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We’d really like to have you comment on our site! We want good conversation, no abuse and no trolls. I reserve the right to ban anybody who wilfully and persistently breaks these rules. So go ahead and speak your mind!
To all ATW readers and posters New and Old. This site is an interesting mix of Knowledge and Bile. Over the years this site has seen many characters come and go, along with some great Debates and Conversations.
It has also seen it’s share of the Lame, The Lazy and The Crazy. All Opinions are welcome, remember though everyone has an opinion, the same as every one has a Derriere, and like that Derriere you will certainly find those on here that think yours stinks.
All we ask is when you do encounter that vile odor, remember to attack their OPINION, not their Character.
Insults are however always welcome and used here frequently. Just try to assert your position with the same degree of eloquence and refinery that you will accept in return.
Thank you,
The House Troll
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  1. All we ask is when you do encounter that vile odor, remember to attack their OPINION, not their Character.


    You’re taking the piss, as we say in Blighty.

    You always attack your opponents here as fools and liars.

  2. True that, Peter.

    Also, David’s rules say "no abuse" so Troll’s "Insults are however always welcome" doesn’t really tally.

    Does this count as absuse?

    “Do you VOTE asshole, Do the people you vote for make the laws asswipe, or are you nothing but a peasant living at the whim of some inbred that lives in a Castle?”
    Troll(Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 01:00PM)

  3. Troll – you are among the worst offenders of what you profess to regulate.

  4. show me single example of me attacking someones character ie: calling them a liar or decietfull.

    I’ll say your stupid, or your wrong, an ass, a git, or my persoal favorite a maroon, but that’s not a charecter attack, and you all know it. and you also know I accept the jabs from all of you.

    That’s an insult and an opinion things that are said in debate to express your view of the other persons OPINION not THE PERSON

    In the last week I have had my personal character attacked twice, I will not accept anyone attacking someones charecter, yours or mine.

    we can tell each other to go f yourself but there are no people on this site who aren’t genuine in their feelings and opinions.
    You can’t call them liars or decietfull or accuse anyone of posting false information. because everything each of us post we believe, at least I do.

    Mahons do really think I would ever delete someone because of their views? How many times have me and you agreed? Have I ever deleted a single remark of yours?

    It’s a shame I wish I could figure a way to get to Times square with you and Phantom and discuss this over a cold beer and a bowl of pork rinds to spit at the heathen Islamo Facists

    Don’t you?

  5. >>In the last week I have had my personal character attacked twice, <<

    How was it attacked, Troll?

  6. Troll

    You’re becoming legendary. Your hypocrisy knows no bounds. When you’re ignorance of the subjects you comment on is highlighted you resort to the worse type of insult. Debate becomes stifled as the interesting points others make are interspersed with your nonsensical swipes at all and sundry.

    So the whole basis of this thread is either a joke or a nonsense.

  7. Troll, I suspected that you weren’t the author of the original thread, based on its spelling and correct use of grammar. Your post at 4.16 am has proved me right. Seriously, what does the aforementioned post even mean!? It makes no sense!

    As to your favourite insult, ‘maroon’, why do you think calling somebody a colour, or shade, is even an insult? Or do you labour under the misapprehension that you are writing ‘moron?’

    Anyway, mahons et al are absolutely spot-on. You are one of the wrost offenders on this site of that which you pretend to oppose in this thread. Your posts are filled with insults, bad language and bad spelling, leaving little room for actual content. But that’s ok, because your astounding lack of knowledge on most subjects, other than the extermination of others, suits this perfectly. Your writings on here are the computer equivalent of colouring with crayons.

    At different stages, I have opposed or agreed with different people on this site. I rarely, if ever, agree with the likes of David or Andrew, but I don’t think I have ever resorted to base name-calling when engaging with them, nor they with I. Their arguments are well thought out, and well delivered. They never resort to calling anyone ‘asswipe’ or ‘asshole’ or anything like it. That you cannot see this as personal insult is a very clear indication that you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about here. Maybe you should stop banging your head against the keyboard, grab a dictionary and look up words like ‘irony’ and ‘hypocrisy.’

  8. Peter

    I fixed the italicized comments ( beware the capital "I"! )


    Under my new " presumed consent " doctrine, you will be presumed to be in full agreement with all my positions, including those on gun control, unless you dispute them in person tomorrow night.

  9. Ignore the bleating peasants Troll.

    As long as you keep telling the "UGLY" truth about Muslims, Socialists, Communists and Obama YOU RULE!

  10. Seimi
    It depends on what computer I am on wheter or not the comments I make a spellchecked or not. Unless the post is signed by Monica be sure it was mine.

    Two attacks of Charector 1)Being told that I hoped the car bar bomb went off in times square to hurt the Obama administration, unlike the decendants of my forefathers living across the pond I have and would never condone. violence as a political tool and you all know it.

    The second was being called a liar and decietful

  11. ohhh that’s just mean Phantom. believe me both Monica and I would love to be there.

  12. Troll, do you deny that you regularly accuse several people here, such as Petr, of supporting terrorism?

    Or do I have to drag up the 100 examples for you?

  13. Troll can deny anything he wants, I and I suspect everyone else here can drag up all kinds of insults from him to everyone.

    His post on Obama sending SWAT teams to attack Tea Partiers was seen and exposed for what it was- a pack of lies and deceit. He was called on it by me and by others I might add.

    Troll is a coward who insults all and sundry, but then becomes a big cry baby when he is treated in kind.

    He is just another school yard bully who pees himself in the corner while sucking his thumb when his target bites back.

    It is not the first time he started a thread like this. He does it so that he can play the victim, while hiding from and hiding the fact that he CAN NOT answer the questions that provoked his tantrum in the first place.

    I am not in the least bit concerned about Troll (or anyone else) cowardly deleting MY comments. David Vance has not removed my comments, has not expressed his concern to me about my comments, and I suspect is unlikely to do so, as my comments are not profane or vulgar ( unless Colm is involved!!!).

    Troll and Patty have repeatedly threatened to remove comments that dispute what they say, or when asked for evidence to support their oft time outrageous comments.

    Having these two jokers Patty and Troll abuse their editorial rights by threatening others is very bad for this site. They can delete away at my comments, Patty has already deleted Petrs and mine, on no grounds whatsoever, but eventually they will come for the rest of you and delete yours too.

    So Troll, again I say: Delete away. Be the coward that you are.

  14. Ned K.

    No I’ve just been served a delightful bit of comedy.

    I love watching these people go over the edge.

  15. I just hope that when it comes to the hat being passed around in support of ATW, that you are as generous with your cash as with all the rubbish comments!…

    Does all this childish stuff really ‘ring your bell’? because if does, and this is what we have to look forward to on such a regular basis in the future, then I shall find somewhere else to hang my hat!…

  16. Ernest

    No stick around just dn’t engage with them, they will eventually move on or grow up. Every 6 or 8 months we a get a group like this. It will change.

    Personally I enjoy poking them. just ignore it, but don’t leave your input is always relavent and well stated.

  17. Troll, do you deny that you regularly accuse several people here, such as Petr, of supporting terrorism?

  18. I don’t think Troll understood Ernest’s comment.

    I want to know read from Troll whether he recalls ever calling anyone of this site a liar and accused them of dishonesty? Come on Troll don’t be shy NOW.


  19. Nor do I Pinky.

    Troll btw, I’m not sure if you are as deluded as this thread would suggest, or whether you are some kind of neo-Widean comic genius taking us all for a ride.

  20. non sequitor comment

    Has anyone been to New Mexico? Thinking of going there later on in the year

  21. yes I accuse several of you of supporting terror, that is fact, not charecter assisination. A lot of you do.

  22. Troll… I don’t support terrorism but you regularly say I do. That’s a lie.

  23. Petr, we’ve gone beyond "lies". It’s now "attacks on character".

    Troll is claiming his character was attacked by someone (me) saying he hoped the car bar bomb had gone off in Time Square to hurt the Obama administration and that he supports terrorism,. He considers this the worst of accusations, justifying total deletion of all comments the person makes.

    Yet, as you say, he himself regularly accuses several people here of supporting terrorism who certainly do not.

  24. No wait, It is me who attacked his ‘character’ by saying he told lies and deceits about the Obama sends SWAT team in to attack Tea Party Grannies.

    Now I am asking again:

    Troll tell me, yes or no, have you EVER called anyone a liar or deceitful or dishonest here on ATW?

    Just yes or no, and your new found shyness is em cute?

  25. Pinky,

    You don’t even have to go back that far to find an example!

    Please post a link to any car bomb attacks in US, story, where it has happend, when, and what the target was. If not your a liar."

    Sunday, April 25, 2010 at 10:45PM

  26. Petr,

    🙂 There is a list!!!

    Now, the trouble with all of this is: Troll’s threats to delete the comments of others who treat him as he treats everyone else.

    I think he should retract his threats and apologise for his "Rules of Engagement" tirade.

  27. Petr one difference I did not call him a liar

    I said prove your statement or you are a liar Mahons did not, so it was not a charcter statement it was a statement of fact. That he put himself in.

    I gave him the benefit of the doubt, and the chance to prove his statement.

    If not, is not calling someone a liar. It is saying put up or you are lying.

    Try again

  28. as I show with Petr’s nice try that’s not calling someone a liar that is refutting false statements by another blogger. I never said I never used those words I have pointed out where people have lied. Like all the global warming scientists, they lied they created false data and destroyed the real data.

    Pinky you came out and said I was a liar and decietful then the only example you can point to is a true story, and the only example of me using the word liar against someone on this blog was just explained that when questioning someone’s statement an stating a fact IF he can’t prove it.

    Well they arent examples of me ever calling anyone a liar as an attack.

    The two of you are not very good at this are you?

  29. Troll,

    it is not a question IF you called people liars- it is HOW MANY people did you call liars, accuse of lying etc.

    Now be a man for once, and retract your threats and apologise for this thread.

    """"Wait, hold on Petr, It is only ‘Lefties’ that insult. Come on now, get with it. There is not one insult in Troll’s post. Usually what happens now is Batty or Troll write a cry baby post- then threaten to remove comments off it…. 🙂
    Was Troll talking to Pete Moore when he asked :"are you nothing but a peasant living at the whim of some inbred that lives in a Castle?"
    Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 03:18PM | Pinky

    Pinky that’s a lie
    Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 05:50PM | Grizzly Mama / Troll

    P.S Troll, The irony of what I just posted above- is that I described in my post EXACTLY to a T your cowardly cry baby behaviour pattern on ATW.

    Now man up, you liar.

  30. Pinky: Why do you have to bring me into all of your mud fights by name calling me "Batty," no less?
    You behave like a troll when you’re in disagreement with someone, name calling, falsely accusing etc.

    Just own it.

  31. pinky that’s a lie

    Patty she really doesn’t get it, as Savage would say liberalism is a mental disease. She suffers from both a persicution complex and the behavior of a spoiled child.

    Ya just gotta laugh

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