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Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials reportedly shared a viral video last week threatening a nuclear attack on Japan if the country interferes against Chinese attempts to seize control of Taiwan.

Both Newsweek and Taiwan News reported that the Baoji Municipal Committee of the CCP reposted a video to China’s YouTube-like platform Xigua, in which a narrator states, “When we liberate Taiwan, if Japan dares intervene by force, even if it only sends one soldier, one plane or one ship, we will not only return fire, but also start a fullscale war against Japan. First, we will use nuclear bombs. We will continue to use nuclear bombs until Japan offers its second unconditional surrender.”

The Chicoms continue to build up their Military assets in the South China Sea. They threaten Taiwan on a weekly basis and now they are openly threatening Japan.

Has the American or the British Governments done or even said anything about this? Oh no that’s right they are both still dealing with the Biological Attack from the Chicoms of Covid. As the world continues to suffer from the effects of the Chinese weapon unleashed on it China continues to seize more territory and threaten the rest of the world with Nukes.

They already used a Biological Weapon, why would anyone doubt they would use Nuclear Ones?

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3 thoughts on “The Red Menace is going to Nuke Japan

  1. The CCP have just biologically nuked the entire planet.

    And what has anyone done about it?

    Diddly squat.

    If the collective countries of the world had anything about them whatsoever, China would by now, resemble the surface of Mars.

  2. Nuclear War is never an option.
    China however is a threat to everyone and you’re right Harri our current collective governments aren’t going to do sh**.

    1. It appears all that happened, is, China have managed to sell us even more useless shit.

      Including billions of useless masks.

      China, thanks to the CCP, should by now after heavens knows how many past virus lab leaks, simply be the pariahs of the world.

      Personally, I truly believe, and in particular the American, and British spy agencies, and intelligence services, along with American, and British scientists, know full well exactly where the Covid virus emanated from.

      They are simply just not telling the rest of us.

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