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Well it has FINALY been admitted to that Hunter Biden did leave a Laptop in repair shop with tons of incriminating evidence on it of the Biden family crooked dealings around the world. I will not discuss the other material on the computer that shows Hunter’s degenerate, immoral, perverse, and addicted lifestyle. The only thing I will say in regard to that is, this is the Boy that President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden raised, and we are all mirrors of our families.

Hunters Laptop however contained vast amounts of data on the Biden family Financial and Business Dealings. A lot of which are to say are “questionably legal” would be an understatement. I will get into some of that shortly, but first there are some other things that need be said.

This Laptop was the last straw of civility snapping in the United States.

The discussing of this Laptop by anyone was not only discouraged, but if you did so you were shunned and then destroyed. Entire companies lost millions in revenue, the NY Post lost access to the internet, the Democrats and their Donors in the Tech world SHUT DOWN Free Speech, in the United States no less. If you were a corporation you had a chance to survive, but Individuals that dared to speak were either harassed into silence and if your audience was big enough you were destroyed.

The Laptop was the last straw for both sides. Now since the Reality of the Laptop has finally been admitted too, the wrecking ball needs to swing back in the direction that it came from. Those that silenced our speech, and those that the evidence on the Laptop who need to answer some very uncomfortable questions.

The next Administration is going to have to prosecute this, because the current Justice Department is heavily involved in what seems to have been a cover up in the least and criminal complicity at the worst in the whole affair. Hopefully we will also elect some without the ties to the Tech Companies and the chutzpa to persecute them for their malfeasance and just general principal. No one has the Right to Censor ANYONE’S SPEECH!

There is an excellent article in the Federalist that breaks down the following issues, this is a breakdown of that, and all of this is still just scratching the surface of things that due to this Laptop and it’s suppression that need to be investigated from a Criminal aspect.

1. Pay-to-Play in Ukraine… There are files/emails of Biden Profiteering while vice president.

2. China Gets in the Game… There is info on payoffs from the Chinese to get control of a huge chunk of the worlds Cobalt Reserves to make batteries for electric cars

3. Moscow, Kazakhstan, and More….. One of the only Oligarch’s in Russia not being Sanctioned at the moment by the U.S. and the rest of the World is Yelena Nikolayevna Baturina a Russian billionaire businesswoman who the files on the Laptop show gave Hunter $3.5 Million.

4. Ukraine‚Äôs Firing of the Prosecutor Investigating Burisma….. Quid Pro Joe…. fire him or you don’t get the Billion…

The List of things goes on and on in the Federalist Article. Now do I think any real investigation will go on even now that it has been admitted to, that the Laptop is real? I highly doubt it. Definitely not under the current administration and very weakly if at all under the next. You have to remember Hunter Biden wasn’t the only Politicians child involved in these deals. So were John Kerry’s, Mitt Romney’s, and Nancy Pelosi’s.

Sadly this is how American Politicians go into Office paupers and come out Multi-Millionaires. It’s not going to change until we have Term Limits, but some prosecutions and a chastisement regulation of the Tech Companies has to take place.

The only way that will happen is if We The People keep raising our voices in outrage. I would say with our vote, but after the last Election that can no longer be fully trusted.

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