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Democratic strategist James Carville predicted that President Donald Trump “will get his fat ass beat” in the 2020 election to presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

“Alright, he’s gonna get his fat ass beat. The question is by how much.”

“If we want to go to the lethargic stuff, blah, blah, blah, worry about this, we can get 290, 295 electoral votes and it’ll change nothing,” Carville continued. “If we go and take it to him and talk about what a massive fat failure he is, we can runaway with this thing. The idea is not to defeat Trump, we have to defeat Trump-ism.”

“Trump is weak, he is fat, he is slow, he is being stolen from,” Carville added. “…They’re just sucking off of him. They’re going to steal everything to the last moment. At some level, Trump knows that.”

Poor James…… reduced to doing Stuttering John’s Podcast….. ahh the things that happen when you’re no longer relevant.

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47 thoughts on “The Rajun Cajun Speaks

  1. Carville is a tough Louisiana pol who tends to know what he’s talking about.

    Mock the cajun all you want, keep cheering the train wreck that we can all see.

  2. These posts seem a little childish and pointless — like a football fan who constantly baits the rival team. I mean, who cares?

  3. Six weeks ago the gap between Trump’s disapproval rating and his approval was 4% (pretty much 50% disapprove, 46% approve). That number is now 10% (53% disapprove, 43% approve). His approval numbers are moving the wrong direction.

    The Democrats are leading by by over 8% in the generic ballot. RCP’s average has Biden up 5.5% on Trump. At this stage 4 years ago RCP actually had Trump ahead of Clinton in their polling average, Clinton went on to win the popular vote by over 2%. RCP’s average also gives Biden a healthy lead in most of the battle ground states.

    Now that could all change. Trump could close the gap. However the gap could widen. 90% of Americans are worried about the state of the economy, and the US is going through a major recession. That tends to bode badly for the incumbent party. Nate Silver, using previous elections as a guide, indicated that a booming economy like in 1984 would be worth a 12 swing to Trump, while a major recession like 2008 would be worth a 11 swing to Biden. We are far closer to a 2008 situation than a 1984 situation.

  4. “and Hillary will win in a landslide……”

    RCP never had Clinton winning in a landslide. The biggest gap was 7%, similar to what Obama won over McCain. And in reality almost all of their polling averages were much, much closer than that. Their final projection was that Clinton would in the popular vote by 3%. She won it by 2%.

  5. Trump is attacking Obama, when Obama remains hugely popular nationally. That’s simply not smart.

    Trump threatened to withhold aid to swing state Michigan at a time when that state was facing damaging floods, That’s not smart either.

    He’s constantly getting into petty arguments with reporters and everyone else.

    This act is getting a little thin with the public. He doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    He is likely to lose his re-election bid, and be known as one of the worst presidents that we’ve ever had, who followed one of the successful two term presidents, one who is broadly admired, still.

  6. Trump is attacking Obama, when Obama remains hugely popular nationally. That’s simply not smart.

    Obama was the worst President to ever hold the office.

    The Law is not a popularity contest.

  7. Unless something changes real quick, Obama will go down as a better foreign/domestic president, a better president for America’s alliances a better president for American jobs and business than Trump will have been in his four years.

    And it won’t even be close.

  8. The 75 year old Trump will never be able to deal with this.

    The black guy, the guy he rode the fake birther campaign on, will be seen by most as a successful president, while Trump will be known by most, nationally and internationally, as a preposterous, clueless incompetent, one who makes GW Bush look like Thomas Jefferson or Lincoln in comparison.

  9. god have you ever had a brain scan…….


    It would only show “orange man…bad”

  10. My bloodhound nose senses that the GOP is doing all it can to screw an unscrewable election.

    Let’s be honest, nominating China Joe Biden is as good as Trump being unopposed if the GOP was awake and serious, but Republicans seem to talk a lot about things which people don’t care about. In the meantime Biden is serious and aiming to win.

    An election which was in the bag is back in play.

  11. Let’s be honest, nominating China Joe Biden is as good as Trump being unopposed if the GOP was awake and serious,

    Nominating China Joe, is about as useful to the Democrats, as nominating Hilary Clinton.

    It’s as if they have absolutely no interest of even trying to unseat President Trump.

    The choice is simple again.

    It’s either a) Oaf number one.


    b) idiot number two.

  12. When your lack of interest and lack of executive ability allowed 100,000 to die, it will be difficult to get re-elected. When the economy is in the tank and unemployment is soaring, it will be difficult to get re-elected. When people think you are without empathy and do not trust you, it will be difficult to get re-elected.

    And, Biden has not really started to fight. Biden is an experienced politician and knows how to make a case against and for.

    The 100,000 are not coming back and we all know the US response was woeful and incompetent. There is no way to wriggle out of it, Trump was the president and the country’s response was worse than other countries without the great resources of the US.

  13. China Joe is beginning to somehow make Hilary Clinton, or even Donald Trump electable..

    ‘I should not have been so cavalier’: Joe Biden apologizes for suggesting black Trump voters ‘ain’t black’

    WASHINGTON – Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden apologized Friday for comments in an earlier radio interview in which he said black voters who supported President Donald Trump “ain’t black.”

    “I should not have been so cavalier. I’ve never, never, ever taken the African-American community for granted,” Biden said on a call with members of the U.S. Black Chambers Inc., adding he “shouldn’t have been such a wise guy.”

    In a testy exchange Friday with African-American radio host Charlamagne tha God, Biden said “you ain’t black” if you’re struggling to decide whether to back him or Trump.


    I have never had the good fortune or the pleasure of visiting America, I have worked alongside many Americans, and Canadians in my many years of service.

    One thing I do know, the American nation of over 320 million deserves far better than the current choice of utter fuckwits on offer.

  14. Well at least he acknowledged he shouldn’t have said that and apologised. Something the ‘fuckwit’ in the White House never does.

  15. Colm, on May 23rd, 2020 at 2:14 PM Said:
    Well at least he acknowledged he shouldn’t have said that and apologised. Something the ‘fuckwit’ in the White House never does.

    I agree Colm.

    However, Americans still deserve better, far better.

    Maybe in China Joes defence, he simply ‘misspoke‘

    Just like Hilary ‘the beast’ misspoke when she lied through her back teeth Stated as fact..

    “I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”

    Oh what a frigging liar..

    Misspoke my arse..

    On this one Trump got it right..

    Says Hillary Clinton “said she was under attack (in Bosnia) but the attack turned out to be young girls handing her flowers.”

    But she retracted the remarks a week later, telling the Philadelphia Daily News editorial board on March 24, 2008, that she “misspoke,” correcting herself to say she had been told there was a threat of sniper fire in the area. The next day she told reporters, “So I made a mistake. That happens. It shows I’m human, which for some people is a revelation.”


    Pathological liars…the lot of them.

  16. China Joe..at you service…

    The former vice president, career politician, and the front runner in most polls to be the Democratic Party candidate to take on Donald Trump is the only man who can save China in 2020.

    That’s obviously Joe Biden. And he is clobbering everyone in enough polls to call him the front runner.

    Despite the gaffes, despite the low turnout at his speeches and the recent gathering of a reported 15,000 in Seattle who came out to see Elizabeth Warren, Biden’s got her and Bernie Sanders beat. According to a new MorningConsult poll released yesterday, Biden leads with 33% of intended votes among Democratic primary voters. That’s nearly equal to No. 2 Sanders (20%) and No. 3 Warren (15%).

    To put his numbers into greater perspective, Biden has 12 percentage points more support than Kamala Harris, Peter Buttigieg, Beto O’Rourke, Cory Booker and Andrew Yang, combined.

    It is safe to say that Biden is corporate America and Wall Street’s best bet for a return to status quo on China. China’s stock market would rally, “bigly”, as Trump would say.


    Career politician, you say?

    No shit Sherlock.

  17. Some business writer says last year before Covid that Joe Biden could be good for business with the US and China and he becomes ‘China’ Joe?

    It’s nothing to do with suggesting that he somehow has Chinese sympathies then? Fair enough.

  18. Six months to go..

    I personally predict Republican idiot number one will be ousted.

    And a Democrat equal idiot number two will take his place?

    The pickings will be lean on ATW.

    At least the Trump Derangement Syndrome will subside….hopefully?

  19. I do agree though that Biden is not a good choice. Its very poor that the Democrats couldn’t have sourced a better candidate. Even if he wins he will probably similar to Trump but in a different manner become an embarrassing holder of that office.

  20. I haven’t voted Democrat since forever, but truth be told, of the last four presidents,The only two that were any good were Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

    GW Bush and Trump were catastrophically inept, bad for the US and the world .


    Except for Klobachar and Bloomberg, the Democratic field was exceptionally weak this cycle. Just as the Republican primary candidates in 2016 were awful. The qualified people want no part of the idiotic two year selection process

  21. Colm.

    The last half decent POTUS I can personally recall is Obama, who acted and played the part considerably well, apart from when his teleprompter went on the blink, then he could hardly string a sentence or singular thought together.

    Bush junior also played the part quite well.

    Trump refuses to play the game.

    China Joe will try and play the game, but will be shit at it.

    But, China Joe is a Democrat, so it will be readily accepted.

    And the circus simply rolls on.

  22. Its interesting how Phantom thinks Bush Jr was an inept catastrophe and yet you think he did well. Which goes to show there can be little objective analysis of the success of a President. All that matters is personal perception of the people which will be wildly different towards the same person.

  23. Bush junior served two terms.

    He wasn’t that much of a catastrophe?

    I think after one term, the American public would have noticed?

  24. George W. Bush Has as his major legacy the Iraq war, and all the loss of life, refugee crisis, and economic ruin that came from it. The damage will be felt for very many decades to come

    And the 2008 financial crisis Happened on his watch. He was not entirely responsible for that, the bankers were most responsible, but the buck stops at the White House, as the great Truman told us

  25. Phantom

    Apparently, God “told George W Bush to invade Iraq”

    But did not bother to at least give him even so much as a clue about the 2008 financial crisis?

    I would like to think personally, I have worked out how this fear of God thing works out by now.

  26. GW Bush Is a completely decent man, who should never have been allowed anywhere near the White House without a visitors pass

    There was nothing in his background that would have led anybody to think that he was remotely qualified for the office of president

    He was a president’s son, that’s the only qualification that he had

    Just as Hillary Clinton was a president’s wife, that’s the only qualification that she had

    Family politics Is a big problem in a lot of countries.

  27. Harri

    So my understanding is when you said he played the game well you were referring to his ability to get re-elected not necessarily that he was a good productive President ?

  28. PS – On the subject of Nepotism, does anybody think one of the Trump offspring or in laws will try to run for President once ‘daddy’ leaves office and if so which one ?

  29. Colm.

    Not entirely, when Obama was not ordering drone strikes, he did an half-decent job.

    Credit where credit is due.

    Phantom. 5.08.


    Well said Sir.

  30. I actually admired Obama..

    He looked the part, and played the part very well for a huge part of the American nation, Obama also had the respect of billions of other countries citizens.

    Personally, that admiration broke down slightly, when he ordered drone strikes, which in all probability killed many innocent brown Arab people, which appears to have been given a free pass and get out of jail free card.

    Plus, when Obama bowed down to David Cameron’s globalist request to ‘inform’ us Brits, “we would be last in the queue for an American -British trade deal.”

    Why he [Obama] stooped as low…is anyone’s guess.

    Obama done himself no favours there.

  31. GW Bush Is a completely decent man, who should never have been allowed anywhere near the White House without a visitors pass

    I agree. While I absolutely disagree with his politics I think that he was personally a decent man who was way out of his depth

  32. I agree. While I absolutely disagree with his politics I think that he was personally a decent man who was way out of his depth

    I also agree.

    And him telling the world “God told me to end the tyranny in Iraq’“

    He was also away with the fairies.

  33. And him telling the world “God told me to end the tyranny in Iraq’“

    The seriously sad thing here is..

    How many Americans actually believed him?

    This is seriously scary stuff in the 21st century.

  34. Colm.

    George W Bush reached into the depths of his political toolbox, he pulled out the “God” tool.

    It’s America, of course it worked a treat.

    Credit where credit is due.

    He knew his audience alright.

  35. Trump is after the same audience too. Now he’s demanding that all Governors lift restrictions on crowds gathering in places of worship. To hell with the risk of superspreading the virus, he needs the bible thumping evangelicals votes in November !

  36. he needs the bible thumping evangelicals votes in November !

    America’s problem.

    Just about all of the West have surpassed the dark-ages and emerged out the other side (barring the rise of Islam that is) in America, when it comes to clutching a Bible in one hand and a gun in the other, actually believing in the biggest religious conspiracy theory in the whole of mankind, they have a long way to to catch up.

    Put it down to ignorance, and a ‘fear of God’.

    Whatever that maybe.

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