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I read that  fourteen blacks have been shot and two are dead in what may be one of the worst mass shootings in South Florida history and no one can seem to find Obama, Sharpton or Spike Lee to organize a rally, march on police stations, place bounties on the heads of the shooters or stage phony press conferences.

This time it is fourteen innocent blacks shot, one a 5 year old girl! Two have died. Where’s the outrage?

The rush to the microphone seems somewhat subdued. Why?

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16 thoughts on “THE SOUND OF SILENCE…

  1. “what may be one of the worst mass shootings in South Florida history and no one can seem to find Obama”

    Two people dead doesnt suggest a particularly bad shooting spree by any standards, and certainly not those of FLA.

    It also pales compared to the number murdered in that school in Oakland just yesterday. But of course those dead can’t be used for a dig at Obama so they are ignored.

  2. By all means, the media should mention the race(s) of both the perpetrators and the victims, whenever such a factor is clearly relevant. However, there’s something about the headline of that link which I just don’t like:
    “Fourteen blacks”. There’s something slightly not right with the idea of using that phrase to announce such a horrible piece of news. I just think that’s not the appropriate way to headline the article. Fourteen innocent people, it should say, and then, perhaps later on in the article, their race can be mentioned.

  3. Have the killers been identified, detained and then released with no charge?

  4. “He [the shooter] had previously lived in Springfield, Virginia, less than 20 miles from Centreville, the home town of Seung-Hui Cho, the South Korean who killed 32 people in the Virginia Tech school massacre on April 16, 2007.”

    Is there a problem with South Koreans? Or is it just the crazy (lack of) gun laws in the USA. It seems anyone can legally tool up and go on a killing spree. But God (and the constitution) forbid that any commie restrictions should ever be imposed on the right of every American to buy a sub-machine gun at any gun shop, no questions asked.

  5. why Tom? If your black you have a 90% chance that if your gunned down it will be by another black person. Less than 3% of blacks murdered last year were by white people.

    It is also true that if your white and get murdered you have a 73% chance of it being a white person that murdered you. A little over 10% of whites were murdered by blacks.

  6. there goes Phantom once again the king of ignorance.

    Guns don’t kill people. A gun is a tool, if used by a criminal the tool is used to kill and rob, if used by a law abiding citizen it is used to defend.

    You want only the criminals to have the tool

  7. David, lord knows I love you to bits, but stretching the latest murderous tragedies in the U.S. as a knock on Obama strikes me as pointless and rather disingenuous.

    The president has many legitimate points on which we can slap him silly, this whole Treyvon/Zimmerman spectacle isn’t one of them.

    Honestly, I wish the right wing had remained completely silent during the Treyvon firestorm. Let the black and progressive political wings spin themselves into a fury, leave the DOJ to investigate, allow the whole story to take place and play out in a liberal/racial vacuum.

    The right wing would better serve itself by refusing to play in the mud. Flinging it with angry, mindless abandon only alienates good people who might otherwise be persuaded to support our point of view.

  8. Troll

    See the high murder stas in the US over time vc other nations, and in Gun Nut states va Sensible States over time. Gun fans aren’t in the facts business and wouldn’t recognize a fact if it bit them in the ass.

    Or, what facts, if they existed, would convince you?

    Take your time.

  9. and wouldn’t recognize a fact if it bit them in the ass.

    But if the fact did bite them in the ass then castle doctrine/stand your ground laws would allow them to shoot it dead.

  10. The rush to the microphone seems somewhat subdued. Why?”

    It’s the cultural infantile reaction of the African-American community. Their real goal is to promote the fact that they are still the “white-man’s” slaves.

    Don’t make sense to “little ole white me”, but I guess it makes perfect sense to them.

    Unfortunately (and sadly), it doesn’t instil a lot of confidence in most white-Americans that they can have a relationship with the African-American community that’s not tainted with hateful venom and unjustified distrust.

  11. David – you’ve adopted a racial angle on the incident that is hardly any better than Jesse Jackson’s (albeit to a smaller audience). Avoiding the issue of the lack of a serious initial police investigation doesn’t get any better as time goes by. And not acknowledging that those calling for a full investigation were not merely the rabble rousing Spike Lee type but also people across the racial and political lines.

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