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Well then – we are BACK.

Let me firstly explain what happened on Friday afternoon  and then share with you where we  are now.

ATW was hacked by a serial hacker early Friday afternoon. Within a very short period, we were up top of this, and the entire incident could have been resolved via a simple site back up. Sounds simple, right?

That’s where the problem really begun. You see the company that we use to host and back up (A US based company, NB) FAILED to provide us with the non corrupted back up required. Despite endless communication, it transpires that they cannot/will not do something as simple as providing us with a site back up from 24 hours previous before the incident. This is a matter of ongoing dispute as I am far from happy at their failure to provide such a simple request.

However, the reason ATW is now back with you is because of the Herculean strength and motivation of All Seeing Eye, without whose support we would be.still be in deep deep trouble. Essentially, ATW has had to be rebuilt on a new platform and all in the space of 48 hours.

ASE deserves the thanks of everyone who places value on this site for the onerous work undertaken. I am forever in his debt.

Naturally, it will take a little while for everything here to be perfect however the main thing is that WE are back in business.

You can’t keep a good blog down. And I am sure you will all bear with us as we put all the finishing touches to this thing. One of the annoying aspects of what has happened is that we have lost all material since November last year and so it is with a smile on my lips I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR on the new ATW.

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12 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR, SORT OF!

  1. Good to see ATW back. I see my stunning accurate election prediction was lost. Ah well those are the breaks.

  2. Hi Henry, David here,

    Great to be back, a little more work to be done but we are getting there!

  3. Welcome back. I had to re-register. Look forward to read your thoughts on Sinn Féin’s success in the 26 county elections.

  4. Holy cow.

    ASE, thank you.

    David, sorry for the problems.

    I believe that the proper response will be to be bolder, and clearer, and more outspoken, and to have more hard debate.

    I am amazed that the host did not have a full backup. I think that companies fail to do this all the time for their own needs – but it is surprising that a company in the internet hosting business who promises to keep a backup, fails to do so.

    Good luck David and all, and a huge tip of the hat to All Seeing Eye.

  5. Bullshit, any company that is supposed to provide computer backups are supposed to have a combination of complete restore ability, at 24hr, 72hr, 7day, 14day, and 30day, it’s the business standard to have a combination of the above if not all of the choices.

    ASE great work I hope David rewarded you with a bottle of your favorite poison, or at least a good Cognac.

    David e-mail me please, I have NO authority to post as an author

  6. Welcome back! – I was suffering withdrawal symptoms…!

    It may just be a coincidence but, I noticed a new app on the dashboard, last Fiday a.m. – something about a ‘featured post’. Apart from being just more screen clutter, that such items can be added by what I presume to be outsiders, has to be suspect.

    Such an incident at such a time, i.e the ‘election south of the border’, raises all sorts of interesting scenarios.. 🙂

  7. Hi David,

    I notice that the two sites in your blogroll which has “dhimmitude” in their titles are no longer there. What’s the significance of this?

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