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Saint Vince has spoken;

Vince Cable has predicted that no party will win an overall majority at the next election and called for the Liberal Democrats to be at the centre of whatever Coalition emerges.

Wishful thinking. His Party is in meltdown and all HE is doing is circling around the hapless useless Nick Clegg. He wants to be the next leader, of that there can be no doubt! It is ALSO in the interests of the Lib-Dems to have weak government in order that they can sit at the heart of it, injecting their  socialist venom. Their contribution to the betterment of the Nation is zero and as you can see from this picture, even Lib-Dems are bored senseless by their glorious leader!

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25 thoughts on “THE TOXIC MIDDLE…

  1. Two things spring to mind.
    One the Lib Dem leadership obviously has to drug its membership in order to keep the attendance up
    and secondly,
    I didn’t know Martin McGuinness had LibDem leadings; or has he wandered into the wrong conference?

  2. The centre of this is more important than idiot LibDems and the members of that party:


    – Federal agents are investigating the peddling of bogus gold bars in Midtown. The Post has learned as many as 10 fake gold bars — made up mostly of relatively worthless tungsten — were sold recently to unsuspecting dealers in Manhattan’s Midtown Diamond District. –

    Now, just how far does this go? It has been rumoured that much of the US’s gold inventory is tungsten-cored and that the gold has been hypothecated long ago and probably several times over. There is no audit allowed on US gold reserves and any country which keeps its gold in the US for ‘safe-keeping’ should do what Venezuela did and get it out of there.

  3. Allan throwing his support to the actions of Venezuela.. what a shock

    Just thinking that woman in the red shirt looks like she would be a great PM… what district does she represent?

  4. //woman in the red shirt looks like she would be a great PM//


    That’s Martin McGuinness beside her, literally bored to tears.

  5. ” woman in the red shirt looks like she would be a great PM”

    She’s a bit gorgeous isn’ she? Looks like she might have Spanish blood.. 😉

  6. Spanish blood?
    I was going to say she looks like she’s just extracted herself from the Norfolk Broads.

  7. Don’t hold back for my sake Noel, you mean she looks like a Norfolk Broad..
    It’s a body type known as a Norfolk Dumpling. They’re specially bred to be low and wide, so as to avoid being blown across the countryside by the prevailing winds
    -which you’ve probably had a hand in creating Cunningham, you smelly creature.

  8. Two party politics is dead in Britain but hey maybe Wednesday nights Cameron appearance on letterman will do for Dave what it did for boris? 🙂

  9. The woman looks like she’s just finished chopping up bodies.

    It’s quite appropriate dress for a platform promising to rob, steal and confiscate everything under the sun.

  10. Pete,
    The guy on her left really is a dead ringer for a rumpled and reflective Martin McGuinness.

    You should become a LibDem Pete,
    You’d fit right in….

  11. Agit8ed –

    He looks like a commie lecturer to me. The young fella on her right is clearly dodgy. Let’s just say you wouldn’t let him babysit for you.

    They’re all dodgy, of course, a gathering of weirdos and nonces and ponces. While normal people are getting on with life, the most strange and distasteful join political parties.

  12. Pete,
    Slightly orf topic,
    but perhaps you could do a simple outline of how you would see your particular philosophical ideas working in say, “Real world UK?”
    Whilst I have a grudging respect for a man who tilts at windmills, you could do worse than provide some sort of blueprint as to how you see it working, and what you think the logical conclusion would be.

  13. Agit8ed –

    What would be the point?

    Most are interested in gossip and celebrity, hoping that their X-Factor political candidate “wins” against the other Pop-Idol political candidate. Most readers are not interested in ideas and philosophies.

    Who would read it anyway? My views are easily discernible, in my opinion. I’ve made recommendations for reading and linked to many pieces and websites and videos which accord with my views, so why am I still being asked to explain?

  14. Pete,
    “Most are interested in gossip and celebrity, hoping that their X-Factor political candidate “wins” against the other Pop-Idol political candidate. Most readers are not interested in ideas and philosophies.”

    Don’t think the evidence on ATW bears that out.
    Who would read it anyway? My views are easily discernible, in my opinion. ”

    ATW readers would, and in a sense you owe it to them as you consistently defend your views but tease us with tantalising glimpses of how this might work in practice.

  15. Agit8ed –

    Again, what would be the point? Most people don’t look at links, let alone read something I could spend and hour typing up. I think it’s better that I drip ideas in, comment by comment.

    Look, most people want celebs. They want glitz and glamour and to see their fav political “personalities” on the front page.

    They don’t want their cozy view of the world challenged, they don’t want to have to think about ideas and philosophies, they don’t even want to think about events, really.

    They want a glossy photo of their celeb fav (“yayyyy”) or the other celeb candidate (“booooo”) and a bit of a gossip. That’s what people want.

  16. Pete,
    Links can be used to prove anything, as my sparring with McTatters illustrates. Personally I am not interested in the minutiae of politics, only the basics and how closely the party adheres to those basics. Which is why I find the Yanks politics boring, as they seem to believe that politics is defined by the latest soundbite, not the nitty gritty of what the party stands for.

    I have related how I became disillusioned with party politics here, and how much I enjoyed the kibbutz system of management-even if they were anti religious and at least two hundred miles further left than Tarasov. I have also written about how I would like to see local government services changed.
    So come on Pete, give us a simple rundown of how you think your system could work. I am sure you could if you wanted to.

  17. Agit8ed –

    Well there you go. It isn’t my system and there’s no how it “could work”.

    I’m not arguing for something much different from classical British liberalism. It’s how we lived our lives for a very long time, until the monstrous growth of the state in the 20th-Century.

    How it “could work” is very simple: civil society is perfectly capable of managing its own affairs. We know this because it did so until the state grew to take over an manage every minutiae of life.

    Economically my tastes are a little further …

  18. Politically I’m probably somewhere between libertarian and paleoconservative, but anyone can guess these positions from what I say. But the point is this: I absolutely reject – morally and practically – the idea of any “system” which needs to be “made to work”. Civil society can do that just fine if we are left alone.

  19. Pete,
    I don’t see how you would avoid the collapse of our infrastructure and our cohesion as a nation?
    I do agree that groups and companies would spring up to meet certain basic/essential (and profitable) needs, but how would you avoid the most ruthless of cartels taking over?
    What you seem to advocate would reflect something similar to the ideas on show in the RoboCop films, where the most powerful call the shots.

  20. Agit8ed –

    Roads, railways, tunnels, tube systems, bridges, hospitals, clinics, canals and the rest of it started and operated as private infrastructure. It’s perfectly natural for private interests to do these things. They only don’t do them now because the state crowds out the opportunity and incentive to do so. To suggest otherwise is to suggest we will all sit at home while everything falls apart. This is daft.

    You think the state aids social cohesion? We seemed to have been rather more cohesive when the state didn’t fill up the land with aliens and pit races against races, classes against classes.

    Why would any be required to prevent cartels? Cartels and monopolies are functions of the state. They can only exist and be sustained with state power. And what do you think the state is but the greatest of all monopolies in so much of life? Monopolies and cartels are the natural consequence of state intervention.

    Do you think the most powerful don’t call the shots now in much of life? Where free markets persist you are free to walk away when you don’t wish to trade. How can I walk away from the endless taxes and licences required by the state? This is the most powerful of all entities, so powerful that it will use violence against me if I dare to live my life outside of its strictures. Even if I dared educate my children in ways not approved by the state I will be incarcerated and probably lose my children. What free market entities can do this?

    The market is peace, voluntary cooperation and trade. The state has only coercion and violence, nothing else.

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