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U.S. Department of Justice officials deliberately delayed an investigation into Hunter Biden’s potential tax law violations and sketchy overseas business dealings because of the effect it could have on the presidential election, according to a Politico report.

Delaware’s U.S. Attorney David Weiss allegedly postponed allowing prosecutors to obtain search warrants and issue grand jury subpoenas last summer, after facing pressure from other officials who feared the investigation’s influence on the 2020 presidential election and now-President Joe Biden’s campaign.

“They advised [him] to avoid taking any actions that could alert the public to the existence of the case in the middle of a presidential election,” reported Politico, one of the many corporate media outlets that brushed off the possibility of any wrongdoing by Hunter despite the discovery of his incriminating laptop.

So not only did the Biden’s Lie, the MSM lied and ridiculed anyone that tried to tell the Truth in coordination with the Biden’s. It was a Russian Fake the told us…. another coordinated false propaganda and disinformation campaign run by the Democrats with the Press the same as they did for 4 years with “Russian Collusion”.

This Laptop contains detailed information on the Biden Crime Family. It not only provides evidence against Hunter Biden, but every member of the Biden family including the President of the United States. It has details of Millions of Dollars worth of Business Dealings with the Chinese Government.

The FBI has had this Laptop for almost 2yrs and we are just now starting to get tiny bits and pieces of the incriminating information.

The Biden Crime Family and it’s allies have done everything they can to destroy Rudy Giuliani through their corrupt political, press and legal allies due to the very fact that he has a copy of the Laptops Hard Drive.

My question is not about why the press lied, covered it up, and have tried to destroy anyone and everyone that even mentioned this Laptop. My question is to all the Americans that bought the story that it was “Russian Disinformation”.

How do you feel now? What do you believe now? Now that the Press is finally admitting that the Laptop is Hunter’s and they knew it all along, how do feel about being Lied to?

The Press is propaganda arm for the Democrat Party, they have been lying to you for 5 years straight now and even when they admit that what they say was false most of you still buy what they are selling.

My question is what is wrong with you? Are you stupid? Are you just a drone? Are you just so filled with hate for anyone that doesn’t think the same as you that even when they admit that they Lied you still go right along?

Have you no shame?

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13 thoughts on “The Russian Laptop…. NOT

  1. “ Are you just so filled with hate for anyone that doesn’t think the same as you that even when they admit that they Lied you still go right along?”


    They are liberal progressives. It’s what they do, it’s in their very character’s, it’s unfortunately, for them, who they are, and what they stand for.

  2. The FBI has not had the laptop for almost 3 years

    They looked at it in November 2019, and they seized it a month later.

  3. can you prove that Phantom?
    What is your source, one of the publications that lied and said it was Russian disinformation?

  4. Look it up where?
    If every source you can point to lied about it before the election what source are YOU getting your information from?

  5. good one…. so it was 2 years, but the investigation into Hunter Biden began the year before.
    Since though I am talking about the Laptop and not the investigation unlike the media I will correct my story.
    thank you

  6. This is obvious grounds to remove Usurper Biden from the White House and reinstate the Rightful Rresident who was the Clear Winner in November 2020. Maybe a petition to the SCOTUS will get the job done?
    Then we can get on with honouring the Patriots of 6 January 2020 and stopping the political witch-hunt trials against them, which is clearly even worse than Salem in 1692. This is what Trump has been implying this week and we can be sure that he will soon go full on with it, probably in an “interview” with Carlson. He has already described whatshername who got shot as a Patriot victim of political assassination.

  7. All kidding aside

    The Biden family really is corrupt

    Very much like the Trump and Clinton crime families

  8. No one can be reinstated…. the Supreme Court refused to hear the case. They are the only ones who could have dealt with the issues of the Election BEFORE Biden took the Oath.
    Now the only way Biden leaves office is the next election or feet first.
    The audits are proving Biden didn’t win, but the only good that does is help prevent those issues from reoccurring next election.
    Besides from my perspective we couldn’t ask for a better destruction of the Democrat Party than this Administration.

    They are the gift that keep giving.

  9. The Biden family is the perfect example of how the career politicians in America get in office as paupers and leave with 100s of millions.
    The only remedy is Term Limits.

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