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It seems like Britain must prepare for a summer of industrial discontent as the State sector prepares to confront it’s NuLabour masters over pay. The Times reports that along with teachers, workers in local government, the health service, the Civil Service, the Royal Mail and even the Sellafield nuclear site could join in an escalating confrontation with the Government over pay. Bluntly, they smell  blood following Gordon Brown’s retreat over the 10% rate of tax  and so Brown will feel himself pressurised by his own army of state workers seeking above inflation pay increases just as the economy is sinking below the water-line. It’s looking like a perfect summer storm that will help bury the Labour government from where I stand – Brown is proving to be a complete and utter disaster as Prime Minister. The end of Labour cometh.

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  1. For a party that is supposed to be for the workers, Labour always mucks up talks with the Unions.

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