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Space X, the first commercially developed rocket and cargo ship, has blasted off. The launch went without a hitch and the Dragon capsule is in orbit. Congratulations to everyone involved.

Stand aside, communist space travel, a new age has begun.

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11 thoughts on “THE REAL SPACE AGE

  1. Congratulations indeed,
    but I somehow doubt that private enterprise will be allowed to flourish in Space exploration/exploitation.
    There is far too much at stake.

  2. Well done. And just fifty years after “communist space travel” put men into orbit.

  3. The private space guys stand on the shoulders of giants – John Glenn, NASA, etc. And unlike the Ron Paulies, the operators of the private programs would be the first to tell you that.

  4. SpaceX holds a $1.6 billion NASA contract to launch at least 12 unmanned cargo missions to the lab complex, but only after test flights confirm the safety and reliability of the rocket and cargo capsule.

    “This is also absolutely critical to space station,” Gerstenmaier said “This cargo resupply is absolutely needed for station to meet its research potential and to move forward. So I’m very proud of what the team has done and I’m very glad they had a wonderful start to this mission. But again, the caution for all of us is there’s still a lot to go.”

    The test flights are being carried out under a contract valued at up to $396 million.
    “SpaceX holds a $1.6 billion NASA contract”. NASA. Whose money comes from the government. Who looted it under violence of law from the productive classes. Well done the free market!

  5. FO –

    Absolutely. SpaceX has contracts for dozens of launches and most of its immediate projected income will come from civil satellite use. Like you, I look forward to the day NASA disbands and stops distorting the field.

  6. Governments are still going to want to control what goes on.
    You think Chinese Space exploration by private enterprise operates unhindered?!

  7. Looks like half its funding comes from NASA.

    But I look foward to the day they can transport Allan back to his home planet.

  8. Speaking of space exploration, I have just discovered that the 1950’s BBC classic “Journey into Space” is on YouTube!
    I an=m now halfway through “The Red Planet” – pure nostalgic bliss!!

  9. mahons 828

    I think that this means that Pete is a secret supporter of space communism

  10. FewsOrange,

    Maybe with a little luck the drugged brain-dead, lice infested occupy maggots will invade Cape Canaveral and defeat yet another evil capitalist monster.

    You’d love that. Matter of fact go out get youself a black hoody and mask and join your anarchist dirtbags.

    You’d fit in like a Irishman in a dole queue.

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