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Did you see it? What a game that was, and what an effort by the Irish pack. The tight five were monstrous. Cian Healy, Rory Best, Mike Ross, Donncha O’Callaghan and Paul O’Connell, take a bow. Shoving from behind, Sean O’Brien was massive while Stephen Ferris provided the moment of the World Cup so far when he picked up Will Genia and ran him back over the Aussie 22 line. Top stuff.

Remember, this is a well fancied Australia team with an all star backline, and the Irish gave them a biffing, reminding the rugby world that it doesn’t matter how good you are if you can’t get the ball and a bunch of fat boys run over you when you do. The All Blacks might have bagged 198 tries against Japan the other day and there weren’t any tries in this game but was dull choreography while this was genuinely great stuff. I just wonder where this team goes for most of the year. They took up from where they left off aganst England back in March. Since then Ireland has lost every game. Declan Kidney ought to tell them they’re playing England or Australia more often. It was Northern Hemisphere rugby at it’s best: biff’em, win the ball, biff’em again, run over’em, biff’em again and .. ah go on Paul, biff’em again. What fun over the bacon and eggs.

Right, off to a wedding. Must behave.

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  1. Well of course we watched it!
    If only to observe the multiple religious/cultural/ political tensions always evident in the Irish team…. 😉

    First observations.
    Australia seemed to lack a captain like Brian O’Driscoll; surely one of the great captains of any national side. Hard working, passionate and inspirational.

    Only play Jonathan Sexton in the not so key matches, until he grows into Ronan’s boots.
    As soon as O’Gara came on the Irish team raised their game. He, Paul O’Connell and of course Brian, are the cornerstones of the team; (although I always felt Peter Stringer was one of their unsung heroes).

    Ireland played hard and deserved their win. They didn’t use the depth of the field as much as they could have,preferring to charge on into their opponents, but they won through hard work and determination. We really enjoyed the match and the fact that Ireland beat Australia was great.

    Tomorrow Wales play Samoa, and the wife has decided we shall be honorary Welsh supporters, having given up on Martin Johnson and his ridiculous nine person team change! Especially leaving out Johnny Wilkinson
    (‘we’ are also Wilkinson fans).
    Not a good move Martin.
    Won’t do Wilkinson’s confidence any good. Too many changes. Tyndall has been an absolute prat towards his new wife…
    I feel the sky falling in…
    help me, help me……..

  2. One thing about this result is that it now looks as though the southern hemisphere big three are all on one side of the draw (unless France beat New Zealand). Very goood news for northern hemisphere rugby and at least 4 teams from Europe must believe they have a real shot at winning the competition.

  3. Ireland should be aiming to win the tournament now- a QF against Wales, Semi probably against England or France and a final against a NZ/SA/Aus, two of whom they beat regularly.

  4. Phantom,
    Rugby Union is THE game IMHO. It’s fast, varied and involving. Plus the players obey the referee, there is a sin bin for the naughty boys, and it hasn’t become the cynical business that soccer is.
    Ireland won’t win, and I’m not sure that England are going to get very far either. The difference is that Ireland and Wales can hold their heads up high…

  5. Well done Ireland, any thoughts about dublin v kerry tomorrow? As much as it pains me i hope the dubs win, it will be good for the sport

  6. LOL! Dream on.

    I’m not Irish, so it isn’t some idle patriotic fantasy, I think it is very realistic.

    but they now have a very doable road to the final. Let’s say it ends up with Ireland having Wales then England then South Africa- they have winning records against Wales & England in the last decade and reasonably decent record against South Africa.

    If they’d lost and had to face South Africa in the quarters and New Zealand in the semis then they would have little chance.

  7. Peter –

    As Ross says, it could happpen though is still unlikely. If matches now go as expected the All Blacks, Wallabies and ‘Boks will be on the same side of the draw with most Northern Hemisphere teams on the other, and the NH side will be an unpredictable shoot-out.

    Can Ireland beat the All Blacks? No, not a chance. However the Wallabies and the ‘Boks can beat them, and Ireland can beat the Wallabies and the ‘Boks. It’s a strange logic but it’s true. In fact all the NH teams will be in that position, eyeing up a place in the final and hoping either Australia or SA deal with the ABs.

  8. With any luck the effort required to beat the All-Blacks will leave them with nothing left for the final give g a NH team a chance. If Ireland can’t win it I would love if Wales did. They were a rugby superpower when I was growing up and it would mean more to them than anybody else.

  9. The Kingdom will walk it Martin . . . again.

    Well done Ireland an unexpectedly pleasant result.

  10. World Cups are all about belief and endeavor – especially in Rugby where the scoring system means that it is more likely (than Football) that there will be surprises and shocks.

    “Sentinel Of Liberty” – your initial comment was unwarrantable and unnecessary. Who cares (or gives a Flying F***) about your appathy (sic). If you have nothing nice to say, then shut up.

    Make a stupid comment and get a “Classy” answer!

  11. As a followup I have to eat humble pie and admit to being wrong, wrong, WRONG about the changes to the English side..
    Highlight was to see Chris Ashton bounce back again with two tries, but the whole team did well, and it was a good clean game. Jonathan Kaplan reffed well I thought.

    Wales though, did remarkably well against Samoa. A very physical match. The thing about the Welsh is that they don’t give up. They slogged it out against a formidable side, and won. Smashing try engineered by Halfpenny, Jonathan Davies and finished by the great Shane Williams meant Wales won 17-10.
    South Africa thrashed Fiji 49-3 and looked far more convincing. France beat Canada 46-19, but Canada played surprisingly well.
    Who will make it into the finals?!

  12. There could be more surprises in the group stages.

    The French are bogeymen are far as the All Blacks are concerned in World Cups and the Scots are capable of beating an under par England.

    I love international Rugby!

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