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As we all know, the only thing that is “green” about greenies is their gullability;

Ed Miliband’s controversial scheme to encourage homeowners to install solar panels and wind  turbines is set to cost families an extra £1billion in higher bills, figures reveal.  Subsidies for solar panels rose 14-fold last year as individuals and businesses piled into the scheme, criticised as being a licence to print money. The payments, funded by a levy on electricity bills, jumped from £9.2million in 2010/11 to £128.3million in 2011/12, according to figures compiled by energy regulator Ofgem.

Well, what’s an extra BILLION when you are in a recession, right? Don’t get me wrong, I approve of solar panels and have them on my own house but I do not agree with this subsidy business. Those who make this tech should be able to supply it at a cost people will pay – simple as that. The subsidy drives inefficiency and possible greed. But Miliband struggles with economics at so many levels. This is just one more wheeze in the windmills of his fabian mind and with as much substance as a breeze.

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One thought on “THE SOLAR SCAM….

  1. There should be no subsidy. Power sold to the grid should be paid for at market rates, no more and no less. The subsidy means that low income households are paying higher bills to subsidise the better off households with solar panels. It’s a regressive tax.

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