached, but delegates agreed to stay in touch….”

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