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walledcity.jpgI think this story sums up the indifference, indeed the hostility, that a section of Northern Irish society holds towards the law..

A crowd has attacked police carrying out drugs searches in Londonderry. Two officers sustained minor injuries after petrol bombs, fireworks, stones and bottles were thrown as they searched a house in the Brandywell. Police seized cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis during the searches on Saturday evening. 


So the Brandywell contains those prepared to riot to protect their drug dealers? I wonder how endemic drugs are there? One of my issues with loyalist paramilitary scum is that they supply drugs to those areas they infest. I wonder how this works in the Brandywell and elsewhere – who are the dealers, who are the rioters and where is the force of law and order? 

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21 thoughts on “THE STONED CITY…

  1. David, you don’t even know who there was involved. You don’t have a clue about what the people of the brandywell are like.

    The people who stoned the police are mindless little thugs who just look for fights…I would be suprised if tehyareactually from the bradywell (as any one from derry would know, its prettty much in the citycentre beside a lot of pubs whihc are frequeneted from youngsters from all over derry)

    For you to be so flipant with who you immediately blame is really a bit of a shame. You should get to know the groups of people you brandish as ‘scum’. You might be suprised how quickly you change you peceptions.

  2. Those who riot in defence of drug dealers are scum, pure and simple.

    My wife hails from Londonderry so I know plenty about that particular neck of the woods,

  3. David…. when i’m not in Belfastas a student i live in Derry and know thearea which you are talking about very well….and i think you have grossly mis represented them. Its just unpleasant that you would make such commments without a full understading of the people and the area.

  4. Why was none of the rioting scum arrested. Also, the silence from the Nationalist and republican politians is deafening. Contrast this with their reaction if it was a loyalist area they had raided. And yet Sinn Fein / IRA allegedly support the police.

  5. No that i want to go defending th shinner’s or anything… but it is Sunday, You would be hard pushed to get any polticians out condeming anything on a sunday.

  6. ..or doing anything of value during the other six days.

    Those who defend drug dealers by rioting at the force of law and order are scum. Are those from Londonderry so morally bankrupt that they can’t just admit this?

  7. David… hold on one wee minute what you said was

    "So the good citizens of the Brandywell are prepared to riot to protect their drug dealers? What scum."

    You branded them all… And that was what i found distasteful… of course those who were involved were little runts, but to chastise an entire community is well… exactly what i would expect from you. You need to move beyond the knee jerk reaction and instead of insulting entire comminuties direct your comments at those who were inviolved.

  8. David… i just came a cross one of your blogs from a number of weeks ago WHATS A LITTLE SHOOTING BETWEEN FRIENDS?

    I note that a police officer has been shot during loyalist violence in Carrickfergus, Co Antrim. The victim was taken to hospital, but his injuries are not thought to be life-threatening. A second man, a civilian, has also been taken to hospital after a serious assault. His condition is unknown. The killer line is when the BBC casually reports that "It is believed the incidents are connected to tensions in the loyalist community in south east Antrim." This is a media euphemism for in-fighting within the scumbag UDA. The UDA, I might remind readers, are the gang of criminals who declared that they are opposed to criminality, even as they commit crime!

    Strange how you fail to brand all the people of carrickfergus as Scum or some other well conceived, though provoking insight…

    In this instance it would seem reason and rationailty prevailed and you directyed your comments at those responsable… and not at all the people who live in that community.

  9. Hmmm, so what Ciarnan is saying is that the rioting was only carried out by a tiny minority of extremists in amongst the entire community…can’t think where we’ve heard that before 🙂

  10. DSD….there are about 10,000 people who live in and around the Brandywell… so yes it clearly would have been a tiny minority. And it happened in the early hours of the morning. This was clearly carried out by drunken useless youths….

  11. This was clearly carried out by drunken useless youths

    who seek nothing more than an evenings "enjoyment"

    of course david might have a point if this didnt happen in both communities.

  12. Daytripper… Oddly enough your right. It would seem that stoning the police and riotious behavious seem to be a form of recreation in Northern Ireland… Its almost a pity it wasn’t just one community… because the problem would then halved!!! lol

  13. Hmmm, so what Ciarnan is saying is that the rioting was only carried out by a tiny minority of extremists in amongst the entire community…can’t think where we’ve heard that before.

    You’re right DSD of course we’ve heard that kind of thing before, imagine Orange Order members and supporters being involved in rioting which left more than fifty police officers injured and then their grand imperial dragon emperor czar in Belfast blaming the Parades Commission.

    When asked if the Order condemned the violence, he, [Dawson Bailie], said:

    "As far as I’m concerned the people to blame for that are the secretary of state, the chief constable and the Parades Commission, fairly and squarely."

    He added:

    "I’m not condemning anything at this moment in time"


    I’m not sure which is worse, a group of feral youths attacking police on a drugs bust or a group of feral adults shooting at police because a march is banned from a strecth of road.

    "DUP leader Ian Paisley blamed the Parades Commission, claiming it had failed to allow unionists to put forward a case to prevent the re-routing of the Whiterock parade.The Parades Commission was criticised by UUP leader, Sir Reg Empey who claimed that those attempting to defuse the tension were given little encouragement or support.Ian Paisley had previously stated that the re-routing of the parade ‘could be the spark which kindles a fire there would be no putting out’.Unionist leaders have been criticised by Mitchell Reiss, the US special envoy to Northern Ireland, who said unionist leaders had abdicated responsibility for the violence. He went on to call for unionist co-operation and support for the police".


    How’s your deafening silence now Samuel?

  14. Paul,

    There is no excuse for any of the violence. People need to learn that resorting to any form of thuggery is plain wrong. And as for those "unionist leaders"..urgh, I deal with them all in the forthcoming book and believe me, they get their come uppance

  15. Glad to see that you’ve condemned the unionist inspired violence David unlike the watery mealy mouthed deflective excuses of unionist and Orange represntatives.

    However are you also prepared to brand all the good citizens of areas where the violence took place such as Springmartin,Highfield,Ballygomartin,Rathcoole,
    Sandy Row etc as scum as you have the good citizens of The Brandywell?.

  16. Paul,

    Take my silence as to the fact that I am busy elsewhere trying to earn the odd penny or two!

    I brand ALL those who rioted in the Brandwell in defence of their drug dealers as scum. If you read what I said in the original commentary you will note the word "all" is not present.

    Now, if you’re asking me are rioters in the areas you mention "scum", then yes they are.

    Also, were you to ask me if those who presided over a three and a half decades terror campaign scum, then yip, they sure are.

    Can I be clearer?

  17. David,

    I believe the original article stated:

    "So the good citizens of the Brandywell are prepared to riot to protect their drug dealers? What scum"

    Now, surely the inference there is that the good citizens of Brandywell,[as opposed to the bad rioters of Brandywell],are scum?

    i.e.The people which inhabit the Brandywell area are scum

    Now, in that context I asked you to condemn the good citizens of the areas that I mentioned in a similsr blanket fashion.

    If that is not what you meant perhaps you should consider rectifying the original post to provide more clarity?

    "Also, were you to ask me if those who presided over a three and a half decades terror campaign scum, then yip, they sure are"

    I’m sure you do think that but I didn’t ask you the question as it’s got absolutely nothing to do with this conversation.

  18. Paul,

    OK, that’s a fair point. Those who rioted in defence of the drug dealers are self-evidently scum. I hope the good people of that area provide the police with the names of those who rioted. I also hope that the people of that area did not vote en masse for IRA/Sinn Fein as that would present us with some difficulties regarding their goodness. What do you think?

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