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Many things are changed. The virtual world-wide lockdown has altered whole economies, changed our very world, and, sadly, has caused thousands of casualties.

But there has been at least one fantastic change in a whole industry, in the broadcasting about, operation of,  and supporting of, the greatest waste of time known to  modern man. Sport.

How wonderful it has been to have whole mornings, afternoon and evenings free from the eternal output of commentaries, opinion, pre- and post-match discussion about the creases on some overpaid clown’s forehead, and whether the worry causing those frown creases will be cleared before this, and of course many other overpaid clowns commence either kicking, throwing, battering or losing a variety of different shaped balls. No more tense commentaries, no more screams of joy or sadness at some movement by some overpaid prima donna wearing some vastly-overpriced boots. No more money wasted on hugely-overpriced replica kit, which of course will be changed three or four times in a season.

True, the silence cannot last for much longer, but how nice it has been for the many millions who do not give two damns about a team, a league, an athletic event, whether it be overseas or local; who haven’t got a clue and care even less whether one bloke, or team, or whatever succeeds in some strange ritual.


Sport. What a waste of time, sweat and effort!

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14 thoughts on “The sweet silence of Corona

  1. A suggestion for you Mike. Get a new TV. Its obvious your current one has a problem where the remote won’t let you click away from the Sports channels 🙂

  2. I love sports as much as the next guy, and twice as much as the next woman.

    I would agree that there is way too much emphasis on pro and college sport ( college sport here can be amateur in name only ), and I do take a small malicious delight in the financial hit that the team owners and leagues are taking.

    Not the worst thing in the world to be away from the bread and circus for a few months.

  3. Not the worst thing in the world to be away from the bread and circus for a few months.

    This is true. I have always been of the opinion that contact sports should be among the very last things to resume — and I absolutely love sport.

    There are many sports such as tennis and golf that can be enjoyed safely and should be allowed to.

  4. The problem with tennis and golf is that they are international sports, certainly at the professional level.

    The last four of the most recent GrandSlam had a Serb, an Austrian, a German and a Swiss, all competing in Australia. You have players from all over the world competing all over the world. By comparison, even though there are foreign players, the Bundesliga will be played in Germany, by players who live in Germany.

  5. Well, there are no golf or tennis tournaments happening just yet, although people are enjoying those games safely in their clubs.

    The Bundesliga is an interesting one. It involves vast backroom teams — coaching, strength and conditioning, physio, nutrition, sports psychologists and on an on — being in close quarters with a squad of players and travelling all over Germany with them. It also involves over the course of a match, at least 22 players engaging in sustained physical contact with one another. Players and staff then go home and sleep with their wives etc etc.

    I hope it goes well. If it does, it will be a very positive signal.

  6. I’m more disappointed that both of my sons had their seasons cancelled (one baseball/one soccer). Both really loved playing and I loved watching them.

  7. In NYC, there are city owned golf courses that have been closed for the past months.

    But local golfers have been slipping through the fence, and playing for free in the near empty courses.

    No harm done, either.

  8. Very unfair for young kids, or older students, who miss have missed out on normal high school and college graduations.

    I ” attended ” a Notre Dame virtual graduation this past Sunday on Zoom or whatever it was. It was flawlessly organized. A makeup in person graduation has been scheduled for next year.

  9. I feel bad for kids who are missing playing sport. It is one of the great joys when growing up, and injuries are this strange thing that happens to other (older) people.

  10. It isn’t just sport; the closure of playgrounds and, in our case, skateparks has been a major disappointment for kids. Especially as it isn’t easy to explain to them why they can’t ride a skateboard when they’re never in close contact with others anyway.

  11. I do agree with Mike, however, that the commentaries and discussions of football are often embarrassing to listen to. Very often a game is won or lost on a fluke and could have just as easily gone the other way. But then you hear commentators who seem to think it’s all a science trying to explain retroactively why the winning team had to win.

  12. It is possible to dislike something without celebrating the fact that others who do enjoy it are denied that pleasure.

    There are plenty of small delights to be had amidst all the gloom. Such as the fact that during lockdown our city air has become cleaner, birdsong is suddenly audible, and plants and animals have benefited from the reduction in air pollution and human interference.

    It’s a shame Mike has not chosen to celebrate some of these things instead of rejoicing in the setbacks of people whose tastes he happens not to share.

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