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Glad to see someone speak some common sense of the current boiling issue of asking those on Welfare to volunteer for some workplace experience;

The former boss of Marks & Spencer yesterday told firms to show some ‘backbone’ and stand up to anti-capitalist  protests over the Government’s work experience scheme. Sir Stuart Rose, who started out shelf-stacking and sweeping floors 40 years ago, said it was ‘baffling’ that anyone would complain about unemployed youngsters being given similar opportunities. He said parents should tell their jobless children to ‘get stuck in’ and snap up any opportunity at a time of high youth unemployment.

His advice should be taken seriously by anyone wanting to get into the world of work. Of course I recognise it would be preferable to get the ideal job on a decent paid salary. I also recognise that we live in a recession SO the question becomes one of making compromise, seeking out opportunity, and as Sir Stuart puts it, “getting stuck in”. If that means working for Benefit, what is the problem?

The answer is that this is a very big problem since it may well lead to falling unemployment and that is a bad thing – for the Left.

They are calculating that soaring unemployment is one of the key conditions come the next election that will help bring Labour back into power. They also calculate that by 2015 people will have forgotten that it was Labour that presided over the conditions that caused much of the unemployment in the first instance. So, perversely, it suits the hard left to do everything possible to sabotage the restoration of our economic fortunes. That is why they oppose Workfare and trot out their asinine cliches about slavery when in truth they seek to ensure millions remain enslaved to the pernicious drug of Welfare.

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2 thoughts on “THE ROSE OF ENGLAND…

  1. unemployed youngsters

    And they are still unemployed while working for a private company. Only an employer could be convinced this is positive.

    He said parents should tell their jobless children to ‘get stuck in’ and snap up any opportunity at a time of high youth unemployment

    Yes. Unlike us kiddo you will have to earn the right to earn.

    Welcome to neo-liberalism. In 50 years the same types will be suggesting we just slaughter the excess workforce at the outsourced abattoirs, using workfare staff.

  2. Well since Toynbee is against it then it must be a good thing. It’s a simple rule, whatever she and her cohorts are against they are always wrong.

    Why even the Grauniad is supporting the scheme…..who does the Honorourable Hypocrite Toynbee work for again?

    Guardian Slave-Masters Recruiting

    So daytripper…are you wrong or just very wrong…no pressure…in your own time….

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